id America Cushi iphone 5 Protector


I love my iphone.  It is in my  hand or pocket at any given moment of the day.  From the moment I’ve had a smartphone, I’ve loved it.  I love getting emails instantly; I love texting with my friends…we have whole conversations over text; and I’d be lying if I didn’t admit how much I love playing games!

I’m pretty particular on the kind of case I put on my phone.  I want to make sure it is protected, but also looks cute!  When I had the opportunity to try out the id America Cushi Protector for my iphone 5, I jumped at it.  First of all, I haven’t had a new case on my phone since I purchased it AND this new case had one of my favorite sayings on it, “Keep Calm and Carry On”  <– That should really be my motto!  I mean, look at my phone…doesn’t it look great?

id-America-CushiNow I will admit, when it first arrived, I was VERY skeptical.  I didn’t realize (or pay attention to what I was reading on their website) that it was a cushioned sticker on the back and front.  But once we got everything on, my phone feels just as protected!  I am pleasantly surprised!


  • 3D padded skin, front and back
  • Cushi Band Provides side protection
  • Soft cushion improves grip
  • All-around protection against drops and scratches

What You Get

  • Cushi 3D padded skin (for the back)
  • Cushi Band
  • Cushi 3D padded skin (for the front)
  • Cushi Home Button
  • Screen protector
  • Installation squeegee
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth

I’ve had this on my phone for a few days and I really like it.  There are a ton of options on their site…check it out!


One lucky winner will receive the same Cushi iphone 5 Protector Kit that is pictured above!

Horrid Henry: The Movie Review!

Last week a package showed up at the house telling us to have a family movie night with Horrid Henry:  The Movie…it even came with a gift card to Walmart to purchase the items we needed for the movie night!  The kids were beyond excited.  The Horrid Henry package contained:

  • Horrid Henry: The Movie in a limited edition package (with green goo!)
  • An assortment of Horrid Henry-inspired jokes…wind-up chattering teeth, a hand buzzer and a water balloon kit
  • A copy of the original Horrid Henry book


I told the kids that we needed to head to Walmart to pick out our movie night dinner.  At first I figured we would all try to agree on something for dinner, but then I got real…like we would EVER be able to agree on one meal!  So I told the kids we were having “grocery store dinner” and each person picked what they want!  Bella chose fish sticks, Zachary chose pizza rolls and they both agreed on an ice cream flavor for dessert!  Not the healthiest dinner, but it’s not like we have movie night every night!


When Henry fails yet again to hand in his homework for the umpteenth time, he inadvertently sets off an unexpected and curious chain of events.  He forms an unlikely alliance with Moody Margaret, the infuriating girl next door, outwits corrupt School Inspectors, topples an evil Headmaster, wins a talent contest, and stands up to his ultimate nemesis.  With each antic crazier than the last, Henry finds himself inexplicably trying to save the very school which he has always professed to hate.

The kids really enjoyed the movie.  As the antics got crazier, the more Zachary laughed.  I know he was thinking about all the things he could do with the hand buzzer!  I’ll have to make sure I check his back pack each morning…I don’t think his teacher would appreciate him bringing a bag of tricks to school!

Horrid Henry:  The Movie

  • Has a running time of 93 minutes
  • Cast consists of:  Theo Stevenson, Anjelica Huston, Parminder Nagra, and Richard E. Grant
  • Directed by Nick Moore
  • Find them on the web at

Horrid Henry:  The Movie will be sold exclusively at Walmart for $14.86 and will be available on March 12, 2013!


Me and my pretty girl cuddling during the movie!


How to Pick Mother’s Day Flowers to Match her Personality

Choosing the right flowers for a loved one can be a fine art, and this is no different when it comes to Mother’s Day.  If you’re determined to select the most suitable blooms for your mother to admire come March 10th, read our guide to matching seasonal flowers to your mum’s personality…


If your mum is the traditional or romantic type, you’ll want to stay away from anything too adventurous and stick to the classics, such as:

  • Roses – the ultimate bouquet, with pink, red or white being the ideal colours
  • Carnations – a good all-round choice that you can buy in either a single colour or a mix of complementary shades
  • Chrysanthemums – a classic variety for Mother’s Day available in soft shades that’s also very long-lasting

Roses colors

A mixed bouquet is a good option, especially if it’s finished off with some delicate sprays of smaller flowers to create a lovely look.  Traditional mothers will already have suitable vases (as they’re more likely to regularly buy flowers for the home), so consider what your mum has to put her bouquet in before buying.


Does your mum love to paint, write, invent new dishes or regularly redecorate?  Then she’s likely to be creative type and favour colourful and/or unusual flowers.  Just a few ideas include:

  • Sunflowers – bright and bold, these can’t fail to cheer up your mum
  • Gerberas – these come in a variety of vibrant colours and are fab in mixed bouquets that liven up the room

Sunflowers for sale at the Pike Street Market

Think about how you can present your flowers in creative ways too.  You could decorate any boxes that they come in with photos of you and your mum, or liven up any accompanying vase with colourful ribbons.


