Bringing Home Baby and Playtex Drop-Ins Bottles GIVEAWAY!

Dr. Laura Jana, expert pediatrician and author of the book Heading Home with Your Newborn:  From Birth to Reality Second Edition, has many great tips to help ease new moms into parenthood and bringing home their newborn.

Some of her tips include:

  • Go with the flow with feedings…not all babies eat the same amount each day at the same time each day.
  • Babies, Bubbles, and Burping…colic, spit-up and gas are just a few of the issues new moms face.  Try burping your baby midway through a feeding, as well as at the end to help alleviate some of those issues.
  • Prevent Nipple Confusion…look for a bottle that has age appropriate flow and is designed to be more like the female breast.
  • Moms on the Go…if you are breastfeeding and no you will be on the go a lot whether you are going back to work or traveling, introduce the bottle early on to help with any issues that may arise.
  • Decrease Stress…ACCEPT ANY HELP OFFERED!  Sounds simple, huh?  Well also ASK for help as well!
  • Go Pro…There is no such thing as a stupid question!  Ask your pediatrician, lactation consultant or other health professionals ANYTHING!

Not too long ago, Playtex recently conducted a survey of new and expecting moms and partnered with Dr. Laura Jana to address their top concerns.  Their top concerns were:

New parents are filled with joy and excitement upon bringing home their newborn, yet this time can also be overwhelming. To help understand common issues, concerns and misconceptions new moms face during this time, Playtex recently conducted a national survey of both new and expecting moms to see what was on their minds and partnered with Dr. Laura Jana to address these results.*
Key findings include: 
·        Establishing Healthy Routines: Among top concerns for new moms
Key worries for moms center on creating daily routines for their little ones – more than half of moms (57%) worry about establishing a healthy sleep routine, and nearly half (49%) are concerned about establishing a healthy feeding routine.
·        More specifically on feeding, moms also worry if their baby is getting enough to eat (26%), if they are latching on correctly (21%) and about general gas, colic and spit-up issues (20%)
·        Other primary concerns among moms include: making sure they have everything they need to properly care for their baby (57%), minimizing exposure to germs and viruses (52%) and not being able to comfort their baby/stop them from crying (45%)
·        Becoming an Expert on Baby: Moms worry about knowing everything
Those who worry about being an automatic expert can take comfort in the fact that while moms don’t always know everything right away, they still usually make the right choices for their baby.
o   Nine out of 10 moms  (90 percent) with infants say they know they’ll figure out what’s right for their new baby, even if they don’t always know exactly what to do
o   About three out of five expectant moms (59%) sometimes worry they won’t know exactly the right thing to do when caring for their new baby
§  Among first time expectant moms, seventy-one percent were concerned
·        Seeking Advice and Expertise: Moms look to grandma first
Two-thirds (67%) of moms cite their own mom as their main source of information during the first two weeks at home with their newborn
o   Other sources moms turn to most are pediatricians/childcare experts (64%) and other moms (49%)
o   60 percent of moms include websites as a source for information they will turn to most in the first few weeks; more than half include books or magazines (53%)
·        The Social Network: New moms like to share with their “friends”
Many new moms like to share information and updates regarding their baby through social
media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Skype, YouTube and personal blogs
o   Nearly one-third of expectant moms (32%) plan to share updates about her new baby using digital/social media before she heads home from the hospital
o   More than half (52%) of moms who have recently delivered say they shared their first baby news using digital media even before they brought their baby home
o   Within the first week of being home with their baby, 84 percent of moms surveyed will have used digital/social media to share updates about their new arrival.
o   More than two-thirds of moms (67%) say they share updates about their infant via social media and online apps at least once a week
§  Ninety-five percent of moms who use social media plan to share updates about their baby through Facebook (by far the most popular channel for sharing information)
For more information on bringing home your newborn and establishing healthy feeding routines please visit
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Playtex would like one of you to win some Playtex Drop-Ins Bottles!!!  Read below how you can win!

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This contest will run from today until  January 1st with the winner announced on January 2nd.  The winner will have 48 hrs to contact me with their shipping information or a new winner will be determined.

Thank you to Dr. Laura Jana for her tips that she provided.  A big thank you to Playtex for sponsoring this contest.  I was not given anything to do this post other than the opportunity to host a giveaway.

Shin Splints…No More!

I had a wake up call today that has finally made me get that urge to get in better shape.  I was laying next to my daughter in bed and she told me that she wants to have a squishy belly just like me.  Ugh.  I know.  I love that my daughter wants to be just like me, but my squishy belly?  So not something she should be striving for.  So before she could tell me she wanted my jiggly ass, I started to make a plan on how I can get into better shape.

We don’t have a gym membership, nor will we be getting one anytime soon.  Plus I have horrible knees that are about to dislocate at a moments notice.  So I am left with very few options of working out.  I have decided that walking is my best form, plus my overweight dog, who was told by the vet to shed a few pounds, could stand to walk a couple miles a day.  Not to mention, when my husband is traveling, I can walk on the treadmill  (if I choose too).

