Angelina Jolie lips without Botox!

Yep my beautiful little girl is now sporting the ever trendy, Angelina Jolie lips. And I’ve got to say, the added puffiness is rather cute. I know I liked it when my nose spread a little and my lips puffed when I was pregnant (anyone else experience this? I have pictures if you think I’m crazy haha)!

So you’re probably wondering what she did to get the trendy lips. She was sliding down the steps on her stomach, laughing like a hyena when all of a sudden she smashed her face into the step. From the amount of blood, I thought for sure I was going to be spending my day at Urgent Care where I would probably be interrogated because my little accident prone child has been there quite a bit in her almost 2 years of life. But thankfully, it stopped bleeding and I don’t think she needs any stitches.

What am I going to do with this child and her accidents???

Attention ALL telemarketers

I understand that you need to work and feed yourself and your family, however it is NOT acceptable to call someones house after 9pm to conduct a survey. I also understand that you are calling from California, but that is not an excuse. Figure out what time it is in the time zone you are calling before you call and wake up one of my children. Because let me tell you, had one of my kids woken up, you would have gotten a freakin ear full. Yes I would have called your butt back and bitched you out.

Oh and for the record, I am on the National Do Not Call List. Not sure if that really amounts to much, but I’m on it so darn it, you’re gonna respect that.

OOOOH I hate hate HATE telemarketers. Especially ones that I cannot understand on the phone. Why the heck would you give someone that job if they were unable to speak clearly and with proper English? Saying things like “ain’t” and sentences that do not make sense is not acceptable in my book. But what do I know?

I shake just thinking about it

It being, my daughter getting older and starting to help pick out the clothes I buy for her. What is with this trend of making our little girls look like hookers? It seems like Target is the only inexpensive place to buy clothes anymore that are decent looking. Kohls and JcPenney have some pretty raunchy looking things. Especially Kohls.

And what the hell is with using material that I specifically remember being the material that my bar hopping clothes were made of???

The idea of my daughter thinking it is OK to wear things like that at 4, 5, 6 and so on makes me want to puke. When I student taught, there was a 1st grader in the class who regularly wore inappropriate (in my opinion) clothes. Her favorite t-shirt to wear was a “Property of the Boys Locker Room” shirt. WTH? Who buys that for a 6 year old??

I get it. Sex sells…but for a 6 year old? Really? Is that necessary? I one time told my husband that I need to go into designing kids clothes, but then I saw on The Next Top Model how they had to draw their pictures and stuff and well…I doubt a stick figure would make my clothes sell very well!

Wordless Wednesday – 9/3/08

I hate being sick

I’m sure no one likes being sick, well unless you are trying to get out of going to school, work, or something at your in-laws house (though I like mine so you won’t see me doing that)! But what’s worse, is being sick when your husband is about to go out of town for a week. That ALWAYS happens to me. It sucks.

Sinus headache; sore throat; stuffy nose; coughing; the whole shebang. WTF?