Laser Lipo, Did it Work?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always said, “one of these days, I am going to have liposuction”. The idea of sucking fat out of certain areas on my body for it to be gone forever, is very intriguing to me. But I’ll be honest, the idea of surgery, drain tubes and the recovery needed are all reasons I haven’t done more than think about it. Thankfully for me and everyone with my similar thought process, there are other options out there that require ZERO down time! One of those options is Laser Lipo! About a month and a half ago, I started my journey with laser lipo. Now that it’s over, I bet you’re wondering…did it work?

laser lipo

*I received Laser Lipo and Venus Legacy for the purpose of this post. All opinions are 100% my own*

About Laser Lipo

What exactly is laser lipo and where can you get it done? I visited a LightRx Face & Body location near me. Basically laser lipo is a truly painless procedure that uses low level lasers to target the fat in a particular area. That targeted fat breaks down the stored triglycerides in the fat cells into free fatty acids and glycerol.

Where does the fat go?

That was one of my main questions. I didn’t want to have this treatment and then spend the rest of the day in the bathroom getting rid of all that fat! No worries…that’s now how it happens! The fat is transported to various tissues to be burned off during post-treatment exercise. So basically, laser lipo is a process that mimics the body’s natural process of releasing stored fat to be used as energy.

At the first appointment, we went over what treatment would be like and what I could expect each week. We then took pictures (I do not have access to those pictures) and measurements. Since I was having the dreaded “saddlebag” area treated (my gosh I hate that word), we measured at the top of my thigh, the middle and the bottom.

My Measurements to Start

Right Leg

  • 30 1/2″
  • 30″
  • 29″

Left Leg

  • 29″
  • 28″
  • 27″

As you can see, one side is much worse than the other. Apparently that is normal (or…well, at least I would like to let myself believe it’s normal)! After 10 treatments of laser lipo and eight treatments of Venus Legacy (this tightens the skin and helps reduce cellulite), I have lost an inch on my upper and middle part of my thigh on my right leg and an inch on all three parts of my left leg!! Because of the difference between how my right and left leg look, I still need more treatments, which I fully plan on signing up for in the next couple of months!

I am very pleased with the transformation! At first I wasn’t sure if there were any changes. However, as I started going shopping, I began noticing that pants were fitting me differently. To me, that was huge. If you are someone that has to deal with saddlebags, you know that how clothes fit, due to your lovely baggage, is really important.

Would I Recommend Laser Lipo?

You bet I would recommend it. In fact, not only do I want to repeat the same area, I also would like to have my stomach treated. After having two children via c-section, no matter how much weight I lose, parts of my stomach will never change. The place I went to, LightRx Face & Body has locations in various states throughout the United States. Definitely check their site out, research laser lipo and see if it is the solution for you!

Lifestyle Changes – A Mom’s Journey

About a month before my 35th birthday, something happened. I was sitting here writing, like I do most days, and it hit me. I was turning 35 soon. Not too many years later, I will be hitting 40. While getting older has never ever bothered me (the white hairs I randomly get on my head and in my eyebrows–what’s up with that–are definitely something I could do without), the idea of getting older and not making the necessary changes I need to make to lose all this excess weight, is something that has bothered me. Lifestyle changes were definitely needed in my life.

lifestyle changes

Here I am, five years ago, at my heaviest weight I’ve ever been…250 lbs. I hate even typing that number, but it’s true. I started my weight loss journey at 250 lbs. I knew I had to make some changes and make them quick. Not only was a severely overweight, but I had tested Type 2 Diabetic. I made some changes, lost some weight, and managed to no longer test in the diabetic range. However, my weight started creeping back up and I knew it was only a matter of time before I became Diabetic again. I was not about to let that happen.

Serious Lifestyle Changes Needed!

