An Easier and More Accurate TB Blood Test

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Have you ever had to have a TB test done? I remember having one right before I entered middle school or high school (may have been both). I also had to have one when I went to college and started doing my student teaching hours. It’s been a few years, but I remember them sticking me with a needle and then drawing a small circle on my arm with directions to come back three days later for them to check it. I was always paranoid that it would show up that I had TB and I was afraid that the shower would wash the circle off and then how would they know if I had it or not??? True story…I didn’t shower for those three days. Gross. I know. I am ashamed!

What is TB?

Tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious disease that usually infects the lungs. However, it can attack almost any part of the body. TB is spread from person to person through the air. When a person with TB coughs, laughs, sneezes, sings, or even talks, the germs that cause TB may spread through the air. If another person breathes in these germs, there is a chance that they will become infected with tuberculosis.


Guess what?!? There’s a new TB blood test that is able to help diagnose tuberculosis much more accurately! I didn’t know this, but the old school way of testing for tuberculosis, you know the way I had to do it that caused me to not shower for 3 days, had the ability to give a false-positive result because of a previous TB vaccination. So not only did I not shower for three days, but I had the chance of having an inaccurate result that would have, most certainly caused unnecessary stress. Thank goodness I never had to deal with a false-positive result. Not only would it have stressed me out, because I am sure I didn’t really know what TB was at that time, but it would have also prevented me from being able to student teach. But with the new TB blood test, you get those accurate results in just ONE visit!


Let’s face it, we are all extremely busy people…especially right now during this whole back to school season. Between school and the kids sports, I think we are running somewhere every single night of the week. So anywhere we can cut something out to save time is a plus to me. This new TB blood test not only saves us the time we need, but also gives us the peace of mind to know that our loved ones are safe and healthy and cuts out that risk of false-positives that the over 110 year old skin test has. If you would like more information on the new blood test, please check the site out That website is a wealth of information and is has a great section at the bottom with additional resources if you would like to check those out.

Have you ever had any false-positives with the TB Skin test?

Keep Track of Your Kids with the Life 360 App

How old are your kids? Do they have cell phones yet? My son just started middle school this year and for his birthday, back in June, we got him his first cell phone. I was on the fence about it, but after having it for a few months, I have to say, I kind of like that he has it. Since he’s getting older, he wants a little more freedom. This summer I let the kids start riding their bikes around the block, but only if they stuck together and only if he had his cell phone with him (with the Life 360 app on it) to call me if need be. Plus…and this is kind a big plus…it’s all about finding your child’s currency and for him, it’s his phone. He doesn’t want it taken away, so that gives me a little leverage when the tween/teen mouth starts going! But please, if you get your kids a cell phone, be sure to teach them internet safety!


I came across an app not too long ago called Life 360. This app is amazing! Basically, it’s a GPS tracking app. At any given moment (so long as the phone is on), I can click on my sons picture and it will tell me where he’s at. I’ve set our home and his school as an official location so when he leaves school, I get an alert telling me so. With beginning of the school year busing issues, it’s nice to know where his late bus is at all times!


Both kids also like to click on their dads face to see where he’s at. Since he travels for work, it’s neat for them to see the different states and cities that he is in for a particular week. Now I know my son is only 11, but before you know it, he will be taking drivers training and wanting to go off IN A CAR with his friends. I can’t even picture my son driving, but the day is coming…quicker than I’d like to admit. I’m forever hearing about what kind of car he thinks he will get when the time comes.

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Sometimes I have to laugh at what he thinks he’s getting. I overheard him saying he was getting a Mustang. Um. No child. You are not getting a Mustang! But the nice thing is, there are car dealerships out there like Central Avenue, that have a bargain basement section of used cars that have very reasonably priced cars that make great cars for their first car. I was browsing through the bargain basement section and I found a car for less than $5000! My first car cost about that! I think parents (and everyone else looking for a new-to-them car) should really consider checking out their local car dealership to see what they have on hand in the Used Cars department and see what deals they can offer you. If you are local to the Central Avenue dealership, run over and check out their bargain basement section!

We all want our kids to be safe, whether they are out driving around with their friends or not, and the Life 360 app is one app I am glad I added to my kids phone. He has been made aware that this app must stay on his phone and he is to keep his phone on and charged (when he is not in school) so I can see where he’s at, if need be. He also has gotten into the habit of opening up the app once he gets on the school bus, clicking the “Check In” button to let me know that he will be home shortly. I didn’t tell him to do this, but I love that he does. Especially when I’m still at Meijer and need to hurry home to make sure I’m there when he walks in!


And finally, if your child ever finds themselves in a sticky situation and they need help right away, they can press the panic button and it will alert everyone that is in the same circle with your child. So in my case, it would send a call, email and text my husband and I. If your child (or you…because I did this!) hits the panic button by mistake, you have 10 seconds to click cancel!

So tell me two things…one…what was your first car

and two…what is your favorite app?

DIY Young Living Essential Oils Car Air Freshener

One of my lifelong dreams is to take one giant road trip and visit all the fun places throughout the United States. Last summer we took the kids on a road trip from Michigan to Arkansas. We wanted to go to Crater of Diamonds State Park. If you haven’t been there, you need to go. It is an absolute blast! You just dig and dig and dig and hope you find a diamond. For real! People actually find diamonds there! Being that this was our longest road trip ever with the kids, the one thing I noticed, not too long into the trip, was how the air in the car started to get really stale. It rained quite a bit on the drive, so opening the window was not an option. Like most people, we stopped to get one of those tree air fresheners for the car. Bad idea. I should have used my essential oils.


