Moon Dough…the New Play Doh!

My kids have been BEGGING me to get Moon Dough since they saw the infomercial about it.  And let me tell you, my kids are hilarious after seeing an infomercial.  They remember all the tag lines and selling points and then come at me hard trying to convince me to buy whatever it is they think they “have to have” at that moment.

So imagine their surprise when we opened a box and in it was Moon Dough!  They were jumping up and down; screaming and yelling; you would have thought they just won a million dollars.  Nope.  Just Moon Dough!

I have to say, this stuff is pretty neat.  When I first opened the packages of dough I didn’t think it was going to do what it says it does.  It felt like sand and I truly did not think it would form into something and stay into that form.  But it does.  And my kids played for 2 hours straight with this stuff.

Now I have to admit.  I’m a Play Doh girl.  I like the way it feels.  I like the smell of it.  I like everything about it basically.  But I HATE how it dries out.  I hate how if it gets on your carpet you basically have to let it dry out and then scrub with a brush to get it up.  But Moon Dough is not like that.  It NEVER dries out.  And this is one time I can truly say never.  I left it in a pile on my kitchen table for 12 hours to test it and believe it or not, it didn’t dry out at all.  My kids were able to pick right back up where they left off.  Another thing I like is that it is hypo-allergenic and wheat free!

I won’t lie to you.  It makes a mess.  But honestly, no more of a mess than regular Play Doh makes.  Would I buy it?  Probably not.  But I don’t buy Play Doh either.  I let my kids play with that stuff at school and we do other things here…while I think Moon Dough is cool and would totally recommend it for schools, I personally don’t want the mess.

Thanks to Team Mom and Moon Dough for supplying me with the awesome farm theme package for this review.  All opinions are mine.

Music Boxes Make a Great Gift

How many times have you racked your brain trying to figure out a gift that would be meaningful, unique, and you just can’t come up with one?  I love giving gifts that I know will make the person happy and something they wouldn’t normally buy for themselves.  To me, those are the best kinds of gifts.

As a child, I wanted a music box more than anything.  I had my eyes on a pretty wooden music box that a store called Service Merchandise carried.  It was plain on the outside, but when you opened it up a beautiful ballerina sprang up and danced to the most calming music.  I never got that music box, but I’m hoping to someday get my daughter a music box that she will treasure and give to her daughter.

One thing I like about The Amazing Music Box Co. is the fact that ALL of their music boxes are handmade!!  Here’s a little about their company from their site:

Our music boxes are hand made by artisans from Sorrento, Italy. Each music box comes with a variety of colors, finishes, inlays, and sizes. Our melodies are Swiss-made Romance mechanical movements by Reuge. We also carry the Sankyo mechanical music movements from Japan. Our music boxes are highly personalized! Choose your favorite inlaid music box and select a sentimental melody. We will build it for you, and deliver it to you within a week (or even sooner, if you ask us).

Next time you need a baby gift or maybe even a wedding gift, check out The Amazing Music Box Co.  They have so many to choose from and how nice would it be to give such a unique gift to someone you love?

I was compensated for my time.  All opinions are 100% mine.

Wholesale Keychains Review

Do you have people on your holiday list that just seem impossible to buy for?Are you looking for a unique gift or stocking stuffer?

Well guess what! I have that unique gift situation solved! Not too long ago, I was approached by to do a review for them. They had me choose three keychains from a whole slew of keychains that they offer. Now I love keychains, the more unique, the better!

The keychains that I chose are:

After receiving the keychains, I tried each one out to make sure they did what they were supposed to do. The digital frame works great. I love that I can show people the latest pictures of my kids without having to add another thing to my purse. I just attached it to my keys and I always have pictures of my kids with me. I like this keychain so much, that I will be ordering them for a few birthday gifts coming up in 2010!

I personally think the USB flash drive keychain is great! I am forever losing those little flash drives. With it attached to my keys, I always know where it is and it makes printing pictures at CVS much easier. Plus my husband doesn’t get irritated with me when I tell him I’ve lost another one of those flash drives!!

And finally, the yo-yo keychain is a huge hit with my husband and son. It’s small so it makes it much easier for my 5 year old to get the hang of playing with a yo-yo, yet my husband is able to play with it as well. And trust me, it has come in handy while my husband sits outside dressing room doors waiting for me to try something on. He is kept occupied which means less complaining to me about leaving the store!!! Always a huge plus!

If you would like to purchase one of these keychains for yourself or someone you know, I have a 10% off coupon code that you can use at the check-out time to receive 10% off your purchase!!! Just enter the code GODDESS1.

Definitely check out the site. Another favorite keychain they offer is the super soaker keychain!! I could have a TON of fun with that one!

Please note that this review is solely the opinion of the blog owner. I am in no way responsible if you do not hold the same opinion of these products.


I am the PROUD owner of…

Just about the coolest boots in the world! Well to me anyway. Yesterday we spent a LOOOOOOONG family day at the mall. I got my haircut while Dan and the kids walked around waiting for me, anxiously awaiting a trip to see Santa.

After my haircut, we decided to get lunch at Max & Erma’s. We sit down and Dan pulls out…my very own pair of Croc boots!!!! I was so surprised! He bought me a GPS thing for my car and that was my Christmas present. But he knew how much I liked the Croc boots and decided to get me a pair. My toes love him! I’m not quite sure if I am supposed to wear socks with them or not. I did yesterday, but would love to be barefoot in them…though they have that liner in it and I don’t want stinky boots…oh well it doesn’t matter! Socks, no socks…I’m just so happy to be able to wear Crocs 365 days a year now!!!

Aren’t they cute??? They are oh so comfortable and come in a lot of great colors (though I don’t care for the black so much…which is the color I originally wanted). It just looks weird to me (no offense to anyone who bought black). Here is the best part…Dan got me a little camel thing to put on each boot up at the top! I collect camels. I can probably guarantee that NO ONE has boots like mine with the camel! (most people that bought these boots, bought this pretty flower to put on it).

Product Review…Bella Sara Cards and Site

I just spent, thanks to Team Mom, the past hour playing around on the Bella Sara website (you can go to the site here). I’ve never heard of Bella Sara, but then again my kids are only 2 and 4, but boy did I have fun on the site!

Bella Sara is a trading card game that has a very nice online world to go along with the cards. Basically, you purchase a pack of cards and on the bottom of each card is a code. You head to the Bella Sara website and enter the code and you unlock the horse that is on each card. As you unlock your horses, you also are given horseshoes (money) that you are able to buy new items.

You are responsible for taking care of each of your horses. That means, feeding them, cleaning out their stalls, brushing them, and making them happy. After doing all that, you can head on over to the arena and play some games. That is where I spent most of my time. I really liked the cloud jumping game!!

Here is the really cool part. On November 6th, Bella Sara will be unveiling Baby Bella cards! In the Baby Bella card packs you could find, parent cards, foal cards, teacher cards, shiny horse cards, and/or regular toy cards. If you are able to collect all the members of a horse family, you are able to earn special rewards online.

So be sure to head over to on November 6th. They will be unveiling Bella’s new baby and there will be a 10 day party with daily gifts for members of the site. The Baby Bella cards will retail for $2.99 each (stocking stuffer alert!!!) and can be purchased at Target, Kmart, Borders, Blockbuster, Barnes & Noble, Justice for Girls, Toys “R” Us, and Wal-Mart.

It’s nice to see a toy out there that has such a positive message for young girls. That was one of my favorite things about these cards (besides having the horse I always wanted and not having to smell poo!)…each card had a nice positive message.

Alrighty, now I am going to go play with my horses some more!