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I still remember the day like it was yesterday.  I was in Mr. P’s class and I could not see the board.  I was terrified of telling my mom that I couldn’t see.  I was kind of shy and had a hard time making friends so the thought of adding eyeglasses to the mix terrified me.  Do you remember the kinds of glasses people wore in the 80’s?  My gosh those things were ugly.

But of course, like always, my little secret of not being able to see came out and my mom took me to the eye doctor.  I vaguely remember that appointment.  I swear there was something else in those eye drops they put in my eyes to dilate them.  But I somewhat recall a monkey on a shelf clapping cymbals together.  See?  There HAD to be something in those drops.  But the worst was when the doc said those 4 little words, “she needs prescription glasses“.

I thought I was going to have a heart attack.  My head went instinctively between my legs and I began breathing slowly into a paper bag.  Just kidding.  I mean I did freak out at the thought of having to wear glasses, but it really wasn’t that bad.  I tried on what seemed like millions of glasses when I finally settled on the most beautiful, 80’ish glasses I could find.  Thick, plastic, rose colored glasses!

Now a days you don’t even have to go into a store to try on glasses.  You can sit back with a bottle of wine, upload your picture, and “try” on all the glasses you want and even buy the glasses online!  The site, Glasses USA not only lets you try glasses on your very own picture, but they want you to take 10% off your next order by using the code “Mommy10” at

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Leave me a comment and tell me what kind of glasses you like!

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Are YOU Familiar with Boost Mobile?

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Boost Mobile. All opinions are 100% mine.

You should be!

Boost Mobile is a pay as you go mobile phone company.  You have the option to pay monthly or pay by the minute.  When you pay monthly, you simply Re-Boost your phone and you are good to go.  And what’s nice about their payment options is the fact that you can pay online using your debit or credit card, pay in person, or pay by phone.  If you are one of those people that would much rather have your payments taken out monthly, you have that option too!  For those people who have no idea what to get you for gifts, they can re-boost your phone for you!

Are you a social network guru?  Do you like to Twitter your way through your day?  Update your friends and family with facebook?  Well Boost Mobile has a few things that are right up your ally.  For just $60 a month, you can have unlimited phone, unlimited text, and unlimited web with the Boost Mobile Blackberry Curve!  You can’t beat that for a Blackberry!  Not only do you get the unlimited text, web, and phone, but you also get the option of these other features and making International calls to select International areas for just $10 a month!!

Interested in the Motorola i1 phone?  It’s the first nationwide Boost Mobile walkie-talkie powered by Android.  Some of the features you get with this phone are unlimited text, phone, walkie-talkie, 411, and more!

To get started you would need to purchase a Boost Mobile phone which you can do on their website or at any nationwide seller of Boost Mobile.  You can activate your Boost Mobile phone online by creating an account.  Once you have the account created you simply enter your SIM card number, pick your phone number (in some cases, you may be able to bring your old number over), choose your plan and you are ready to go!!

Want to customize your phone?  Go ahead!  You can purchase ring tones from the Boost Mobile site as well.  Check out their accessories while you’re at it.  Be sure to pick up a headset…a lot of states are going hands free with their cell phones.  I would hate for you to get a ticket.

Still unsure if Boost Mobile is the best pay as you go mobile for you?  Check out their comparison chart here to see for yourself!  I don’t know why I’m still paying for T-Mobile when I could be getting everything I have now, for a lot less!  Time to see if my contract is almost up!

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Off to Sign my Daughter up for Pole Dance Lessons

Just kidding.

I’m not signing Bella up, but I could if I lived in Canada.  That’s right.  Apparently in B.C. Canada, parents are very happily signing their daughters up for various pole dancing classes.  I’ll wait a minute while you let that sink in.

Tammy Morris, owner of Tantra Fitness where these pole dancing classes are at, is also a former exotic dance champion.  Morris has worked hard to try and change the image of pole dancing from something sexual to an image of intense exercise for your core.  Which I don’t doubt for one second that it is good exercise, but come on…for kids, tweens and teens?  No way in hell.

And how in the world can Ms. Morris claim there is nothing sexual about the pole or pole dancing classes with names like:

  • Bellylicious
  • Sexy Flexy
  • Pussycat Dawls
  • Promiscuous Girls

Sure they have age restrictions in place for the “Exotic Dance” and “Lap Dance” classes, but there is no way I would want to sign my daughter up for something like “Sexy Flexy” or “Promiscuous Girls”.  I can see it now, kids are going to be doing their fancy pole tricks on the playground and there will be an epidemic of kids spending all their lunch money dollars.

Morris has also been quoted to saying:

“Children have no (erotic) association with the pole whatsoever”

She goes on to argue that children see the same apparatus at a fire station.  Only problem with her logic here is, firemen don’t swing their legs around the pole in suggestive manners while sliding down the pole, nor do they try and flip their legs above their head on the pole.