Fast forward to just about my 35th birthday…a friend of mine had been talking a lot about the Keto diet. I saw her transformation, but was really scared to take the plunge. You see, with the Keto diet, you eat high fat, moderate protein and very low carb. While I know that a very low carb diet works well for me, I was terrified to eat fat! I mean, it’s drilled into our heads over and over again, “low-fat, low-fat, low-fat”. However, I decided to jump in and give it a try. What I didn’t understand at the beginning was that with the Keto diet, you are essentially training your body to use fat as an energy source, instead of carbs. This is huge to understand. You see, since you are not constantly eating fat all day long, your body needs to have energy somehow, so it begins burning your fat stores. It truly is as great as it sounds!

I’ve been doing this diet since January 23rd of this year and I am currently 0.4 lbs away from losing 70 lbs. I look and feel amazing! A little bit of that weight loss is from before starting Keto. See the transformation for yourself…

lifestyle changes

Yes…I did just use a Snapchat selfie…no judging! It was just my most recent picture of myself and, well, what can I say…I just love the gold butterflies in my hair! Despite the fact that it is a Snapchat selfie, you can see how my face has transformed. I still have some weight to lose, but I’ll get there!

While making lifestyle changes has been the key to my success, there are a few areas of my body that, no matter how much I lose, they don’t change. Those areas would be my saddlebags. I absolutely hate that word, but it’s true. I have them and I hate them. I made a comment to my husband that the only way I would be able to get rid of them is with liposuction. As I was looking around online, I came across an ad for Light Rx Face & Body for Laser Liposuction. I was instantly intrigued! One of the biggest things I noticed was that it required absolutely zero recovery time! That was huge for me. With a husband that travels for work, having something that required recovery time was kind of out of the question.

About Laser Liposuction

This painless procedure utilizes low level lasers that target the fat in a particular area and breaks down the stored triglycerides in the fat cells into free fatty acids and glycerol. The fat content is then transported to various tissues, ready to be burned off during post-treatment exercise. Basically, the laser liposuction is a process that mimics the body’s natural process of releasing stored fat to be used as energy.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?!? I totally thought so! Currently I am partnering with LightRx Face & Body and I am in the process of completing ten complimentary Laser Liposuction treatments and eight Venus Legacy treatments. The Venus Legacy treatments help to get the fat content moving out of my lymphatic system faster, as well as, it helps to tighten the skin area being treated!

I am extremely excited about this phase in my life. Not only are my lifestyle changes working for me, but, with the help of LightRx Face & Body, I am able to work on those stubborn areas of my body, as well! I am only just starting my treatments with LightRx Face & Body, but I will be sure to update in a couple months about my treatments and how they went!

Keto Diet Plan – Taking Charge of My Health

On January 23, 2016, I decided that I was done being fat. I had gotten comfortable. I knew my husband loved me for me and didn’t care one bit about my size. While that is a great feeling to have and not have to worry about what the one person I care what they think, thinks about me, it led me to just give up and not care about my own health and well being. Maybe not intentionally, but that’s what happened. A friend of mine (shout-out to Summer at The Dirty Floor Diaries) had been talking about the Keto Diet Plan for quite some time…I finally decided to give it a try. Rather than do it by myself, I talked my husband into giving the diet a try with me. Strength in numbers and all. What has happened over the last 4+ months has been amazing.

keto diet plan

After having my kids, and over the next several years, I hit my highest weight ever. I also was diagnosed Type 2 Diabetic. It was a real game changer when my doctor told me I as diabetic. Shit was getting real, as they say. I had just turned 30 years old. I wish I could say that I handled the news well those first few weeks, but I didn’t. I cried. I cried about the thought of having to give up all the food I liked. I cried because I thought something was going to happen to my feet (Google told me so). I cried because I didn’t want to put in the work that I needed to with this new diagnosis. And then I woke up. I went to a nutritionist. I learned how to eat so that my sugar would stop spiking and my body would start producing and using the correct amount of insulin. In like 9 or 10 months, I lost 50 lbs. I felt amazing! The best part is, after losing that weight and eating like the nutritionist told me, I haven’t tested Type 2 Diabetic since. I had completely reversed things on my own. But then the weight started creeping back up. I started to eat poorly again. While I was still able to stay out of the diabetic range on all my blood tests, I was not eating healthy at all. For the most part, I was a carbaholic. I ate all the things I knew I shouldn’t eat. And then I became fat again. I stayed that way for years.

