Funniest Christmas Videos on the Web

I love watching funny YouTube videos. When Zack was a toddler, he used to climb in my lap and ask me if we could watch funny animal videos. I don’t know about you, but funny animal videos make me laugh harder than just about anything. Well…I take that back…videos with kids make me laugh pretty hard too. In fact, I ran across this video where Jimmy Kimmel asked parents to give their kids an early Christmas present, but that present had to be something they would not want (like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich).

Aside from the rudeness at the end, this video had me laughing really hard and pretty disappointed that I didn’t think about pulling this prank on my kids! I thought the kid telling the girl to be appreciative of the sandwich was pretty funny! I could see Zack saying that to Bella and I could also see Zack yelling that he’d eat it too!

This next video I found was similar to the video above, but how the little girl handled it at the end and tried to find the positive was pretty darn great!

We are huge America’s Funniest Home Video fans in this house. We still watch it if we are able to catch it on TV. This next video is a compilation of their funny Christmas themed clips. It’s long, but worth it!

And of course, anything Ellen Degeneres does is pretty darn funny. I found this video while I was checking out her YouTube channel and I wish I was at that Target store that day! She sure knows how to shake things up when she’s at the store!

What are your favorite holiday videos??


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