Stop Bugging Me Bed Bug Spray REVIEW

It wasn’t too long ago that all we heard about was a bed bug epidemic.  News articles all over were telling people to shake their suitcases outside after a vacation and make sure to wash all the clothes inside the suitcase with hot water.  We saw nasty pictures of what bed bugs look like all engorged with a night of feasting on your blood…I don’t know about you, but I was totally freaked out about getting bed bugs in my house.

As we approach summer, many kids will be heading off to sleep away camp.  Stacey Debroff, founder of Mom Central, an author, and a renowned parenting expert has a few tips for you to keep bed bugs away from your child this summer at camp:

•Include STOP BUGGING ME!™ – a proven safe, green product that kills bedbugs on contact – in your child’s camp trunk and show them before they leave home how to spray their camp mattress when they arrive.
•Make sure kids bring an adequate supply of insect repellent to camp and know to use it each morning before activities and re-apply after swimming.
•Send kids to camp with an assortment of lightweight long-sleeve tops and pants so they can better protect against bug bites while hiking and backpacking, yet remain cool during the summer heat.
•Find out if counselors or the camp nurse regularly check kids for ticks and teach older kids how to check their own scalp and body for possible tick infestations.
•To lessen the likelihood of lice, encourage kids to adopt a shorter hairstyle before camp, or pull hair back with a ponytail or braid. Advise kids to never share hats, combs, brushes, swim caps, or helmets while at camp.
•Consider sending kids to camp with their own bike or riding helmet. Likewise, make sure they know to cover heads with a bandana or camp-provided disposable hair cover before using camp helmets.
•Consider sending kids with zippered mattress covers and bedding from home to further combat bedbugs.
•Keep camp trunks off the bed, where bedbugs lurk – instead encourage kids to place them on the floor or on surfaces provided.

So what exactly is Stop Bugging Me?  Stop Bugging Me is pesticide FREE which makes it safe around the entire family, including our beloved pets!  It is 100% biodegradable and it is designed to be used on mattresses, bedding, sofas, clothing, carpets, luggage, and any upholstery that is detergent safe.

To use, you must:

  • Spray directly onto bed bug prone and infested areas including bedding, carpet, walls, cracks, crevices, interior of nights stands and dresser drawers
  • Follow-up in 1-2 weeks after application in same areas
  • Convenient travel size meets TSA requirements and can be carried wherever your travels take you

I don’t have bed bugs, but as a preventative, I sprayed all of our mattresses and the couch cushion that my Golden Retriever lays on.  Like I said, a bed bug infestation is my worst nightmare…so by using Stop Bugging Me, I am able to (hopefully!) prevent something like bed bugs from ever entering my home.

Stop Bugging me is available online at and at select retailers.  A 3oz travel size retails for $7.99…a 12oz spray bottle retails for $19.99.

I was given Stop Bugging me to try out for the purpose of this review.  All opinions stated in this review are solely mine.


  1. This product sounds heaven sent to those that have a bed bug problem! I love that its a green product; very appropriate for earth day!

  2. Please, please,please send me info on where I can purchase Stop Bugging Me spray for bedbugs. Am traveling in a few days and need to purchase here in Fort Myers, FL QUICKLY!!

    Thanks a bunch

  3. I’m in Las Vegas, NV……where can I buy this product in stores?

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