Birthday Parties at Zap Zone!

*I received the birthday party for the purpose of this post. All opinions and stories are 100% my own. Naturally*

This past weekend, we celebrated Bella’s 9th birthday with her friends. NINE! I can’t believe my baby is nine years old. It’s so crazy to me. I know it’s cliché and all, but I can totally remember the day both kids were babies and it surely doesn’t seem that long ago! At any rate, Bella was turning nine years old and she really wanted to have a party at Zap Zone. She absolutely loves it there…shoot…who am I kidding, I love Zap Zone too! I’ve been going there since I was a kid!


 As soon as we arrived, we were greeted by our party coordinator. She was great! She took us to our party room, explained everything that was going to go on during the party and was always there to corral the kids! Before the guests arrived, I purchased a token package for the kids to each have 20 tokens. I decided that this would be their goody bag! I highly recommend taken advantage of this package for birthday parties! For 10 kids, it works out to $4 a kid. Can’t beat that and the kids went absolutely crazy when I told them I was giving them tokens to play the games. When I told them they got 20 tokens, their heads almost exploded!


Glo-Golf with a bunch of nine year old children is like playing putt-putt with 10 Happy Gilmore’s! When we got to the hole where you have to hit it through something and then it came out the other end, it reminded me of the windmill scene in the movie! Golf balls were flying everywhere, kids were getting frustrated because what was supposed to happen wasn’t happening, and I have to say, I was laughing like crazy!

After Glo-Golf, the kids ate pizza and we did cake and presents. Bella wanted a Frankenstein cake…I think I found her a pretty good Frankenstein cake!


The second half of the party was spent going on the bumper cars and playing the arcade games. The kids were laughing so hard and having an absolutely blast!

About Zap Zone

Zap Zone is Michigans premier spot for laser tag, glo-golf, mini-bowling, arcade action, go-karts, and much, much more! We are located all across Michigan in convenient locations! Farmington, Canton, Utica, Lansing, Taylor, Brighton, Waterford, Ann arbor!

Whatever the occasion – whether it’s for the kids, families or adults – Zap Zone delivers unsurpassed excitement and the most exhilarating, action packed, heart stopping unforgettable adventure you’ve ever imagined!

At our location, we have the following attractions (attractions may vary from location to location):

  • Laser Tag
  • Glo-Golf
  • Arcade
  • Bumper Cars
  • Cannon Blaster

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Planning a Date Night in Downtown Detroit

What is your ideal date night? Do you got out to dinner and a movie or bowling? Is it something you do weekly or once a month? A date night is a great way for a husband and wife to reconnect with one another. We sometimes get so stuck in our routines with the kids and their activities that date nights either no longer happen or we fall into the traditional dinner and a movie. Let’s face it…a dinner out without the kids bickering or asking for a phone to play is a welcomed thing, but we need to spice it up. See new things and new places…like downtown Detroit!

Living 30 minutes outside of Detroit gives us a whole slew of amazing things we could do on a date night. After spending the afternoon on Google and checking out all the different things we could do in downtown Detroit, I’ve come up with a list of things I would like to do on our next date day. Notice I said “day”…I want an entire day…not just a night or an afternoon. There’s too much to do! Here’s what I would like to do…

*This post is a partnered post. All opinions and stories are my own. 


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The Eastern Market

If you are a people watcher, then this is the place for you! During peak months, The Eastern Market is filled with over 150 vendors. There you will find a diversity of foods, arts, clothing and other items. I’ve been to The Eastern Market once before and really enjoyed it. The food was absolutely delicious and we went home with a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables for a really good price!

Detroit Water Ice Factory

Friends of mine have been talking about this place all summer long. I’ve been dying to go! Water Ice is similar to Italian Ice, but it has a slightly different consistency and different flavors. I personally want to try Stafford’s Strawberry Lemon! Detroit Water Ice Factory was opened by the author Mitch Albom and it is partnered with Albom’s S.A.Y. Detroit family of charities, the Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries, Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit, Bedrock Real Estate Services, and Meridian Health. The nice thing about the Detroit Water Ice Factory, besides the water ice,  is that 100% of the profits go to help the needy people of Detroit.

