Does Leg Hair Grow Faster When You Are Cold?

Fall’s approaching and guess what that means…NO MORE SHAVING!!  Yes you read that right.  I said no more shaving.  What’s the point…when you shave during the cold months, no sooner do you get out of the shower and the leg hair starts to grow back.  It’s like BAM!  You hit that cold air and the hair immediately forces itself out of the pores of your clean shaven legs and you begin to grow leg hair. Again.

Now I know some people say it’s a myth…that the hair on your legs don’t really grow faster just because you get cold and get goosebumps.  And I see where they’re coming from.  I really do.  I mean…the hair on my head doesn’t grow any faster in the winter time (though…do we get goosebumps on our heads???) than it does in the summer, but I’m telling you…our legs are different.  Any female who shaves knows what I’m talking about.  So I decided to Google it.

Does Leg Hair Grow Faster When Cold?

“Being cold can in fact cause leg hair to grow faster. Along with any other hair that is shaved and then returns. This is because when cold, the body and all things in it regenerate faster to produce or accumulate heat.”

” my doctor said it does grow , because when your cold the hair folicles on your legs open.”

” What happens is when you’re cold you get goose bumps and your existing/remaining leg hair stands up on end. Even right after shaving, there’s still a little bit of hair left there that you can’t see or shave off. And that’s what stands up when it’s cold. People used to tell me this too, and I never believed it. After you warm again the leg hair will go down, but your legs will not feel as smooth as before because that leg hair is now more prominent.”

“According to WikiAnswers goosebumps do NOT make your hair grow faster.  That is a myth.  It is just that the hair comes out of the folicle when you have a goosebump, then returns under the skin once you’re no longer cold or excited.”

So after reading the above answers, I’d have to say that I don’t think the hair technically grows faster as much as the hair that is still below the skin is forced to stand upright through the pores and once you warm back up, the pores have already closed slightly before the hair is can lay itself all the way down.  I wish it were the other way around though cause I would move to Alaska for a bit so I can grow this haircut out and have long hair and not just long leg hair!

If you don’t feel like shaving with a razor in the winter, but still want smooth legs, try the Veet Gel Hair Remover Creamleg hair. It’s quick, easy and totally painless! Not to mention, it’s WAY cheaper than permanent leg hair removal!

So what do you think?  Do you think leg hair grows faster?  Also, do you do what I do or do you shave religiously in the winter?


  1. Interesting. I’m always cold but have never connected the two. Now I’ll have to watch and see if it’s true for me!

  2. Oh I hate it when this happens!!! I’ve often wondered about this…thanks!

  3. I wear shorts a lot in the winter– so I do shave my legs fairly often, but I have been known to not shave for 3-4 days and go to town with stubble showing. I figure people have better things to do than look at my legs.

    If I were housebound because of the weather for several weeks— I’d just let it grow!

  4. well it sure seems like it grows faster! lol:)

  5. angel cutie says:

    true here. i always though about that theory. idk if it is true but works for me. 🙂

  6. I live in Florida so I have to shave religiously.

  7. This is totally true! My legs are always cold and I have to shave my legs every three days. It is sad because I have pale skin and I have to plan shaving my legs around events that require me to wear a skirt or a dress that I can’t wear colored tights with.

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