Keto Diet Plan – Taking Charge of My Health

On January 23, 2016, I decided that I was done being fat. I had gotten comfortable. I knew my husband loved me for me and didn’t care one bit about my size. While that is a great feeling to have and not have to worry about what the one person I care what they think, thinks about me, it led me to just give up and not care about my own health and well being. Maybe not intentionally, but that’s what happened. A friend of mine (shout-out to Summer at The Dirty Floor Diaries) had been talking about the Keto Diet Plan for quite some time…I finally decided to give it a try. Rather than do it by myself, I talked my husband into giving the diet a try with me. Strength in numbers and all. What has happened over the last 4+ months has been amazing.

keto diet plan

After having my kids, and over the next several years, I hit my highest weight ever. I also was diagnosed Type 2 Diabetic. It was a real game changer when my doctor told me I as diabetic. Shit was getting real, as they say. I had just turned 30 years old. I wish I could say that I handled the news well those first few weeks, but I didn’t. I cried. I cried about the thought of having to give up all the food I liked. I cried because I thought something was going to happen to my feet (Google told me so). I cried because I didn’t want to put in the work that I needed to with this new diagnosis. And then I woke up. I went to a nutritionist. I learned how to eat so that my sugar would stop spiking and my body would start producing and using the correct amount of insulin. In like 9 or 10 months, I lost 50 lbs. I felt amazing! The best part is, after losing that weight and eating like the nutritionist told me, I haven’t tested Type 2 Diabetic since. I had completely reversed things on my own. But then the weight started creeping back up. I started to eat poorly again. While I was still able to stay out of the diabetic range on all my blood tests, I was not eating healthy at all. For the most part, I was a carbaholic. I ate all the things I knew I shouldn’t eat. And then I became fat again. I stayed that way for years.

Shortly after this last Christmas, I saw a picture of myself. I was mortified. I thought I looked good…but I didn’t. I was one of those, “well…at least she has a pretty face”. You know, the phrase every fat girl hates to hear. I started messaging Summer on Facebook and asking more questions about the Keto Diet Plan and finally on January 23, 2016, I was ready to jump in and give it a try.

This is a picture of me at my heaviest weight. To be honest, looking at it is really difficult.

keto diet plan

What is the Keto Diet Plan?

Basically, it’s a diet where you eat high fat, moderate protein, and very low-carb. Your body stops using carbs to fuel it and switches to fat. In doing this, you start burning your fat stores. The weight starts melting off! I use My Fitness Pal to track everything. I pay for the premium service because I want my macros to be exact. A few sites I recommend checking out for more information and to figure out what your macros are…

So…I bet you are wondering how much weight I’ve lost…

As of today, I am down just over 57 lbs!! I look and feel amazing. I am down four pant sizes and five shirt sizes! Shopping is fun again! It’s so nice to be able to try anything and everything on at pretty much ANY store! The other day I was shopping for dresses for a wedding I have in July. You can see the progress I’ve made…

keto diet plan

Don’t mind the crazy tan lines! We had my daughters soccer tournament all weekend long! Never in a million years would I ever try a dress on like this OR even consider getting it. I felt comfortable in the dress and I think I look pretty good!

Is the Keto Diet Plan Right for You?

My advice…do your research. Know what you are getting yourself into. I will tell you, it’s not as hard as it seems. Give yourself a couple weeks to get used to it. When you get into Dietary Ketosis (do NOT confuse this with Ketoacidosis…they are not the same thing), you will go through something referred to as the “Keto Flu”. Power through. Once in Ketosis…stay in it. You can check whether you are in Ketosis by using these Ketone Test Stripsketo diet plan I picked up on Amazon.

If you have any questions about the Keto Diet Plan, please don’t hesitate to ask! I will gladly help you!

Working Out with the Fitbit Charge HR

This winter, I really slacked off at the gym. I just didn’t make it a priority and I didn’t really feel motivated to go. That all changed when I learned about the Fitbit Charge HR. When the Fitbit Flex came out, I got one. I loved it, but there were several things I didn’t like about it. I didn’t like that since they tell you to wear it on your non-dominate hand, it made it difficult to wear a watch. I also didn’t like the clasp. I was always paranoid that it would fall off. And then…I learned about the Fitbit Charge HR.

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For Mother’s Day, my husband and kids got me the Fitbit Charge HR. If you have’t seen it yet, this is what it looks like:


Why I Like Mine

First off, it’s pretty! I love the plum color. But what I like the most is the fact that all I need to do is tap it twice and it tells me what time it is! A few other features:

  • Counts your steps
  • Monitors your heart rate
  • Tells you how many miles you’ve walked
  • The calories you’ve burned throughout the day
  • How many flights you’ve climbed
  • Monitors your sleep activity
  • Caller ID

There are other features, but that’s the gist of it! But what I really like is that it motivates me to get more steps than I did the day before. I may or may not be known to run in place at night while I watch T.V. just so I get more steps! With the Fitbit products, you have the ability to connect with your friends that also have a Fitbit and basically keep each other motivate and try to walk more steps than your friends!!

Buy your Fitbit Charge HR HERE!

Real Life Paleo and My New Lifestyle Plan

A couple years ago, I learned about the Paleo diet. My husband and I gave it a try and I really liked it. I couldn’t believe how much better I felt everyday, especially after eating a meal. I was no longer feeling bloated after dinner. One of my favorite recipes I used to make ALL of the time was Cauliflower Rice.