Shortly after this last Christmas, I saw a picture of myself. I was mortified. I thought I looked good…but I didn’t. I was one of those, “well…at least she has a pretty face”. You know, the phrase every fat girl hates to hear. I started messaging Summer on Facebook and asking more questions about the Keto Diet Plan and finally on January 23, 2016, I was ready to jump in and give it a try.

This is a picture of me at my heaviest weight. To be honest, looking at it is really difficult.

keto diet plan

What is the Keto Diet Plan?

Basically, it’s a diet where you eat high fat, moderate protein, and very low-carb. Your body stops using carbs to fuel it and switches to fat. In doing this, you start burning your fat stores. The weight starts melting off! I use My Fitness Pal to track everything. I pay for the premium service because I want my macros to be exact. A few sites I recommend checking out for more information and to figure out what your macros are…

So…I bet you are wondering how much weight I’ve lost…

As of today, I am down just over 57 lbs!! I look and feel amazing. I am down four pant sizes and five shirt sizes! Shopping is fun again! It’s so nice to be able to try anything and everything on at pretty much ANY store! The other day I was shopping for dresses for a wedding I have in July. You can see the progress I’ve made…

keto diet plan

Don’t mind the crazy tan lines! We had my daughters soccer tournament all weekend long! Never in a million years would I ever try a dress on like this OR even consider getting it. I felt comfortable in the dress and I think I look pretty good!

Is the Keto Diet Plan Right for You?

My advice…do your research. Know what you are getting yourself into. I will tell you, it’s not as hard as it seems. Give yourself a couple weeks to get used to it. When you get into Dietary Ketosis (do NOT confuse this with Ketoacidosis…they are not the same thing), you will go through something referred to as the “Keto Flu”. Power through. Once in Ketosis…stay in it. You can check whether you are in Ketosis by using these Ketone Test Stripsketo diet plan I picked up on Amazon.

If you have any questions about the Keto Diet Plan, please don’t hesitate to ask! I will gladly help you!

My Weight Loss Secrets

A few months ago, my husband and I decided to try Weight Watchers together. I personally never really cared for that diet plan…I’m sorry, that “lifestyle change”, but my husband has always been successful with Weight Watchers so I decided to be the supportive wife and do the diet with him. I have to say, I really do like it this time around. I like that I can log everything on my phone…so convenient! But most of all, I like that I can pretty much each fruit and it doesn’t cost me any points. Before, when fruit did cost me points, I never wanted to eat that…I mean, when you can spend 5 points on ice cream or fruit, I chose the ice cream all the time.


While I would love to look like the picture above again (I was a junior in high school), after having two kids, there are just somethings that will not go back to the way they were…and I’m OK with that. My goal now is to be healthy. Overall, I would like to lose about 85 lbs…currently, I’ve lost 12 lbs! My husband, on the other hand, has lost 30 lbs! As much as I am happy for him, I find it very annoying that he’s lost almost double what I have!

I can’t attribute all of my weight loss to Weight Watchers. I follow my plan, most of the time, but the one thing I do ALL of the time is drink water with Young Living Grapefruit essential oil and Young Living Tangerine essential oil.


Why Grapefruit and Tangerine Essential Oil?

Both grapefruit and tangerine oil is high in d-limonene. This is significant because d-limonene helps with the following:

  • Digestion
  • Metabolism
  • Detoxification

D-limonene is contained in the peels of citrus fruits. There are many documented studies that state that d-limonene protects against many types of Cancers. I like that possible added benefit!

