More Alternatives to Store Bought Valentines!

Thanks to Pinterest, more and more people are hand making their Valentines! I love it when my kids bring home a box full of Valentines that their classmates made from them! In fact, this year, we are going to try and make our own too! <–I’m not the craftiest mom, so we’ll see how this will turn out! Earlier this week, I put together a list of some really great DIY Valentines ideas from all over the web. Guess what…I have more for you!!

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Remember back in the late 80’s and early 90’s when slap bracelets were all the rage? Well…those bracelets are back and the lovely blogger at Toys in the Dryer came up with an adorable Valentines idea using slap bracelets! And lucky for you, I found where you can buy slap bracelets in bulk for pretty darn cheap!


I’ve looked at a bunch of DIY Valentines ideas and this one is the most unique I have seen yet!! Audrey with came up with the idea using mini, individually wrapped bags of cereal to make Cerealsly Cute Valentines! Love these!!


My kids, especially Bella, love to have a notebook and pencil with her at all times. She likes to write mini-stories or, her latest thing, is to draw out floor plans of what her new bedroom will look like. This child has watched too many of those DIY television shows! The lovely blogger at has put together an adorable idea for DIY Valentines using stuff you can find at your local Dollar Store!


This next Valentine idea is perfect for any age group! has a cute Valentine that uses melted crayons to create your own heart shaped (or any shape you choose) crayon…in the colors your child chooses!! We’ve made crayons before and Bella always enjoys mixing the colors to come up with her own color!


Do your kids love that loom bracelet maker? Mine do, so this next Valentine idea is perfect for them! And we have a billion (no joke) of those little rubber bands…what a good way to get rid of save some money! Be sure to check out this adorable idea by visiting the site here! Not only is this a handmade Valentine, but it is one that the recipient can wear too!


Kids LOVE to plant seeds and watch things grow…even if it’s a bean sprout that molds (happened to Bella), they still love it because they grew it! So this DIY Seed Packet Valentine that my friend Shasta has on her blog is not only adorable, but also very inexpensive!!


There are so many cute ideas out there. I hope you liked the ones I chose above and the others I found earlier this week! If you choose to do one of these ideas, please leave me a comment and tell me about it!! I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Valentine’s Day!




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