Critter Conga Toy Review

This is the greatest toy EVER! Thanks to Team Mom, I was sent this great NEW toy by the Parents line. My kids could barely sit still while I got the toy unwrapped. Here is a video I took of them rocking out:

Like I said, Critter Conga is the new toy by Parents. Not only can you purchase it at the Parents website, but also at Costco. So here are the cool things you get in your Critter Conga drum:

  • Leopard Conga Drum
  • Tambourine lid that my son is convinced came from Santa because it sounds like jingle bells.
  • Antelope Slide whistle
  • Bird whistle
  • Elephant whistle
  • Snake drumsticks
  • Giraffe maracas
  • Crocodile cabasa and clacker
  • A little drum on a stick with two beads attached to a string that when you spin it in your hand, the beads hit the drum (my daughter is playing with it in the video)…sorry I don’t know the real name for it HAHA!

Yes, this is a loud toy but…not only do kids have a blast playing it, they wear themselves out dancing around, and they are improving their motor skills as well! Here is a really cool thing about this toy…lets say you have a drum already but would like to purchase the maracas and the antelope slide whistle…all you have to do is go to Target. Each of the items that come in the Critter Conga is sold individually under the name Safari Song!

The only thing I may not like about this toy is the base of the drum…I know my kids and they get pretty rambunctious when they play. I could see one of them falling on it and I would be afraid it could break.

This is definitely a toy you should be putting on your holiday gift list! I am willing to bet they will love it!

The Secret Mountain Books and Music Review

I was so so so excited to get this package in the mail. From the moment my son was born, his love for both books and music was very obvious. I started to incorporate a lullaby CD into is bedtime routine. He is 4 years old now and he STILL goes to sleep with that CD. He absolutely loves the music. Well…as soon as I opened this package I received, he fell in love with a slew of new music.

In my package, I had three books from The Secret Mountain for children that each had their own CD of music that complemented the book beautifully. Not only did the CD complement the book, it also had the lyrics in the back of each book so you could sing along! A big plus in this house!

The books we received are Dream Songs Night Songs from Belgium to Brazil, Down at the Sea Hotel, and A Duck in New York City (our favorite!!). Each book has simple, yet very beautiful illustrations. If you ordered just one book from that site, I highly recommend A Duck in New York City. My son had me read it twice, he liked it so much.

From The Secret Mountain website:

The Secret Mountain is dedicated to the creation of children’s books, videos and audio recordings of the highest quality. Our main focus is to produce and publish stories and music that encompass the talents of songwriters, storytellers, singers, illustrators and animation artists alike.

If you like both books and music, these are the books for you. I think most of us are tired of reading the same things over and over again! Add something new to the bookshelf!

Book Review…Secret Keeper Girl series

Recently I was given the opportunity to do a book review for Dannah Gresh, author of the Secret Keeper Girl Series. The particular book I was given is called “Danika’s Totally Terrible Toss the Legend of the Purple Flurp“.

If you are not familiar with The Secret Keeper Girl series, then check out the website here. This particular series of books is for tween girls (between the ages of 10-13). I thought the book was cute. Definitely something I could see young girls enjoying.

One thing I really liked about the book, was the positive message it sent about friends and how it’s OK to leave a group of friends that are bringing you down in order to find yourself and spend time with people who are better for you.

In this day and age, it is very important that we let our children, both boys and girls, know how important it is to be true to yourself and when things that kids are reading reinforces that, it makes the message that we are trying to send, even stronger.

Jon & Kate Plus 8 are Sure Riding the Gravy Train

Now they are in Hawaii? Must be nice to have TLC foot the bill to send your entire family to Hawaii. Is it just my imagination or should the title of this show be “Jon & Kate Plus the Sextuplets”? The focus so much on those children and Kate seems to really try and bring all the attention to and about those sextuplets. It’s weird.

And don’t even get me started on Kate. I used to defend her and while yes I know I would be sucking my thumb, rocking in the corner if I had that many kid all the same age, but she is pushing her kids into this, not because she thinks it is a great opportunity for them, but because she thinks that she is owed that fame and fortune.

It’s getting rather disgusting. I find it rather weird that they don’t have any family members outside of their family of 10, around. But this may be why. I mean, for Pete’s sake, their family blog site url is Just weird.

Product Review…Bella Sara Cards and Site

I just spent, thanks to Team Mom, the past hour playing around on the Bella Sara website (you can go to the site here). I’ve never heard of Bella Sara, but then again my kids are only 2 and 4, but boy did I have fun on the site!

Bella Sara is a trading card game that has a very nice online world to go along with the cards. Basically, you purchase a pack of cards and on the bottom of each card is a code. You head to the Bella Sara website and enter the code and you unlock the horse that is on each card. As you unlock your horses, you also are given horseshoes (money) that you are able to buy new items.

You are responsible for taking care of each of your horses. That means, feeding them, cleaning out their stalls, brushing them, and making them happy. After doing all that, you can head on over to the arena and play some games. That is where I spent most of my time. I really liked the cloud jumping game!!

Here is the really cool part. On November 6th, Bella Sara will be unveiling Baby Bella cards! In the Baby Bella card packs you could find, parent cards, foal cards, teacher cards, shiny horse cards, and/or regular toy cards. If you are able to collect all the members of a horse family, you are able to earn special rewards online.

So be sure to head over to on November 6th. They will be unveiling Bella’s new baby and there will be a 10 day party with daily gifts for members of the site. The Baby Bella cards will retail for $2.99 each (stocking stuffer alert!!!) and can be purchased at Target, Kmart, Borders, Blockbuster, Barnes & Noble, Justice for Girls, Toys “R” Us, and Wal-Mart.

It’s nice to see a toy out there that has such a positive message for young girls. That was one of my favorite things about these cards (besides having the horse I always wanted and not having to smell poo!)…each card had a nice positive message.

Alrighty, now I am going to go play with my horses some more!