So I decided to get a pair of the Skechers Shape Ups .  I needed a new pair of workout shoes and those shoes are supposed to help tone your muscles.  Not really sure how.  They had a video going on in the store, but I had a 3 year old and a 5 year old with me.  Need I say more?

I took my dog for a walk when we got home, wearing the shoes for the first time and while it took a moment to get comfortable walking in them, I could not get over how much my knees did NOT hurt while walking!  This is a whole new walking experience for me.  We walked 2.1 miles (I drove the route after so I knew how much I walked) and I am not in pain!!

Clicker Training

So that’s the training we are doing with Zoe (the puppy). I take her to Petsmart for class every Saturday. It’s fun. I LOVE clicker training and highly recommend it to anyone. I also think it would work well for any age dog since most dogs like to eat and “loading the clicker” is how you begin the training.

Zoe picks things up pretty quickly. We have been working on “leave it” which has been a tad harder than the other commands. Not too long ago, Bella was eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and out of the corner of my eye, I saw Zoe jump up and steal half her sandwich. I yelled “leave it”. I was a bit late on saying leave it, however Zoe dropped the sandwich and stood there, with her body shaking, ready for me to say “OK take it”. So I was able to grab the sandwich and give it back to Bella. LOL just kidding. I took the sandwich, threw it away and made another one for her.

I’m just wondering now…if clicker training works with kids. I could get a ton of M&Ms and train them with the clicker. With the way my kids like M&Ms…I bet I could get some good results. I bet I could even make millions with a best selling book, Clicker Training for Kids…not just for the dog.



Is Your Bladder Weak?

It’s OK. I’ll admit it…I’ve peed my pants before. Did I do it on purpose? Of course not. Who pees their pants on purpose? And please, if you are into that and get off on peeing your pants for some sort of weird and twisted pleasure…just move on. This blog post will be of no help or interest to you!

But for those of you that have this problem, whether it is a new problem since having kids, or an older problem that you have dealt with by using a variety of products out there on the market, this post is for you! Tena, formally Serenity, teamed up with exercise expert Kari Bo to launch a revolutionary (and free!!!) pelvic health program called, Core Wellness. This revolutionary program involves the PELVICORE technique which is a quick and easy 20 minute routine that has been found to CURE bladder weakness in over 60% of women who have tried it! Not only has it been proven to cure bladder weakness, but it has also been shown to tone the tummy and improve posture. And one thing my mother has always told me, if you stand up straight and don’t slouch, you look thinner…so there’s another plus!

Watch this quick video about Core Wellness:

I leave you with some great tips from Tena:


Don’t Sweat It: More than 70% of mild bladder incontinence can be improved through simple muscle exercises that contract and relax the pelvic floor muscles. These exercises require minimal effort and can be done anywhere- in the office, on the subway or while at home watching TV – no gym clothes required.

Maintain a Normal Weight: Carrying excess weight increases the likelihood of weak pelvic floor muscles and can also worsen bladder weakness.

Let Someone Else Do the Heavy Lifting: Lifting heavy objects incorrectly can weaken your pelvic floor. Lift heavy objects safely by bending your knees and using your leg muscles.

The Pelvic Health Diet: Certain foods, such a tomato based and spicy foods, can irritate the bladder. Caffeine and alcoholic beverages also contribute to leakage, so stick to bladder-friendly liquids such as water, apple juice, grape juice and cranberry juice.

Don’t Let Bladder Weakness Hold You Back: Bladder weakness affects one out of four women. You are not alone in this condition and it doesn’t have to control your life. Pelvic floor exercises can greatly improve your pelvic health, but if you’re still hesitant to stray too far from a bathroom, consider a discreet liner or pad to help give you confidence through the day. Visit for more tips and to check out all your options.


Sign up for the Core Wellness program and get your free DVD!


Christmas Stockings

Kim over at What’s That Smell? had an interesting post about Christmas Stockings and the meanings behind them and certain items that are sometimes put in stockings. Go here to read that post.

Anyhoo, one of the things she had on there that I really liked was a little “recipe” for filling your stockings. The “recipe” went something like this:

  • Something to eat
  • Something to play with
  • Something to read
  • Something they need

Apparently, Victorian children hung their stockings on their bedposts and that is what they found in their stockings the next morning. I really really like it and I think I am going to add that to my list of things to do each year. I think it would be something neat that my kids can pass on to their kids and so on!

So with that being said, here is what is going in their stockings:

Something to eat: I got them large candy canes. Zachary told me that he wanted Santa Claus to bring him a large candy cane. Not the most nutritious thing, but it will do for this year.

Something to play: I got a huge huge pack of playdoh that I will be dividing up between the kids and putting one or two (maybe three lol) tubs in their stockings and saving the others for Easter baskets.

Something to read: Zachary had a book order that I just turned in and ordered them each two books (dollar books too! Gotta love that deal!

Something they need: I got Zachary a pack of boxer briefs and Bella a pack of cute undershirts.

Their stockings are full and I spent about 10 dollars (if that) per stocking!!!