Belle Isle

I haven’t been to Belle Isle since I was a kid! Belle Isle is Michigan’s 102nd state park! The park has a nature zoo, conservatory, golf practice facility, maritime museum, an aquarium, picnic areas and so much more! I would love to go, walk around and just relax while taking in the Detroit and Windsor skyline!

Taqo Detroit

For dinner, I am dying to try Taqo Detroit, an authentic Mexican restaurant. Apparently this restaurant is pretty delicious! If you’re a Tequila drinker, this is where you need to go! They offer over 200 different varieties of Tequila! Not to mention, if you are a money saver like I am, Groupon has a great deal…$18 for $30 worth of food! Can’t beat that!

Greektown Casino or Motor City Casino

To end our evening out, I would like to go to either the Greektown Casino or Motor City Casino. I’m not a huge gambler, but there is something oddly thrilling about the slot machines. I’ve never done it before, but I’d also like to try Blackjack!

So there you have it…there are a few things I would like to do on my date day in downtown Detroit. There is really so many other things that Detroit offers…I could plan SEVERAL date days and still not see it all! Before you head out, be sure to check Groupon for deals!!


How to Make a Road Trip a Success with Kids

One of the worst things for parents to deal with is road trips with their kids screaming their heads off the entire time. My husband and I must be lucky people because our kids, for the most part, have always been great in the car. No screaming, very little fighting (they are siblings, after all) and they have never puked in the car. We did have a potty accident a couple times, but that was not that big of a deal. Instead, our kids always managed to keep each other occupied with things they brought in the car and different games they played together. One of their favorite was Travel Bingo!

*This is a partnered post. This post many contain Amazon Affiliate Links. All opinions are solely my own*

The best thing you can do, when you are going on a road trip, is make sure your kids have things to occupy them. I don’t know about you, but while I really didn’t like listening to Raffi, we did because the kids liked it and it made them happy. Happy kids equals happy parents! While toys, books, movies, etc will keep your kids occupied, you also need to have snacks. We’ve tried little individual bags or baggies of snacks, but those always seemed to make a huge mess. That’s when we though of their own little snap lid storage container!


The snap lids are easy enough for kids to take off, but if they can’t, then you can unsnap it for them and hand it to them. You can get containers that have different compartments, but we liked this one with the two compartments because we can put fruit on one side and pretzels or fish crackers on the other side! Sure spills can still happen, but we found that when our children were younger, spills happened far less often with a container like this than with baggies.


Besides having snacks and activities to keep your children occupied, you also have to have the right car. Let’s face it…when we test drive a car, we sit in the front seat. As a result, we have no idea what the backseat is like for the kids. Do they have enough leg room? Believe me, if they don’t, they will repeatedly kick the back of your seat the entire road trip. I’ve been there, done that! As I was looking at the East Hills Chevrolet of Roslyn webpage, I couldn’t help but drool over the awesome 2015 Camaro, but as pretty as that car is, that would NOT be kid friendly. I would have to imagine if my 6’2″ husband got in that car, he’d have to have the seat ALL the way back. No room for kids. So while that car is out, for at least the next 10 years, I did notice that under the New Car Specials, they had some really great deals! For instance, a Chevy Equinox LT for just $79 a month! Say what?!?

What are your tips for a successful road trip?

Birthday Parties with Zap Zone!!

Bella’s birthday is coming up. We’ve been tossing around ideas of good places to have a friend party. She wanted to do a sleepover birthday party at a hotel…she’s turning 9. Do kids do hotel birthday parties still?? I know it was a thing when I was in middle school. After telling her that I don’t know that her friends parents would be OK with a hotel party, we started thinking about all the places around us. Then we came up with Zap Zone, one of our favorite places to go!

