Scar Serum by Dr. Max Powers Review

Both of my children were born via c-section.  C-sections have come a long way in the scar department…they make sure they get the incision down low enough that if the female were to get back to a bikini body, the scar would not be seen. The only problem, besides the fact that I will probably never have a bikini body again, is that my scar is tender and kind of bumpy in spots.

When I was approached to try out the Scar Serum by Dr. Max Powers, I was a little leery.  I mean, we’ve all heard the claims other scar creams make.  They claim to eliminate stretch marks, scars, etc.  But do they really work?  I haven’t found one that does.  And believe me, I’ve tried plenty.  Now I won’t sit here and tell you that the Scar Serum by Dr. Max Powers eliminated my stretch marks, because it didn’t.  But I didn’t expect it to nor did I try.  I rubbed it on my c-section scar.  The scar that I have that is tender in spots and slightly bumpy in areas.  And you know what, after a few weeks of using the Scar Serum, my scar feels better.  Is it still tender?  Sure in some spots.  But over all, the scar feels better both in tenderness and to the touch.

Here is a little info from the Dr. Max Powers website on Scar Serum:

Hypo-allergenic with no preservatives.

The Dr. Max Powers Advanced Scar Therapy was created to promote cell renewal in existing scars while rebuilding collagen. The Scar Serum has also been proven to reduce hyper pigmentation.

The main ingredient of the Scar Serum is organic rosehip oil which has been proven to be effective in the regeneration of skin and provide results in the treatment of burns and scars. It contains rich antioxidants, fatty acids, and Vitamin E which can also help diminish the effects of aging.

All products produced by Dr. Max Powers is researched and manufactured in the U.S.  Their facilities are in Atlanta, Georgia and Portland, Oregon.  The Scar Serum retails for $24.99 and can be purchased on their website.


  1. great review – thanks!

    I have bad acne scars and I heard this scar serum works great for them cause its safe for use on the face…

    in my local store they only had the individual bottles, but I bought online cause they have the 2 pack discount which makes it worth it…

  2. Great post I think it’s quite useful! My site is new and I am also having difficulties getting my readers to leave some comments. Analytics shows they are coming to the site but somehow nobody posts anything. thanks Maire Barmettler

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