Permission Pads Review and Giveaway



I don’t know about you, but our mornings getting ready for school are hectic. I wish I could say that my kids are great about getting up and moving along, but they aren’t. So that leaves me having to constantly stand around and keep them moving. As a result, I often forget to write the note I need to send in.  Sure I can email the teacher, but what if they can’t check their email that day?  I can also call the office and have the office call the classroom, but then I am disrupting the entire class.

Permission Pads gets the issue and that’s why they came up with their genius product!



These wonderful pads literally allow you to just check a box of the permission you need to give the child for the day and sign your name! It literally takes less than 30 seconds to fill the permission form out and stick in your child’s backpack! There are a variety of different themes to choose from (I went with cats…love my cat) and you can customize it with your child’s name on top and a magnet so it can stick on the fridge, for the back!

Permission Pads also offers a great pad for teachers and one for babysitters. I also received the babysitter pad. We don’t have a sitter very often that is not family so sometimes it is difficult to remember what information I should leave for the sitter. The Babysitter Notes spells it all out for the sitter…where we will be, what the kids can eat, their bedtime, our cell numbers, etc!

School Fundraising Opportunity

Are you tired of selling pizza kits that end up sitting your freezer for years, only to be thrown away? Wouldn’t you rather do a fundraiser where the item is actually useful to you?

Permission Pads offers a great fundraising opportunity for schools! Here are a few facts as to why I think this is a great opportunity for schools:

  • You can choose the color you want (if you would like 2 colors, it’s an additional $0.20 per pad).
  • Add a graphic or school logo for FREE!!
  • Sell each pad for $5 (similar products on the market start at $7)
  • They give you a customized promotional flyer/order form.

Basically…all a school needs to do is get the color, graphic and school name to Permission Pads and they do the rest! To show you how much you would make if you sold the pads for $5, if you sold 250 pads, your school would make $687.50 profit!

That sure beats pizza kits and overpriced wrapping paper!

WIN Your Choice of Pads HERE!

Two lucky winners will win their choice of TWO Permission Pads of their choice. They also will have the option of having a magnet on the back or not.  U.S. only please.


Bring Elf Magic to your Home!



“Remember, Santa’s watching you and he doesn’t bring presents to kids who don’t listen”.

Yes…I will admit, I use that threat from about November 1st until December 24th.  When this whole Elf on a Shelf hoopla came about, I knew I had to have one of those.  I mean seriously, bring a Santa spy into the house to report back everything you do wrong.  Definitely! But it seemed like the entire Christmas season was spent catching the kids doing something bad and threatening them to behave, rather than celebrating the good things that they do.  I’ve said before, I think if we focus on the positive with kids, the negative behaviors that we don’t want to see, will disappear…or at least be a lot less.

A couple days ago, a suspicious package was left on our porch for my kids.  We opened them up to find that Santa has sent two special elves, Jared and Vanessa to bring a little Christmas cheer into our home.  The kids were VERY excited!  They had written Santa a letter asking him if he could please send an elf to their home this year!

It's a wonder I got this picture with the way they were wiggling around!

It’s a wonder I got this picture with the way they were wiggling around!

Elf Magic Tradition

Each little elf comes with a poem explaining why he or she is at your house, a tips sheet from Santa on how to care for your elf and little mini snowflakes that you are to dust your elf with every night to create Elf Magic while everyone is asleep!  Each night, before the kids go to bed, we will need to place our elves on the counter with a cracker and ice water.  You see, this nightly elf snack is a reminder of their home so they don’t get homesick.  The crunching of the cracker reminds them of the crunchy snow and the ice water reminds them of the melted North Pole snowflakes!  While we are sleeping, the elves go on an Elfcapade!  They make crafts, eat candy and hide!

The nice thing about Elf Magic as opposed to Elf on the Shelf is that Mrs. Claus makes sure to let the elves know about family rules on messes.  So if my rule is no throwing food, we will not wake up in the morning to see that Jared and Vanessa threw flour at each other during the night.

Unlike Elf on the Shelf where you must NEVER touch the elf, the Elf Magic elves love to be hugged, watch t.v. with you or sit on your lap while you do homework.  Remember, Santa sent them to see all the good things you are doing.  Sometimes your elves get so excited to be with you that they leave you a little piece of candy in their elf bag!!!

Bring Elf Magic to your Home!

Santa usually sends his elves to stay with families between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  You can have your children write letters to Santa asking for an elf friend or if your children are too young to write a letter, you can send your request through the Elf Magic website.  You can either have Santa mail an elf to you or, if you would like, Santa can direct you to the nearest store to pick your elf up yourself.

