Walk a Mile…Barefoot

Could you do it?

I know I couldn’t.  While I like to be barefoot in my own home, I almost always have shoes on when I’m outside.  You never know what you might step on.  But what if I told you there are people who spend every second of their day, barefoot?  They walk to school barefoot, play outside barefoot…they do everything without shoes on.  I know I am forever telling my kids to put their shoes on while they are outside.  I can’t imagine if they had to walk to school without shoes each day.

My friend, Greg from Telling Dad has teamed up with Crocs to set up a wonderful fundraiser to help a Children’s Village in Malawi.  With your generous donations, Greg and his wife will be able to purchase enough Crocs sandals to send to everyone in the village.

givegetWhen you donate $50, enough to send three pairs of sandals, Greg and his wife will send you your very own flip flop necklace!  Perfect for summer!  So please consider donating.  Every little bit counts.

If you would like to donate, you can visit the GoFundMe page that has been set up for this cause.  You can donate via credit card right on the GoFundMe page.  If you would like to donate via PayPal, send your donation to FlipFlops@tellingdad.com or by clicking on the donate button below:


For more information about this cause and to see images of how Greg and his family has helped this village in the past, visit Telling Dad!  The smiles on these children’s faces will definitely warm your heart!


  1. Aww, sounds like a great cause 🙂

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