If your mum loves to travel and try new things, she’ll be pleased with any flowers that deviate from the norm for Mother’s Day.  Some ideas are:

  • Lilies – oriental and coloured lilies are perfect for a bouquet with a difference 
  • Orchids – exotic and elegant, they’re ideal for adventurous mums, especially when their tropical leaves are left on the stems

Lillies to the sky

You could team your flowers with some unusual gifts, too, such as an adoption certificate for a tiger or seal, or the chance to name an orchid!


Does your mum favour all things elegant and sophisticated?  If so, the bouquet you choose will likely be luxurious yet understated to match her personality.  You could go for:

  • White Lilies – a classic option that’s sure to be much-admired
  • Mixed Orchids – decadent and exotic
  • White Victorian Roses – beautiful yet understated

Alternatively, consider presenting your mum with a single, perfect rose or orchid.  This might be a good choice if her home is minimalist in style and a large bouquet would look out of place.

General Tips

Hopefully, our guide should have given you some inspiration for buying the ideal flowers for your mum’s personality.  You might also want to bear the following in mind…

  • Be prepared and book delivery well in advance if you’re not going to give your mother her flowers yourself.  If you do end up organizing things at the last minute, click here to buy flowers with next day delivery.
  • Don’t forget extras like a card, chocolates and perhaps a nice bottle of wine!
  • Team up with your siblings and splash out on a huge bouquet if you can – your mum will really appreciate the gesture.


**This is a partnered post brought to you by Dipika Patel, a British blogger who loves buying presents for others – a writing about them!  She regularly contributes to  blogs with her thoughts on flowers , gifts and interiors with a view to helping readers make the right choices.

Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph!

There are very few movies that my kids walk out of the theater and say “we HAVE to get this on DVD”.  Wreck-It Ralph was one of those movies.  They absolutely loved it.  So when it came to the house for me to review, I think the whole neighborhood heard them screaming with excitement!


From Walt Disney Animation Studios, Wreck-It Ralph takes viewers on a hilarious journey.  For decades, Ralph (voice of John C. Reilly) has played the bad guy in his popular video game.  In a bold move, he embarks on an action-packed adventure and sets out to prove to everyone that he is a true hero with a big heart.  As he explores exciting new worlds, he teams up with some unlikely new friends including feisty misfit Vanellope von Schweetz (voice of Sarah Silverman).  The film is directed by Annie Award winner Rich Moore.

Some of the amazing cast are:

  • John C. Riley as Ralph
  • Sarah Silverman as Vanellope
  • Jack McBrayer as Felix
  • Jane Lynch as Calhoun
  • Alan Tudyk as King Candy
  • Mindy Kaling as Taffyta Muttonfudge
  • Joe Lo Truglio as Markowski
  • Ed O’Neil as Mr. Litwak

Wreck-Ralph is available on the following formats:

  • HD Digital
  • SD Digital
  • 4-Disc Blu-ray Combo Pack (Blu-ray 3D + Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy)
  • 2-Disc Blu-ray Combo Pack (Blu-ray + DVD)

Each of the formats above contain the following bonus features…I don’t know about you, but my kids have to watch each and EVERY bonus feature on a film.  They just love them!

  • Bit by Bit:  Creating the Worlds of Wreck-It Ralph –   Fans of the film will get a look at five new worlds created for Wreck-It Ralph.  The short takes viewers into Game Central Station with the artists who brought Sugar Rush, Hero’s Duty and Fix-It Felix Jr. to life.
  • Alternate & Deleted Scenes – Four separate scenes are highlighted with an introduction and optional audio commentary from director Rich Moore.
  • Video Game Commercials – Viewers can check out the commercials created for the video games featured in the film:  Fix-It Felix jr., Sugar Rush, Hero’s Duty and Fix-It Felix Hammer.
  • Paperman – This Academy Award nominee and Annie Award winning animated short film played in theaters along with Wreck-It Ralph.  First-time director John Kahrs showcases a minimalist black-and-white style with his story about a lonely young man in mid-century New York City who relies on his heart, imagination, a stack of papers–and a little luck–to change his destiny and win the girl of his dreams.
  • Disney Intermission:  The Gamer’s Guide to Wreck-It Ralph(exclusively on Blu-ray) When the film is paused, host Chris Hardwick appears on screen to guide viewers through a series of 10 video segments offering an inside look at the many video game references, Disney references and other hidden surprises featured in the film.

You can pre-order your copy of Wreck-It Ralph right now and have it when it is released on March 5, 2013!




Academy Award Winning Film, Undefeated

Success, Football and the American Dream.


Three of America’s favorite things are incorporated in the Academy Award Winning film, Undefeated!

No hope.  No future…Until a football season united a team and revealed the character that turned them into heroes.  Undefeated, an Academy Award winning documentary is the inspiring and moving tale of three underprivileged student-athletes from inner-city Memphis and their volunteer coach, Bill Courtney, trying to help them beat the odds on and off the field.


Special features for this film include:

  • Audio Commentary with directors Dan Lindsay and TJ Martin
  • Deleted Scenes
  • A Black and White Teaser Trailer
  • “The Making of Undefeated” Featurette.

From Anchor Bay Entertainment and The Weinstein Company, Undefeated is available now on Blu-ray and DVD!  So head out to the store and pick up a copy today!  On Blu-ray the price is $24.99 and on DVD the price is $19.98.


**I am purely sharing this with my readers.  I did not receive a copy of this movie or any compensation.