Did you know…

Zap Zone is Michigan’s premier spot for laser tag, glo-golfing, mini-bowling, arcade action, go-karts, and so much, much more! We are located all across Michigan in convenient locations! Farmington, Canton, Utica, Lansing, Taylor, Brighton, Waterford, and Ann Arbor!

Whatever the occasion – whether it’s for the kids, families or adults – Zap Zone delivers unsurpassed excitement and the most exhilarating, action packed, heart stopping unforgettable adventure you’ve ever imagined!


We have been to Zap Zone so many times! My kids love everything there! I really like the arcade! When I was in high school, I have fond memories of going to Zap Zone with my friends and taking glow in the dark lipstick and putting it on my eyes and lips! That was fun!

Right now my readers get to enjoy extra savings! Save $2 off any regular priced attraction! Please note that attractions vary by store (laser tag, bumper cars, jump zone, cannon blaster, glo-golf, mini-bowling, go-karts, time freak, spin zone and slime bucket). Print your coupon here!

Michigan Renaissance Festival 2015

This past weekend, my family and I were given tickets to attend the Michigan Renaissance Festival. I hadn’t been to the festival since I was probably the same age my kids are now (8 and 11). The second we pulled into the parking, the kids were beside themselves with excitement. A lot of people that went to the show dressed up. Zack and Bella have already declared that wen we go back to the Renaissance Festival next year, they are going to dress up. Bella wants to be a female viking!


I received tickets to the Michigan Renaissance Festival for the purpose of this post. All opinions are 100% my own, naturally. This post may contain affiliate links.

One of the things I noticed RIGHT AWAY was how different the festival was from the last time I was there. It was so small when I went as a child. However, the festival now is huge! There are a lot of shops to pick up a wide variety of things from period costumes to swords (which my son was really taken with). They also had a lot of food, especially the ginormous turkey legs that the kids just had to have!

PicMonkey Collage

The turkey legs were as good as they looked! Neither kid was able to finish it!

About the Renaissance Festival

Take a time-travel adventure into the 16th century at the 37th annual Michigan Renaissance Festival! Join our Queen Elizabeth in a jubilee! Inside our turreted gates, visitors enjoy the sights and sounds of a 17-acre village, complete with building reproductions of Renaissance shops, taverns and a magnificent castle. Continuous entertainment takes place on the streets and on 17 themed stages; featuring full-contact armored jousting, comedy and theater shows, music, games, people-powered rides and so much more! Fabulous food and more than 300 artisans displaying their gallery-quality works complete the experience! Join us weekends and Labor day August 22nd thru October 4th! Plus Festival Friday on October 2nd.

There truly is something for everyone at the Renaissance Festival. Zack really enjoyed watching the jousting. I have to admit, that was my favorite part too!


Bella, on the other hand, really enjoyed getting a chance to learn how to use a real whip. For those of you that know my daughter, this probably doesn’t come as a surprise. There is very little this child wouldn’t try at least once!

Each weekend has a theme. This particular weekend was called the “Highland Fling”. There was a bagpipe group their called Tartanic. They were phenomenal. I highly recommend you check them out and if the happen to be in your area, go see their show. It was really good.

All in all, I highly recommend the Renaissance Festival! Like I said at the beginning, the kids hadn’t even walked through the gates before announcing they wanted to come back next year! Definitely check out the website, look at the different theme weeks and see which theme interests you most! Oh and…dress up! You don’t have to, but the people that did really looked like they had a blast!

Oh before I forget!!!

My readers save $3 Off Gate Admission! With this Coupon, receive $3 off an Adult Admission or a FREE child ticket with the purchase of an Adult Ticket. Not Valid with any other offers. August 22nd thru October 4th, 10am – 7pm, Rain or Shine! FREE Parking