Teacher Appreciation Week Gift Ideas

I don’t think teachers are appreciated enough.  My daughters teacher is the same teacher she had last year and the same teacher my son had a few years ago.  I absolutely love her.  I’m sad that I don’t have any more children to put in her class.  That’s how much I love and respect her.  She has a way with the kids that always amazes me when I’m in her classroom.  A child could be a holy terror and she keeps and even tone and talks to the child about their behavior that always has then ending up doing the right thing a few minutes later.  I only wish I could have 1/4 of her patience.

My son’s teacher is equally as wonderful.  I’ve often told her that if she moves to fourth grade, I would like my son to be in her class.  If that’s not possible, I know that she is a teacher that I can always come back to for advice and whatnot.  Like Bella’s teacher, she has a way with the children that is just amazing to watch.  Each child in the classroom knows exactly  how she feels about the and they have the same feelings for her.  One of the most impressive things is the fact that when I walk into the classroom, the kids may look at me, but they immediately look back at their teacher and act as if I didn’t walk into the room.  I have to say, I’ve never seen that before.  Most times kids start yelling out, “Zack’s mom is here”.

So when teacher appreciation week rolls around, I often do something each day for the teachers.  Last year we did the following:

Monday:  Piece of fruit (Bella chose a banana and Zachary chose an orange)

Tuesday:  Chocolate bar

Wednesday:  A flower (each kid in the class brought a flower)

Thursday:  The kids wrote a note to their teacher

Friday:  $5 Starbucks Giftcard

This year I will probably do something similar as last year, by having the kids take a piece of fruit, a flower and a note to their teacher, but I think instead of the chocolate bar I will have the Bella draw her teachers a picture and have Zachary write his teacher a poem (his new favorite thing to do).  On Friday I will have the kids take this:

Description of this project can be found HERE

Description of this project can be found HERE

This particular project that I found on Pinterest is PERFECT for my kids teachers.

What do you do for Teacher Appreciation Week?

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