Losing it with Leah Week 2

I almost thought I was falling off the wagon this week.  But then I thought “how can I blog and tell everyone that I failed in week 2?”  So I stuck to it, and sort of hung on to the side of the wagon for a bit.  But hey…I stayed on!!

And it paid off!!!  I lost 1.4lbs this week!!

I had Taco Bell twice though.  However, I changed up my favorites there and got chicken taco’s instead of beef taco’s.  On Weight Watchers, that totally cuts my points…plus I tell them to put the Fresco stuff on the taco’s and it’s really good and refreshing!  So even though I ate Taco Bell, I stayed within my points and only dipped into my extra stash of weekly points by 2 points!  I just need to add in some exercise now.

The only bad part about losing 1.4lbs this week is the fact that my points got readjusted and I now only get 28 points a day instead of 31.

So now I’ve lost a total of 5.4lbs which leaves me with 94.6lbs to go.

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Losing it With Leah Week 1

I am happy to report that I lost exactly 4lbs my first week back on Weight Watchers!!!  I guess getting on the scale in front of my husband pays off!!

Now I will be honest, I didn’t stay completely away from pop and fast food like I said I would.  However, I counted every single point for the food and drinks I did consume, and only went over my Weight Watcher points by 2 points the entire week!  And guess what…like the commercials say…I never felt hungry either!

This week I would like to maintain my point counting as well as, add in a little exercise as well.  Now that it’s nice weather out again, the kids can be outside riding their bikes and I can take the dog for a walk.  I would eventually like to be able to do the P90X workout program my husband bought, but I think I need to get in a little bit better shape before I attempt that.

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4lbs down, 96lbs to go.  I can do this!

Losing it with Leah

I’ve done some crazy things in my lifetime…things that usually get me in trouble.  However, last night I did the CRAZIEST thing I have ever done and you know what?  I bet it is also the best thing I could have done.  So what did I do?

I got on the scale…IN FRONT OF MY HUSBAND!

I know.  I know.  Why in the hell did I do that?  For one simple reason.  I want to lose weight and I just don’t have the will power or motivation to stick to a freaking diet.  So if I humiliate myself by getting on the scale in front of the one person in this world that I care about what he thinks of me and how I look, then maybe that will be motivation for me to stick to the diet.  I surely don’t want to gain in front of him.  My starting weight was humiliating enough.

So now, every Sunday I will be weighing in with my husband present to witness my weight loss or weight gain and then I will blog about my week and what kinds of things I ate, any exercise I may have done, and how much I lost or gained.  So look for “Losing it with Leah Week 1” this coming Sunday!

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Good Luck!!

Photo taken from here with permission.

I think I’m Crazy

I have made a decision for me.  I am giving up all pop and fast food.  I’ve wanted to lose weight for quite some time now…haven’t really done much about it though.  I’ve made lots of excuses about my knees, which yes I have bad knees.  Yes they dislocate on me whenever they feel like it, but there was also that old guy on The Biggest Loser who had bad knees as well and look how well he has done.  So no more excuses.  I am taking the first step and that step for me is to give up pop and fast food.

I don’t need fast food.  Especially after reading this article about a year old Happy Meal.  I don’t think anyone will be eating fast food after reading this.  The only “fast food” I will be eating is Subway…lets face it, we all have moments when we just have to eat out…my “fast food” of choice will now be Subway.

The other thing I am giving up is pop.  I literally CRAVE pop.  Today was my first day not drinking any pop and let me tell you, it was pure hell.  We went to Coney Island with my mother in-law for lunch and I so badly wanted to order a pop.  But I didn’t.  I drank water.  But it was hard.  I love fountain pop.  Well…that is until this little article appeared in my facebook inbox.  I don’t think I will be drinking fountain pop again.  Blech.

Cutting Down on Chemicals in my House

I’ve posted about my son and his ADHD before.  I’ve recently been doing some reading on ways I can naturally help him (and the rest of us) with his ADHD.  Currently he is on medicine and while I don’t regret putting him on medicine, I feel that as we approach summer, now would be a good time to work on alternative ways to handle the ADHD.

Aside from some diet modifications, we are also really taking a look at the chemicals that we bring into our home.  When I was approached by the Ecostore to test out a couple of their products, the timing really couldn’t be any better!

I never really gave a thought to the cleaning products I use in my house…but if the things we eat (food dyes for example) can affect our mood, behavior, etc, then why can’t the things we inhale affect our mood and behavior?

I decided to try out two products.  An All Purpose cleaner and a toilet bowl cleaner.  Two things that I use a lot in my house and two things that I really need to work well.

I really liked the All Purpose cleaner.  My kitchen table is a tiled table with a wood border.  No matter what cleaner I use, the wood part always feels kind of sticky.  It drives me crazy.

The first thing I noticed about the All Purpose Cleaner is the fact that it really cleans the table well.  My kids had spilled sticky syrup all over the table and the All Purpose Cleaner cut through that stickiness without a problem!  The second thing I noticed, and the best thing I noticed, was the fact that the wood border on the table was not tacky feeling.  This is the first cleaner I have been able to use on my kitchen table that didn’t make it feel dirty, even when it was really clean!!  And finally, the third thing I noticed with the All Purpose Cleaner is the smell…it smelled pleasant, but didn’t have the underlying chemical smell that other cleaners have.

I don’t know about you, but I cannot stand a dirty toilet.  But what I can’t stand more than that is the smell of toilet bowl cleaners.  Whenever I clean the bathroom, I always feel like I am high after.  Sure you can buy floral scented toilet bowl cleaners, but it always has this strong chemical smell that about knocks you out if you sniff it long enough.

As for it’s cleaning power, I think it did very well.  It cleaned the bowl and kept it clean just like the other cleaners do…though I really don’t hold much stock in toilet bowl cleaners keeping toilets cleaned for long periods of time.  I mean…with all the crap (literally) that is in a toilet, so long as cleans when I use it…I’m happy!  And since this one doesn’t smell like toxic chemicals, it’s even better in my book!

Check out this short video from the Ecostore:

For those of you that live in the midwest and have a Meijer store near you…you’re in luck!  You can purchase these Ecostore products at you’re local Meijer!  For those of you that do not have a Meijer near you, head to their website and purchase there.  You get FREE shipping for any order over $25!!!