Del Real Foods – Authentic Mexican Food Giveaway!

We love Mexican food in our family. In fact, we frequently visit a Mexican restaurant near our house quite often. When I was asked if I wanted to review (and giveaway…be sure to read to the bottom!!!) Del Real Foods, I knew that without a doubt, I had to say YES!

Our family traditions were first cultivated in a small town in the heart of Mexico. For generations the Cardenas family lived and thrived in the rich culture of central Mexico, but in 1970 they moved to the United States in search of a better future. They brought with them their love for authentic Mexican cuisine. Though the family made many sacrifices when they first arrived, they were able to take comfort in the traditions that came with them from Mexico; most important of which was their traditional and authentic style of cooking and eating together.

del real foods

Del Real Foods are based on the following pillars:

  • Authenticity: the family strives to create deliciously simple products based on traditional recipes infused with Mexican culture and bold colors. Prepared in an industrial, home kitchen, the products will provide comfort and familiarity.
  • Healthy People: cooked with a safe open-kettle method, the products are made with the freshest, ingredients, most of which are locally sourced. Once prepared, they are ready to enjoy. The products are also gluten free and do not contain any trans fats.
  • Healthy Planet and Better Communities: the company has adopted sustainable initiatives including wastewater management and recycling to help the environment. Del Real Foods has also sponsored local sporting events and made donations to local communities to contribute to their improvement.

So far, everything we’ve eaten has been delicious!!

del real foods


  1. Mexican is a favorite here too!

  2. Tacos and refried beans are my favorite!

  3. I’m a sucker for a good Tres Leches cake!

  4. Chipotle Chicken

  5. Pinterest name sandradmeaders

  6. My favorite Mexican food is enchiladas. I like them in beef or chicken or pork.

  7. I love tacos.

  8. Hard to say just one… will go with enchaladas

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