I swear I am going to throw out half my house. I absolutely hate how much crap we have everywhere. I am so sick and tired of moving it around from one place to another. My kids have more toys that they know what to do with and it seems like the more I throw out, donate, sell…whatever, the more we have in our house. And it sure as heck is not me that is buying all these toys.

And of course, the day that I am super sick of all of this and needing some help to get rid of it/clean it up, dh calls and says “I really need to go golfing right now”…whatever. Sure I understand the importance of golfing with your boss and whatnot, but I am sick of his work. Sick of the hours he works, sick of the lack of help I get, sick of the lack of “me” time I get. Sick sick sick of it all.

Sure I could get a babysitter for some much needed, much deserved me time, but then that would cost money and it’s not like I have a money tree in the backyard. Though sometimes I think members of my household believe we do.

So if you drive by my house this Thursday morning and see a BUNCH of garbage bags piled up at the curb, know that I threw away, or attempted to throw away, half my house.

Anyone want to come over and help me organize my house…my life…etc? Please? I’ll make you cookies 🙂

Movie Review…Women

I just went and saw Women with my mil and sil. I really liked it. There are no men whatsoever shown in the movie (they are talked about). The movie has me really thinking. It is about a woman who finds out that her husband was cheating on her.

I used to always say (before kids) that if my husband ever cheated on me, I was out the door. No way was I going to stick around with a person who does that. But now that I have two kids, I really wonder what I would do. Being a SAHM makes it more difficult for me. I mean, I have no income of my own. So what would I do if I had to raise my kids on my own? Sure I have my teaching certificate, but in Michigan that doesn’t mean a whole heck of a lot since there are no jobs. So it makes me wonder if I would really walk out the door or if I would try and make it work.

However, how in the world could a person make it work? You have nothing if you don’t have trust. I don’t see how you would be able to get that trust back once your spouse cheats on you with another person. But then again, I can’t really put myself in that person’s shoes, since I haven’t been there. But boy did my heart hurt for that woman. She was so humiliated, and rightly so.

Definitely go and see that movie. It really is a good movie and not only that, but it is a little bit empowering as well.

My poor Bella boo :(

Bella is very afraid of things that fly. It doesn’t matter what it is. Bee, flies, butterflies, etc. She will tense up and cry. Well today a bee flew near her, she tensed up and it stung her in her ear. The poor thing is now hysterical when we go outside, covers her ears and refuses to walk. We have to carry her everywhere. Understandably so.

The stinger was stuck in her ear. I called her docs office and they told me to NOT pull it straight out but to scrape something over top of it, like a fingernail and it should come out that way. It did! Thankfully. Luckily she is not allergic (my husband is). But I am sure that had to hurt pretty bad.

Anyone else feel like there are more bees this year than ever? We couldn’t even eat outside on labor day because they were just swarming all over.

Fashion confused…me or them?

I feel like I did the day I was walking on the beach 4 years ago in Florida seeing some teenage girls also walking on the beach, wearing Uggs boots. for the life of me, I couldn’t and still can’t understand why in the world anyone would want to wear those boots in 80-90 degree weather to walk the beach. But at least I knew that Uggs were fashionable.

Today I saw a woman wearing leg warmers. Now I know that they are selling them for babies and let me tell you, I think that is the cutest thing in the world…but for adults…adults that are not working out (which is the only possible way I would think it would be acceptable to wear them). This woman was wearing shorts (denim), tight t-shirt, leg warmers, and flip flops.

All we need is for this to come back into style and I think we will be all set:

I mean shoot…why not. Stirrup pants were in style around the time of leg warmers…combine and make them go up to mid thigh and we can combine three styles all in one! Leg warmers, stirrup pants, and thigh highs!

Wordless Wednesday – 9/17/08