Funny Signs Crack Me Up!

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 I have always liked funny and pointless signs.  You know, the ones that are put to “educate” and keep the public safe…but really are truly pointless?!?  My favorite being the sign that says “CAUTION Water on Road after Rain“.  Did they really need to put a sign up that says that?  Isn’t it obvious?  Then there’s my other favorite, “I don’t swim in your toilet so don’t pee in my pool“!
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There are definitely times when signs come in handy and are very useful.  For example, playground signs and gym signs.  Both of these signs are meant to keep people safe…let them know the rules for each place; the ages allowed, etc.  But having a sign doesn’t always mean people will follow what it says.  I was in the gym working out today and the older man walks past me and he’s barefoot.  Sure that seems like and obviously stupid thing to do in a gym.  But what made it kind of funny was the fact that he was standing next to a sign that said “Gym Shoes Required.  NO Open Toed Shoes Allowed“.  He even read the sign, but continued to do whatever he walked in their to do (I think it was to grab a paper towel…which makes it all so much more ridiculous since the bathrooms and locker rooms all had paper towels).

I’m a rule follower type.  If I am in Chicago and the street sign is flashing the do not walk sign, I don’t walk.  I piss off the people behind me, but by golly, my feet are planted on the edge of that sidewalk.  The same goes when I am driving and I see a “No Turn On Red” sign.  I will not turn.  I’ll have people honking like crazy behind me, but it doesn’t matter to me.  It’s not worth the ticket just to make those people happy.

What about you?  Leave me a comment and tell me about the funniest sign you’ve ever seen!  If you have a picture of it, send it to me and I will put it on my blog!


Lego Land Discovery Center Chicago!

About a month ago I posted a giveaway for 4 tickets to the Lego Land Discovery Center in Chicago.  Shortly after that giveaway ended, my family and I took a weekend trip to Chicago to visit the Lego Land Discovery Center.  The weekend we went just so happened to be their Star Wars weekend.  My son was beside himself!  He is the biggest Star Wars fan ever!

Upon arriving at Lego Land, we were greeted by a GIGANTIC giraffe and a man sitting on a bench, made completely out of Lego’s!  The kids humored me so I could take a picture…but boy were they itching to get inside!

Once inside we had to decide…go upstairs or stay downstairs and explore the main floor.  The kids were dying to run around the main floor, but one tip I was given from someone that had been to Lego Land before was to make sure you get upstairs right away and sign up for the different events going on upstairs.  So that is exactly what we did…we signed up for two Lego building workshops, a new Lego game tournament, and the Lego factory tour.

Since we had time before our first workshop, we decided to watch the 4D movie.  None of us had ever seen a 4D movie before.  We grabbed our glasses and took our seats.  Let me tell you, 4D movies are AH-MAZING!  I am not one that likes regular 3D movies, but not only did I think 4D was cool, but I didn’t get the typical headache I usually get wearing 3D glasses.  So what exactly is 4D?  Basically, not only does part of the movie look like it is popping off the screen (but way more than it does in 3D), but if the wind is blowing, you feel it.  If it rains, you feel it.  If something bad is about to happen, a red light turns on.  It really is a cool way to watch movies…I’m thinking something like Aladin or The Lion King would be really cool in 4D!

So what made this a “Star Wars” weekend?  Well there were a lot of the popular Star Wars characters present to take pictures with (or not take pictures with since some of them were more interested in getting on the elevator), the mini-lego area where they had a replica of downtown Chicago made out of Lego’s had various Star War Lego people invading the city, and they had a green screen set up so you can take a picture holding light sabers and have it set to a Star Wars scene.

Other fun things Lego Land had to offer was two really fun rides.  One seemed very similar to the It’s a Small World ride at Disney, but everything in this ride was made out of Lego’s and had a dragon theme.  Both rides were very fun for the kids.  But the area that I think they could have spent all day in was the free build area where they could build whatever they wanted.  The most popular being cars so they can race them down the various ramps!

All in all, we had a really great time at the Lego Land Discovery Center in Chicago.  My only complaints would be the fact that a few of the Star Wars characters really couldn’t be bothered to take pictures.  One guy we asked nodded his head yes but as soon as the elevator opened, he bolted inside and never let the kids take a picture with him.  I thought that was highly rude and hurtful to the kids who were excited to see him.

The other complaint was how much they charge to buy your LITTLE object you built during the Lego workshops.  When we signed up for the workshop, they never told us that what we built had to be purchased.  All we built was a mini replica of the Sears tower and a jedi plane thing.  They wanted $5 for the Sears tower and $3.00 for the jedi plane.  I thought that was rather expensive for what it was.

The kids are already asking about when we can go to Lego Land again.  They truly had a blast.  Check out the Lego Land website to see if there is a Discovery Center near you!!  Be sure to check the events page for special themed weekends!!  I wish we could go back in September when they have their Mini-Figure swap…Zachary would be in heaven!


Thank you to the Lego Land Discovery Center in Chicago for providing me with 4 tickets to take my family to visit the center for the purpose of this review.  All opinions stated are solely mine.

Lego Land Discovery Center 4 Pack of Tickets GIVEAWAY

This is probably one of my most EXCITING giveaways ever!

One lucky reader will win a family 4 pack of tickets to visit  the LEGO LAND DISCOVERY CENTER in Schaumburg, IL!!!  How awesome is that?!?