How I Use the Oil

You must use a glass bottle with citrus oils because there are compounds in citrus oils that will dissolve the plastic bottle. The next thing I do is fill my bottle with the desired amount of ice. Before adding the water, I add 3 drops of grapefruit oil and 3 drops of tangerine oil. This way, when I add the water, it begins mixing the oil for me! I do this a couple times a day.

Besides the digestion, metabolism and detoxification benefits, I’m also noticing that I am drinking much less pop! My goal, besides the weight loss, is to not drink pop at all. I’m slowly getting there!

If you would like more information on Young Living essential oils, please ask! I’d love to talk to you more about it!


Can you Truly Break Bad Habits?

When I was in high school, I was obsessed with being thin. To the point that I would not eat, for fear that it would make me fat. Even though I knew the models in magazines were fake and airbrushed, I still wanted to look like that. I began a vicious cycle of eating just enough to make it through the day. But what I didn’t know was that there was no way I was eating enough at all. I was a high school varsity swimmer. We had practices every single day after school and twice a day on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. The french fry I would eat for lunch was not enough to take me through my day at school and swim practice, but I did it anyway. I made sure to eat dinner when I got home. Not only was I starving (literally), but I also didn’t want to draw any attention to the fact that I was not eating.

I was obsessed with food. I was obsessed with weight. I was obsessed with the number on the scale. My worth as a person, in my head, was dependent on what that number was. It wasn’t until I met my husband, that I realized how stupid that was and relaxed. He was the first guy to show me that he cared about me for who I was, not for what I looked like. Since I was no longer competitively swimming, I gained a little weight. But I still looked good. I looked healthy. As the years went by, and after two pregnancies, I’ve put on 100 lbs.

It really hasn’t been until recently, within the last few months, that I’ve really seriously wanted to do something about my weight. But besides losing weight, I wanted to get healthy. I told myself that I was not going to deprive myself of anything…I was going to do this in a healthy manner. I don’t know if I bought it or my husband bought it, but I started making myself Slim Fast shakes. Since I work from home, it’s really easy for me to have my two shakes a day and one healthy meal. Quite honestly, I feel great. I’ve lost some weight since starting the shakes and I’ve started back at the gym. But…

I’m becoming obsessed again. I’m obsessed with drinking those shakes. Afraid that if I drink only one in a day, then real food is going to make me gain weight. I’m obsessed with the gym. Constantly thinking about when I can go, if I can go twice in one day. What I didn’t want to have happened, is happening again. I am focusing WAY too much on weight, food and exercise. On the outside it may look like I am determined and doing well, but I know what is going on inside of me. I know that when I am at the gym and I see that I’ve burned 300+ calories on one of the machines, my first thought is “Sweet! 300+ calories completely cancels out the calories I will put in with one of the shakes and the calories left over will cancel out a snack”. But was I really getting enough calories in a day to fuel my body properly?

To find out, I started using the My Fitness Pal app again to chart my weight loss and the food I eat. I logged every single thing that went into my mouth. Without even calculating the calories I burned exercising, I only consumed 900 calories. Take away the 300+ from exercising and that’s only a 600 calorie consumption in one day. That is not enough.

So what do I do?

I’m still exercising. I go everyday during the week and at least once on the weekend. However, I am forcing myself to have a small snack in between shakes. This way I am getting the calories I need, which means I am fueling my body properly and as a result, I am working towards a healthier me. But what I want to know is, will I ever break that bad habit of obsessing over weight, food and exercise? I’ve had friends tell me that therapy can help that, but I really don’t see how. I mean I know that I’m obsessing about it; I know I may not be consuming enough calories in a day, yet I do it anyway. How will talking to someone change that?

My biggest fear, throughout this whole thing, is that my daughter will pick up on this and eventually be like me. I try my hardest to not mention that I want to lose weight in front of her, but will that be enough?