DIY Food Storage Ideas

I often dream about my “Really Real House”…the house where I have everything I want.  The one thing my “Really Real House” has to have is a walk-in pantry.  I’m not a food hoarder, but I do use coupons and stock up on the items that we use  most.  So food storage is a must. Now that I am making most things from scratch (check out my awesome bread recipe), keeping things like flour, sugar, etc on hand is important!

Since I can’t have my “Really Real House” right now, I do have one thing I really like in my house and that is my basement pantry shelving.  It is the ultimate food storage solution for people that don’t have a walk-in-pantry! I could explain it, but it’s probably best to show you a picture of what I’m talking about.

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food storage

DIY Food Storage

Food storage shelving like this is very easy to make.  Simply measure your space, decide how much space you would like between each shelf and hang using an L bracket thingy (yes…that is the technical term!).  If my husband wasn’t snoring next to me, I’d ask him the exact term.  But for now, we’ll go with L bracket thingy!

food storage

Yes I realize I am very anal and all of my cans are facing outward, but I like to be able to look at my pantry shelving and read the label as soon as I open the door!  As you can see…I am not a weird food hoarder!  And yes, the Sodastream Soda Maker food storage is very awesome and is something we use A LOT of in our house!

SodaStream Fountain Jet Sparkling Water Maker Starter Kit, Black and SilverSodaStream Fountain Jet Sparkling Water Maker Starter Kit, Black and Silver

Now that school is starting (THANK GOODNESS!) I am going to head on over to Home Depot and pick up a super bright color (like pink) and paint that basement stairwell a brighter color!  But Shhhh!  Don’t tell my husband!


  1. ooooh those shelves are great! not too deep.

  2. That is an awesome idea! I need to figure out a way to build shelves for a pantry, all I have it a kitchen cabinet!

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