Here is a little info about their upcoming Lego Star Wars Days at Lego Land:

The Force is strong at a LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Chicago as the Jedi, Droids and Clone Troopers return for three days of intergalactic fun to celebrate LEGO® Star Wars™ Days. The legendary battle over MINILAND – a scaled down version of Chicago made out of LEGO bricks – continues as the Clone Troopers fight to keep the city safe from the destructive Battle Droids from Friday, June 24 to Sunday, June 26 from 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.


“LEGO Star Wars Days has quickly become our most popular event of the season,” said LEGOLAND Discovery Center’s own Master Model Builder, Daniel Morey. “We have a lot of great new activities planned for the weekend, including a very special makeover of MINILAND that will capture the essence of a true Star Wars battle.”



The intergalactic weekend includes:



·      Star Wars themed Model Builder Workshops.


·      Opportunities to assist the Master Model Builder in a Yoda group build.


·      Life-sized LEGO Darth Vader and LEGO R2-D2 models that give guests the best photo opportunity in the galaxy.


·      1,000 clone trooper and battle droid minifigures will be ready for battle in MINILAND.


·      A scavenger hunt to find ten characters hidden throughout MINILAND with the chance to win a family four-pack of Annual Passes.


·      Star Wars Building activities with prizes and giveaways.


·      Discounts in the Retail Shop.

If you’ve never been to a Lego Land Discovery Center (or never heard of one), here is a little about the awesome facility in Schaumburg, IL:

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Chicago is an indoor family entertainment destination with over 2 million LEGO bricks and nine attractions including: Model Builder Workshop; Jungle Expedition; Dragon Ride; Technicycle; LEGO 4D Cinema; Build and Test; LEGO Factory Tour; and MINILAND featuring iconic Chicago landmarks.



Located at the Streets of Woodfield, 601 N. Martingale Rd. in Schaumburg, LEGOLAND Discovery Center is 30 minutes from downtown Chicago by car. Adult Admission is $19. Child Admission is $15. Special annual pass and ticket offers are available at Visit for updated daily opening times. LEGOLAND Discovery Center is a part of the Merlin Entertainments Group.
I bet you want to go now!!!  Read below for details on how you can win 4 tickets that expire at the end of this year.
This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only.  The tickets are good for 4 admissions into the Lego Land Discovery Center in Schaumburg, IL.  You MUST complete the mandatory entry first before any additional entries will be accepted.


Mandatory Entry:  Visit the Lego Land Discovery Center website and tell me one thing you are excited about seeing at Lego Land.
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This giveaway will run from today (6/1/11) until June 20th at 7pm EST.  One winner will be chosen at random using the website  An email will be sent to the winner and they will have exactly 24hrs to respond with their shipping address so the tickets can be mailed to them.  Failure to respond in that 24 hour time period will result in a new winner being determined (either by or a live contest).
I was provided with 4 tickets to take my family to Lego Land in Schaumburg.  Any and all opinions stated on this post are solely mine.



Mini Vacay Yesterday!

Yesterday my husband and I, along with our kids, drove up to just past Grand Rapids to hang out with my husbands family at a beach on Lake Michigan. It was SOOOO much fun. I cannot even begin to tell you how much fun we had. My kids were CAKED in sand, hot, cold (water was freezing), tired, but had the time of their life. They are already asking when we can go back. And you know what, so am I!

This was our daughters first real time to the beach. We took her when she was about 8 months old, but she has no memories of that. Every time we turned around, she was laying on her stomach on the sand. She loved to just wiggle around on the sand. Our son…he spent his day digging a hole that his entire body could fit into up to his waist! I’m sad I didn’t get a picture of it. He dug a pretty large hole!

Here is a link to the exact beach we were at. If you are around this area, you should definitely check it out. It cost $6.00 to get in and that’s it! We brought a picnic lunch (more like a feast lol) and really enjoyed the day.


International Women’s Expo

Yep. You can be jealous, cause that’s where I was today! It was AWESOME! I went with my mother in-law, whom I adore by the way (yep you can be jealous about that too) and my sister in-law. We had a blast. Not only do you get lots of free stuff, but the samples for all the foods were really good to. Especially the dips. I think I tried every single dip one booth had…they had about 13. The best sample was the Oreo Cookie Fudge. O.M.G it was heavenly! Like melt in your mouth, good. Like you won a million dollars, good. OK I’m starting to sound like that yogurt commercial! But I’m serious, that fudge…Mmm Mmm Mmmm! If you have a Sams Club near you and have a membership, they are there for all your major holidays!

The best thing I walked out of there with was a steamer iron. We can say goodbye to the ridiculously high dry cleaning bill each month. This baby steams the body odor smell right out of the clothes. And “if you have a silk shirt, you can leave the iron on all day long and you won’t burn your clothes at all” (please read that with your best Australian accent. It’ll be like you were right there listening to him speak). I wanted this thing last year. In fact, my sister in-law spent all last year searching the internet to find this thing only to find out today, you can’t buy it online. Which, in this day and age when everyone buys everything online, well that’s a foolish business move on his part. But whatcha gonna do?

I totally needed today. I needed to get out of the house. No kids. And just do something for me. Not to mention, I did a little networking for this little blog of mine. Let’s just say, if the pieces fall into the right place, I will be reviewing (with a possible giveaway) one of the COOLEST fat reducing products! So keep your eyes peeled for that!

If you have this expo near you and you are able to secure a babysitter (if you have young children) I totally recommend you go. Go with some friends and have a little fun!