5 Non Candy Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and if you have a kid in elementary school, you know they are getting ready to start filling out Valentine’s for all of the kids in their class. I don’t know about you, but I am hoping that I can stray Bella away from all the candy options and do something a little more homemade and fun! With all the different food allergies in classrooms these days, I would hate for a kid to go home with a box full of things he/she couldn’t eat. How sad is that? If you are looking for non candy Valentine’s ideas, then keep reading! I found some good ones!

non candy valentine's collage

Non Candy Valentine’s Day Ideas!

non candy valentine's pencil

Aren’t these cute? And they are so easy to make! Head on over to Simply Being Mommy for a great printable (makes it soooo much easier for you! Your welcome!) and because I love you all so much, I found a 3 dozen assortment of Valentine’s Pencils that you can order on Amazon and BAM! You’re done! Just put the kids names on it and you have that project done without leaving the house!

non candy valentines puffs

I absolutely LOVE these! You can get the little puffs at your local craft store (and just order these Foam Heart Stickers. I think these are cheaper than the craft store). Head over to Momdot to find out how she put these cute things together for the kids in her daughters class. I can tell you right now, Bella would want to make these!!

non candy valentine's star wars

Star Wars is HUGE in my daughters class right now (3rd grade). She is always coming home telling me that they played Star Wars on recess! Head on over to A Grande Life for the adorable printable. Of course, like the other non-candy Valentine’s ideas, I found glow sticks on Amazon. You have more than enough for your child’s class and you can save some for fun this summer!

non candy valentine's window cling

These are SO CUTE! Milk and Cuddles has a great printable on their site for you to use. Every kid loves window clings! Shoot…my kids are 9 and 11 and they both like window clings too! My 9 year old is forever asking me if we can buy them and put them up! I found these Valentine’s Day Gel Clings on Amazon. I really like the monkey’s!

non candy valentine's applesauce

Now…I know this one is a food item (it’s not candy!!), but the pouches I’ve seen say they are gluten free, dairy free, nut free, etc. If your child’s school is like mine, the teacher usually posts on the door “this is a X free zone” so anyone coming in knows what allergies are in the room. I just had to include this adorable idea that Eat Craft Parent came up with. The Fruit Me Up applesauce pouches I found on Amazon are not only a good price, but they contain JUST apples. How great is that?!?

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What to Do with Your Grounded Child PRINTABLE!

Your kid is grounded, now what? When I was pregnant with my son, everyone that came to my baby shower wrote a little tip, trick or cute little quote about parenting on an index card for me to look at, learn from, etc. People had all kinds of things written on there. Things like:

“Love unconditionally”

“Sleep when the baby sleeps”

“Don’t get hung up on what you think you should do; just do what you need to”

All were great pieces of advice, maybe a little cliche, but good advice nonetheless. However, one piece of advice has always remained with me all these years.

“Punishment always hurts you more than them”

I didn’t realize how true that was until my two got older. Sure the tears, as you put a toy in time out because they threw it,  stink to listen and rips at your heart, but I learned to tune that out. I mean, they had to learn that you can’t throw toys. But, as they get older, you start to take things away like electronics or grounding them to their room and while it sounds like a good idea at the time, and probably is, it ends up affecting what you need to do too. Thus, hurting you in the process.


It’s become apparent in my house that taking away electronics or not letting my child go their friend’s house on a snow day just doesn’t do it anymore. As I was scanning Facebook one day, I saw a picture of something a parent does so their kid could get “ungrounded”. They had to do various things, worth different point values, to get ungrounded. So I started thinking about it and I thought, if they have to be grounded, rather than saying “you’re grounded for 1 week” and then listen to them go on and on for a week, why not make them do different chores around the house, especially the gross ones that I don’t want to do?

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Free Grounded Child Printable

One of my kids got grounded the other day and I instantly thought about what I saw on Facebook. While that list had things like “write a letter to someone and tell them what you like about them”, I thought that was good and all, but let’s face it, the kid is grounded…they need to work it off. So here is some of what I wrote up quickly for my child:


My list has two other pages full of jobs I don’t want to do. My family room is now dust free; the baseboards in my house are all clean; every doorknob, light switch and remote has been wiped off…it’s awesome! If you think this sounds like something you would like to try, I created an ungrounded printable for you to download that allows you to write in your own jobs and point values! Enjoy!

What job would you gladly have your child do?