They may look cute, but boy are they stinky on a long road trip!

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So back to those air fresheners. Did you know that most air fresheners you see in cars all over the road are filled with nothing but toxins? It’s no surprise that shortly after putting one in our car, we started experiencing headaches. It was horrible. It got tossed in the trash really quick! On a super long road trip (or even short day to day trips around town), no one has time for headaches from something that is supposed to make their car smell fresh.

Making your own DIY Car Air Fresheners are super easy! I like to use Young Living Essential Oils because I know they are the purest oils and their Seed to Seal Promise insures that there is nothing toxic in the essential oils.

Supplies Needed

  • Young Living Essential Oils of your choice
  • Cotton balls


Simply take the oil of your choice (Purification, En-R-Gee, Ylang Ylang, etc) and place a few drops on the cotton ball. Place the cotton ball in between the slats of the air vent and enjoy! If you are interested in any of the oils I mentioned above (or other products Young Living has to offer), please click the contact me button above, I’d love to talk to you about how Young Living can change your life…for the better!


Besides remembering your essential oils when embarking on a road trip, you also want to Google a few places along the way. You want to make sure you’ve either booked hotels or know of where to stop for clean hotels. Another thing you want to make sure you’ve located is various local garages or car dealerships along your route. You never know when something will break down in your car and you don’t want to be stuck with little to no options. The nice thing about car dealerships like the Kernersville Chrysler Dodge dealer is that they often times have service specials that you are able to print out and help save you money for those unexpected trips to their garage. This particular dealer has a 10% off your service coupon (please note, this does not apply to oil changes).

So tell me…what was your favorite road trip AND what tip do you have for a successful road trip?

Get Up and Get Moving with Poise Impressa Bladder Supports

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Have you ever been on the treadmill at the gym and you’re going along really well, laughing along with Kelly and Michael and then all of a sudden you have that feeling…you know the one I’m talking about…that feeling that makes you want to squeeze your legs together, but you can’t because you’re going to end up face planting the treadmill? It’s OK, don’t be shy. It happens to a lot of people. It’s called Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) or, as I would like to call it, T.A.L.K (Thanks A Lot Kids).  Still not sure what SUI is? Basically, when pressure is put on your bladder, you pee your pants a little. Things like laughing, sneezing, exercising, etc are all things that can put just the right amount of pressure on the bladder. You need to try Poise Impressa Bladder Supports!


Have you heard of the new Poise Impressa Bladder Supports? If you deal with SUI and are tired of changing your undergarmets multiple times a day or you don’t want to wear those bulky pads, then you need to give these a try! The first thing you do is head to the store…I went to my local CVS because I wanted to use this printable coupon for $1.00 off.


You want to make sure you pick up the starter kit first. The starter kit comes with all three sizes for you to try out (plus a $4.00 off coupon inside) to see which size fits you best! Figuring out the correct size is really easy. Start with size 1. Try that out for the day. If you still have leaking issues, move on to size 2 and then size 3, if need be. The sizing has absolutely NOTHING to do with how much your weigh. It’s solely based on the internal fit.

So How does Poise Impressa Work?


Simply insert the Poise Impressa like you would a tampon (please note that while it looks similar, the Poise Impressa is not a tampon and it will not absorb leaks. It is meant to prevent them). Once inside, the non-absorbent bladder support expands to support the urethra. Now that you’ve found the correct size for you, you can go about your day as you normally would! Laugh, sneeze, dance and exercise all you want without all the worrying that you may have just wet yourself!


While I like to blame the SUI and that sudden “uh oh” feeling while on the treadmill on my kids (remember T.A.L.K.?), I think this is one of those “you take the bad with the good” kind of moments! Just look at those two crazy kids:


Whether you’re laughing, exercising, sneezing all the time or dancing the night away, you can do so with confidence with the new Poise Impressa Bladder Supports! I know I can’t wait until we go to our next wedding! No more worries for me! What about you? What would YOU do?


Birthday Parties with Zap Zone!!

Bella’s birthday is coming up. We’ve been tossing around ideas of good places to have a friend party. She wanted to do a sleepover birthday party at a hotel…she’s turning 9. Do kids do hotel birthday parties still?? I know it was a thing when I was in middle school. After telling her that I don’t know that her friends parents would be OK with a hotel party, we started thinking about all the places around us. Then we came up with Zap Zone, one of our favorite places to go!

Did you know…

Zap Zone is Michigan’s premier spot for laser tag, glo-golfing, mini-bowling, arcade action, go-karts, and so much, much more! We are located all across Michigan in convenient locations! Farmington, Canton, Utica, Lansing, Taylor, Brighton, Waterford, and Ann Arbor!

Whatever the occasion – whether it’s for the kids, families or adults – Zap Zone delivers unsurpassed excitement and the most exhilarating, action packed, heart stopping unforgettable adventure you’ve ever imagined!


We have been to Zap Zone so many times! My kids love everything there! I really like the arcade! When I was in high school, I have fond memories of going to Zap Zone with my friends and taking glow in the dark lipstick and putting it on my eyes and lips! That was fun!

Right now my readers get to enjoy extra savings! Save $2 off any regular priced attraction! Please note that attractions vary by store (laser tag, bumper cars, jump zone, cannon blaster, glo-golf, mini-bowling, go-karts, time freak, spin zone and slime bucket). Print your coupon here!