UN-Tasty Tuesday

Normally I post a yummy recipe that I like to make or will be making. However, I feel the need to post this PSA for all you moms that sometimes get roped into buying popsicles for your kids.

So this week, instead of that yummy recipe, I am posting something that you just HAVE to stay away from in the grocery store. And that would be, Fear Factor Push Pops. Not only do those things stain like no other popsicle stains, but they are impossible to push up, which leads to huge messes. They don’t taste all that well either.

Tune in next week where we will get back to the regularly scheduled posting 😉

Product Review: Sesame Street Kid K’Nex

One of the highlights of my day is getting the mail. The best mail days are the days when there are no bills (of course), but one thing that makes it even better is when there is a nice big box waiting on my porch, waiting for me to open it. Today was one of those mail days.

Waiting for me to open was the new Sesame Street Bert & Ernie Kid K’Nex Building Set! I was so excited to open this. I knew my son and daughter would have a blast building characters from their favorite show. And boy was I right! I barely had the box open before they were trying to tear into it, shouting “Ernie mommy, Ernie!”.

I was pleased to see that this set is for ages 2yrs to 5 yrs old. My daughter, who will be two in October, had no problem manipulating the different rods and parts to build various things. They didn’t always look like Bert and Ernie, but hey at almost 2, she did pretty good! Now my son (4yrs old), was able to follow the directions that came in the box and build Bert and Ernie perfectly.

A little info from their site (http://knex.com/sesame-street-building-sets/):

BENEFITS of Sesame Street Building Sets:

  • Physical Development: Building Bert and Ernie with K’NEX supports the development of hand-eye coordination.
  • Social-Emotional Development: Playing with Bert & Ernie either alone or with friends encourages imaginative play.
  • Language Development: Talking about K’NEX creations with family & friends enhances your child’s language skills.
  • Cognitive Development: Building with K’NEX and learning about colors can encourage thinking and problem-solving skills.

You can order the following sets from their website:

  • Elmo Building Set
  • Ernie Building Set
  • Cookie Monster Building Set
  • Oscar Building Set
  • Super Grover Building Set
  • Abby Cadabby Building Set
  • Elmo and his Piano Building Set
  • Elmo Pet Vet Building Set
  • Elmo Sunny Days Building Set
  • Bert & Ernie Building Set
  • Cookie Monster & Hooper’s Store Building Set

Probably one of my most FAVORITE parts of this entire toy is the fact that it comes with three cards to help encourage thinking skills. There is a red card, blue card, and yellow card. On one side it asks you to build something (like a balloon) and has information about balloons and helium that fills most balloons. On the other side of the card it has one of the colors and has you (the parent) ask the child to find other colors that are the same as the color on that card.

I am very glad that K’NEX came out with a Sesame Street version of their popular toy. Sesame Street was my favorite as a child and I am glad that I am able to share that with my children (even if Mr. Snuffalufagus is no longer Big Bird’s imaginary friend)!!

Phew! It feels like ages!

I have been SOOOO busy this past weekend. My brother got married on Saturday. It was such a nice day. The wedding was outside at a fancy, shmancy country club; the weather was nice; and the bride looked absolutely stunning!

My son got to wear a tux for the first time and not only did the kid look good, but he knew it too. Every chance he got, he asked the photographer to take a picture of him. I’m sure my brother and his new wife are going to get a kick out of seeing so many proofs of Zack! He was very sad that we had to return the tux today haha!

The cutest thing ever happened at the wedding. Zack went up to Bella and asked her to dance. The two of them hand their arms around each other and danced and danced. It was so sweet to watch!

Great night, great food, open bar…:)

McDonalds Experience from Hell


My kids and I went to McDonalds today. I told them we could go there for a special treat. Little did I know that I would be having a trip from hell.

We walk in the door and immediately Bella starts screaming at the top.of.her.lungs. Blood curdling screams. Why? Because a fly flew by. In case you don’t remember, she just recently got stung by a bee in her ear, so the fear is very real and the memories are very fresh still. I get her to calm down and we order our food and sit down. Now here I thought this was going to be a great trip because some how I managed to convince my kids that it is much better to sit outside of the play area than in that noisy hell hole.

Boy was I wrong. My son announces, very loudly, that he has to go to the bathroom. Before I can stop him, he darts into the mens room. There were other men in there. One of which, who looked very creepy. I couldn’t leave my little boy who talks to everyone, in there. So I open the door, announce “you better cover up what you don’t want seen” and march in, grab my sons hand and drag him in the women’s bathroom. I was humiliated.

If that wasn’t enough, a lady came out to clean the tables and my son lets her know that we were not finished. As if the food, napkins, sweet ‘n’ sour sauce, etc all over the table wasn’t enough for her to get it, but whatever. The lady responds with “I ain’t gonna wipe your table hun”. I cringe when I hear the word ain’t, but no biggie. Or so I thought. Zachary looks at her and says, without missing a beat “ain’t is not a word. You really should speak properly”. Yep. My son just corrected the 40 something year old woman cleaning tables at McDonalds. While I was proud of him for knowing and wanting to use proper English, I let him know that you do not correct adults like that. Do you think Zachary could leave it at that? Oh no. The next words out of his mouth are “well someone should”.

So ladies and gentlemen…when you think a quick little trip to McDonalds will be uneventful…think again.

Wordless Wednesday – 9/24/08