Thankful ABCs Printable

Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday. It’s a holiday to sit back with your friends and family, eat some good food and just enjoy each others company. There are no gifts or expectations, you just sit, eat and talk (and eat some more!). In our family, every other year, we have a HUGE Thanksgiving get together with over 70 people. It’s crazy loud; tables are everywhere; there is a ton of food, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. It’s just so much fun! Almost everyone has kids running around, often times sneaking cookies or other treats the parents don’t want them to eat before dinner is ready. This year, set the kids down with this Thankful ABCs FREE printable!

Thankful ABCs

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This Thankful ABCs printable is a perfect way to slow kids down and have them get a little creative and think about all the things they are thankful for! I don’t know about you, but as a mom, I would love to see exactly what my kids are thankful for. Bonus points to the kid who puts “mom” for M and “Leah” for L. That child will become my new favorite child for the day! Set one of these Thankful ABCs printables at each child’s seat with one of these Happy Thanksgiving Pencilsthankful abcs from Amazon! You get two dozen!

While you’re printing out this Thankful ABCs printable, be sure to check out my FREE Dear Santa printable. It’s perfect for helping your kids to narrow down their wish list and really think about the things they are asking for! And you know as well as I do, the kids will be making those Christmas wish lists shortly after Thanksgiving! That Toys R US catalog comes out and the kids go crazy!

If you were filling out the Thankful ABCs printable, what are some of the things you would put on there?

Dear Santa Free Printable

Can you believe that Christmas is right around the corner? My kids, like most kids, are already starting to talk about what they want for Christmas. I know they are getting older, so obviously their wants are getting bigger (and more expensive), but this year we have decided to rein them in a bit and sort of guide their “wants” with this Dear Santa free printable. This way they are writing down things they want, but also thinking about things they need to. After adopting a 16 year old girl for Christmas and seeing things like a winter jacket, boots and clothing items on her Christmas list, it really got me thinking about my own kids Christmas lists. I don’t want to take away the magic and fun of Christmas, but I think with this Dear Santa free printable, kids can ask for the things they really want and also think about things they need too.

Free Dear Santa Printable

dear santa

What I like most about this free printable is it gets kids to really think about what they are asking. With my middle school son, he’s always asking for shoes or name brand clothes that are outside of the budget we set for things like that. Sometimes, when he’s asking for a particular pair of shoes of maybe a sweatshirt that is outside of that budget we set, we tell him “make sure you put it on your list for Christmas“. It’s not that we don’t want to get him (or our daughter) the shoes they would like, but by redirecting them to consider asking for it for Christmas, it allows us to really see if they truly want it or do they want it because it’s the cool thing at that moment. More times than not, they don’t really want those shoes…they just think they do because some kids at school have them and they are “cool”!

And please, don’t think that by giving this Dear Santa free printable to your kids that you are only getting them five presents! You’re mom and dad, get them as many presents as you would like. This just helps narrow down their thinking and really allows them to think through what they are asking! For instance, for the past couple years, my daughter has asked for some old school TV series on DVD. One year we got her the Full Housedear santa complete series (which, if you are thinking about it, this is amazing price for it right now). Another year we got her the complete series for Boy Meets Worlddear santa (again, this is another amazing price). So, continuing with tradition of introducing her to the amazing TV we had in the 80’s and 90’s, I’m thinking about getting her the complete series for Saved By the Bell or maybe even Family Tiesdear santa!

Please feel free to print the free Dear Santa printable! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

Print the Dear Santa FREE Printable HERE!

Party Planning Printable

Once I started having kids, I began to really love party planning. I would start planning their birthday parties months in advance so I could figure every single little detail. For my sons first birthday, I knew I wanted to have an Elmo themed party. He was obsessed with Elmo at the time, so it seemed like the perfect theme for a first birthday party. For my daughter, it was only a given that I did a princess themed party. She was the first daughter and first granddaughter. It’s a good thing I picked that theme because my little princess now hates everything pink or anything that has to do with princesses!

One of the most important things I’ve found when party planning is to write things down. I’d love to say I have a great memory, but I’m so busy all the time that I tend to forget  things. So I write it down. However, if you are like me, you then end up with a bunch of scrap papers with details written down. See where this is going? You are back to forgetting because you’ve lost the little scrap pieces of paper!

Until now!

Party Planning Printable

For all you wonderful people that like to plan parties like I do, I’ve created this free party planning printable! Print it out and start planning away!

party planning

Print your FREE Party Planning Printable HERE!

Like this printable? Then be sure to check out some of my other FREE printables! Enjoy! I hope you find this printable as useful as I do! Please leave me a comment and tell me about your favorite party you planned! I have my husbands 40th birthday coming up and, if possible, I’d love to plan an epic party for him! That and decorate the outside of our house all obnoxious like with 40 flamingos, a sign on the garage, etc!

Homework Daily Planner Printable

With a son in middle school, I think I spent the entire year, last year, trying to get him to write down his assignments and not try to rely on his memory. The school gives the kids an assignment book, but he never used it. I don’t think he liked pulling the actual book out. So I vowed that this year I was not going to hound him to write in something that he wasn’t ever planning on writing in. Plus, the teachers don’t force or teach them to write in them, so it was really just a waste of time for me to hound him. Instead, I created the free homework daily planner printable below.

homework daily planner

Download the FREE Homework Daily Planner HERE

With this sheet, my son can punch holes in the side and put it in the front of his zippered binder. This way, as he’s putting his homework and/or notes away, he can quickly write down the assignment and be on his way! We are just finishing up our first week of school and I am optimistic that this homework daily planner printable will help my son stay on track and allow me to NOT hound him all year long!

Oh and by the way, this is the zippered binderhomework daily planner my son has. It is really nice and since they are not allowed to carry backpacks around school, this zippered binder allows him to keep all of his things contained. I highly recommend it!!

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Please…leave a comment with a tip to surviving the middle school years! These are some CRAZY years we’ve started! I look forward to your tips!

Substitute Teacher Printable

When I graduated college with my teaching certificate, so did about a billion other people. Our state was severely over saturated with teachers looking for jobs. A few jobs I applied for, I was one of 3000 that applied for that one particular job. If I wanted a teaching job, I needed to move somewhere like Arizona or Texas. Both of those states were looking for teachers, and my teaching certificate from Michigan was valid in both of those states. However, I was married and my husband had a job here. Moving across the country was not an option. So I did what a lot of newly graduated teachers did…I became a substitute teacher!

To be honest, I loved substitute teaching. I’ve often thought about doing it again. My favorite, believe it or not, was lower elementary and middle school. I know…it probably seems strange that I like the really little kids and the tween/teenagers. Those ages were always just so much fun! I did a long term substitute teacher position in a 6th and 7th grade English class and that was a lot of fun. Listening to their viewpoints on the books they were assigned to read was something I really enjoyed! However, there were those times that I absolutely DREADED my sub job and couldn’t wait until that last bell rang.

Substitute Teacher Printable

One of the things I didn’t enjoy doing, as much, was writing the note to the teacher about the day. I always felt like I didn’t know what to say. Having a form to fill out would have been much easier, plus teachers are busy in the morning. They don’t have time to sit and read a long letter. Having something simple and to the point to read is better. That’s why I put together this free substitute teacher printable!

substitute teacher

Print Your FREE Substitute Teacher Printable HERE

So, just print one of these free substitute teacher printables off before each sub job and quickly fill it out at the end of the day! Makes your job easier and give the classroom teacher all the information they want in a very to the point way!