Paleo Recipe

Doesn’t it look good?!? Following the Paleo Diet was great, however it didn’t last for me. I got lazy and started eating whatever I wanted and feeling bloated after each meal. I tried getting serious and doing Weight Watchers with my husband, but lets face it, I can’t stand logging my food on my phone.

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The other day, my friend Summer from The Dirty Floor Diaries, was talking about a new book called Real Life Paleo. This book is full of recipes that are easy to make for things that you need daily like ketchup, for example.


The number one thing I like about this book over ANY other book I’ve ever read on various diet plans is that this book makes lists. It not only tells you what foods to buy, but one list, in particular, shows something you normally would eat and then it shows what would be a better option and then what would be the best option. For people like me that may not always be able to go for the best, I like that I can have an option that is doable for me. My other favorite part about this book is that it gives me a list of things to buy at stores near me like Trader Joes or Costco. Those are the things I need to be successful!

I just got this book this past weekend, but I’m telling you, just two days following along and I feel GREAT. It really is a lifestyle plan that you notice results immediately. And for me, I need to see immediate results or I give up and take, what I consider, the easy route…but I don’t want the easy route anymore. I want good food for me, my body and my family.

Have you tried the Paleo Diet before?

My Weight Loss Secrets

A few months ago, my husband and I decided to try Weight Watchers together. I personally never really cared for that diet plan…I’m sorry, that “lifestyle change”, but my husband has always been successful with Weight Watchers so I decided to be the supportive wife and do the diet with him. I have to say, I really do like it this time around. I like that I can log everything on my phone…so convenient! But most of all, I like that I can pretty much each fruit and it doesn’t cost me any points. Before, when fruit did cost me points, I never wanted to eat that…I mean, when you can spend 5 points on ice cream or fruit, I chose the ice cream all the time.


While I would love to look like the picture above again (I was a junior in high school), after having two kids, there are just somethings that will not go back to the way they were…and I’m OK with that. My goal now is to be healthy. Overall, I would like to lose about 85 lbs…currently, I’ve lost 12 lbs! My husband, on the other hand, has lost 30 lbs! As much as I am happy for him, I find it very annoying that he’s lost almost double what I have!

I can’t attribute all of my weight loss to Weight Watchers. I follow my plan, most of the time, but the one thing I do ALL of the time is drink water with Young Living Grapefruit essential oil and Young Living Tangerine essential oil.


Why Grapefruit and Tangerine Essential Oil?

Both grapefruit and tangerine oil is high in d-limonene. This is significant because d-limonene helps with the following:

  • Digestion
  • Metabolism
  • Detoxification

D-limonene is contained in the peels of citrus fruits. There are many documented studies that state that d-limonene protects against many types of Cancers. I like that possible added benefit!

How I Use the Oil

You must use a glass bottle with citrus oils because there are compounds in citrus oils that will dissolve the plastic bottle. The next thing I do is fill my bottle with the desired amount of ice. Before adding the water, I add 3 drops of grapefruit oil and 3 drops of tangerine oil. This way, when I add the water, it begins mixing the oil for me! I do this a couple times a day.

Besides the digestion, metabolism and detoxification benefits, I’m also noticing that I am drinking much less pop! My goal, besides the weight loss, is to not drink pop at all. I’m slowly getting there!

If you would like more information on Young Living essential oils, please ask! I’d love to talk to you more about it!


How to Make Citrus Fresh Body Butter – Young Living Oils

I’ve told you before how much I love my Young Living Essential Oils. We’ve used them to help keep us healthy, help with my occasional anxiety or my sons focusing and now I am using my oils to help with my weight loss efforts. I chose to use Citrus Fresh to help aid me in my weight loss efforts because the Young Living Citrus Fresh Oil is high in d-Limonene. After a little research, I found out that d-Limonene is a great “fat cleaner” for our body.

I started out just rubbing the oil on my stomach. That was great and it worked well for me, except for the fact that I felt like I was using too much oil. So then I got this great idea to use coconut oil with a couple drops of the Citrus Fresh oil and rub that on me. I’ve never used coconut oil before, so I was not ready for it to liquefy so quickly in my hand. If you could have seen what I looked like last night…but boy was my skin soft this morning!

A friend of mine told me that if I put coconut oil in a bowl and whip it with my hand mixer, it would make a creamy consistency that would be much easier to rub on me. Here’s how I made my body butter:

Citrus Fresh Body Butter


  • 2/3 cup cold pressed Organic Coconut Oil
  • 30 drops of Young Living Citrus Fresh oil


  1. Place the above two ingredients into a metal or glass bowl (do not use plastic).
  2. Using your hand mixer, mix on medium speed for about 4 minutes. You may need to stop and scrape everything to the middle again. But it is important to whip it for the 4 minutes.
  3. Once you have your Citrus Fresh Body Butter whipped to the consistency you like, place in a glass jar. I used an 8 oz canning jar.


You don’t have to keep the body butter in the refrigerator, but I chose to because my house gets off and on warm and I didn’t want to end up with a liquid body butter! Each day, either after your shower or before bed, rub a little Citrus Fresh Body Butter on your body. Allow the body butter to soak in a  bit before putting your clothes on.

citrus fresh body butter

If you would like to know more about Young Living Essential Oils or how to order your own bottle of Citrus Fresh, please contact me using the tab above. You can also visit this LINK and sign up as a wholesale distributor to receive your oils at a 24% discount.


 **Please note that citrus oils can cause sun sensitizing. Do not put this homemade body butter on if you will be spending a prolonged period in the sun. I typically will put it on at night, but also on places that don’t usually see the light of day! Do not put this on thinking you will tan faster, that is not how it works**