Bottom line, these classes are so highly inappropriate for kids, teens and tweens.  Next thing you know, there will be a class called “Snail Trail”.

Made In America…The Way it Should Be

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Ramblers Way. All opinions are 100% mine.

In the past few years, I have tried to make it a point to purchase more items Made in America as opposed to somewhere outside the U.S.  I have been known to put things back on the shelf if it says “Made in China” on it.  With everything that has been in the news that past couple of years about products made in China, it has made me not want to buy anything (if I can help it) that has been made there.  Let’s face it, paint containing lead on toys that kids will most likely put in their mouth, is not a good thing.

I was just at Meijers last night picking up some groceries, one of the items being a bag of chips.  I had the store brand in my cart when I walked past the brand “Better Made” and say “Made in Michigan” written on the side of it.  I put back my cheaper store brand and bought the Better Made chips.  Might as well support the state I live in!  I think if we can all commit to doing little things like that, it will make a big difference.  Although,  I will admit that I have been known to pick up a few things here and there at a not so popular store when it comes to where they get their products.  But I feel OK knowing that the major bulk of my shopping each year is not there.

Just recently I had the pleasure of reading about Ramblers Way Farm.  This farm is a family business that creates soft worsted wool apparel 100% on American soil.  Here is a little about them from their website:

We grow Rambouillet wool on our own sheep farms in Maine and on ranches in Colorado, Montana, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, and Utah who partner with us to meet our customer standards for superfine softness and sustainable farming practices.
 We design, create, and manufacture next-to-skin worsted wool garments in our partners’ factories in the Carolinas and New England, by people whose families have been operating for generations. They share our high standards for quality and sustainability.

We live our values at work: creativity in what we do; continuous improvement; promoting sustainability, well-being, and enjoyment by bringing together our individual talents towards a common goal of customer satisfaction.

I encourage everyone to take a look at the products on their website.  Here are some facts about their products that may just make you go over there even quicker!

The 4 oz. jersey is our everyday, 4-season answer to a comfortable, itch-free base layer. It’s super-lightweight and thin enough to create bulk-free layering under any outfit yet it packs a punch in insulating and moisture-wicking performance. There are no dyes, chemicals, or stabilizers to hold on to odors–just pure, naturally resilient wool. We had the state-of-the-art Merrow Machine Company custom build sewing machines to meet our demand for a smooth, invisible, chafe-less seam. Our flat seams are different from the others you’ve seen: sleeker, tailored, more refined.

Superfine American Rambouillet 18.5 micron wool, for superior next-to-skin softness and comfort
Versatile indoor-outdoor garment, perfect for all occasions and activities!
Breathable fabric warms and cools effectively to maintain optimal personal comfort. Wear it throughout the year, in warm and cold weather.
Natural blonde color reflects the authentic, unspoiled color of our superfine wool
Repels moisture and odors through natural wool fiber. Go days without washing, dries quickly, and stay warm even when wet
Machine-washable and dryable, through a natural enzyme, to resist shrinkage and keep its shape
Chemical-free, includes no harsh treatments, bleaches, chemicals, or dyes.Won’t irritate skin.
Sustainably farmed and produced in America, with low environmental impact, humane treatment of livestock, and to benefit American farmers and workers.

I will leave you with one last thought about Ramblers Way and the impact we can make by supporting companies like this.  Aside from using all products made on American soil, the people at Ramblers Way have made it a point to bring their manufacturing facilities into small towns that are hurting in these tough times to help revitalize those towns.  I know I want to support companies like Ramblers Way.  How about you?

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Do You Buy Generic?

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of PBM Products. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’m a stay at home mom so part of my job of staying home is to make sure I save us as much money as possible.  In this day and age, it’s not always easy, but there are some definite things I can do.  One of those things is to buy generic whenever possible.  I am very picky when it comes to taste, but aside from peanut butter, everything else generic tastes the same to me.  This article 10 Products to Always Buy Generic is a really good read for those of you looking at ways you can buy generic and save yourself some money.  I highly recommend trying out the savings calculator.  That $1.00 you save buying generic cereal may not seem like a lot, but it sure does add up!

When my son was born, I formula fed him and will admit that at first I thought I had to feed him Similac or Enfamil because it was the name brand and that meant it was better.  But then I started researching and read that the store brand formula was exactly the same as the name brands.  Which that makes sense.  I mean it’s all regulated by the FDA.  The FDA is not going to allow some sub-standard formula to be made and fed to babies.  Once realizing that, I switched him to the Walmart brand, paid $11 a can and saved a TON of money a month.

If you’re looking to cut some of your costs, consider buying generic for some of your items.  Keep a list of what the regular brand costs you versus the generic brand and see how much you are saving in a month!  Put that money aside for a fun day trip with your family or something you are saving up for.

Leave me a comment and tell me what generic items you’ve switched to that is really no different than the store brand when it comes to the way it works or tastes.

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