Please “Like” my Facebook page.   I will be sharing all the Elfcapades right there!!  Please also “Like” the Elf Magic Facebook page for more information!!

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas!!!

Springfield Collection 18-inch Dolls #Giveaway



Yesterday I told you about how much my daughter loves her dolls.  It’s one of the girliest things about her!  In talking with other moms with daughters, they have always said “Watch out…American Girl time is coming”.  I checked out their site and I’m sorry, I cannot, nor will I ever spend $110+ dollars a doll for my daughter.  Because lets face it, she’s a Tomboy.  She plays rough.  Need I say more?

However, I know she would like a “big” doll.  She sees her friends with them and like most kids, she wants what everyone else has.  Thankfully, there is a wonderful company, Springfield Collection, that has a collection of beautiful 18″ dolls that are high quality, but much more reasonably priced!

Say hello to Abby, Emma, Maria, Madison and Olivia!

springfield-collection-dollsThey have silky hair and sparkling eyes and huge collection of trendy clothes and accessories.  I especially love that they have trendy looking glasses! Bella wears glasses and the last thing I want is to order her a dorky pair of glasses for her doll when Bella hardly wears dorky glasses:



About Each Doll

  • Abby – sporting long blonde hair, this 18″ doll arrives in a cute blue dress that matches her eyes.  When she grows up she hopes to be a veterinarian.
  • Emma – this sweet brown-eyed brunette arrives in a bright pink dress.  She loves to swim and she owns more than one dog.
  • Madison – soft, curly brown hair accentuates the yellow dress on this African American doll with dazzling doll with dazzling brown eyes.  She’s practicing to be a famous singer one day!
  • Maria – her pretty green dress shows of silky black hair with bright brown eyes framed by long eyelashes with a skin tone darker than her “sisters” Abby, Emma and Olivia.  She hopes to become a doctor.
  • Olivia – You can’t miss this red head on the soccer field playing her favorite sport.  Note her green eyes and aqua green dress show off her gorgeous red hair.


Bella was sent Emma!  But you know what’s funny?  The description for each doll suits Bella to a T.  Bella wants to be a Veterinarian, she loves dogs, is always singing and she plays soccer.  The first thing we noticed was the fact that the eyes close.  Bella has never had a doll that closes it’s eyes!  This is exciting because now, when she puts Emma to sleep, she really sleeps!  It’s the little things!

Check out the cute outfit and shoes she got:



Here’s the funny thing, Bella JUST tried on a pair of shoes at the store exactly like those!!

About Springfield Collection

A fashionable line of 18-inch dolls, clothing, accessories and furniture starts with their dedicated creative design team.  The designers carefully sketch out fashion ideas, select quality and on-trend fabrics and materials and then work hard to make their vision come alive for girls everywhere.  Through products and the interactive play offered online at, the product line encourages girls to form a special relationship with the dolls and to create fun and magical moments together.  Springfield Collection is committed to providing an unforgettable experience for each child while ensuring the brand is accessible and available to all.  The mission with every Springfield Collection product is to provide girls with fashion, fun and friendship.  The Springfield dolls are part of the Fibre-Craft Materials Corp.

About Fibre-Craft Material Corp.

Fibre-Craft designs, manufactures and markets the Springfield brand and other products for mass market retail outlets in the U.S. and Canada.  Under the Creative Hands brand and private labels, Fibre-Craft offers basic art & craft supplies, activity kits and seasonal items.  For 60 years, Fibre-Craft has been a leader in the kids’ creative activities business.  Established in 1953, Fibre-Craft began by manufacturing wood fiber for handcrafting artificial flowers.  The company expanded in 1959 to mass-market retail outlets for arts and crafts, floral supplies, doll supplies and decorative accessories.  Today, the company’s vision is to make a difference in the lives of children and its employees.

These dolls are priced at $21.99 and are available at major retailers like AC Moore, Michael’s and Jo-Ann Fabrics (be sure to check your paper for coupons for Michael’s and Jo-Ann Fabrics.  I don’t know if you can use them, but you should always check!).  The other thing I really like about these dolls…the outfits are also reasonable!  Be sure to check out Springfield Collection online to see more images of the different dolls, clothes, furniture and accessories!


One lucky reader will win one of the dolls pictured above (you get to choose!!!) AND an outfit with shoes,  picked out by the nice people at Springfield Collection!!!

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Getting What YOU Want this Holiday Season #Slimfessions

It’s that time of year again…that time where it seems like all we do is eat.  Especially in our house.  We have Thanksgiving at my house and then a couple weeks and then it’s time for Christmas get together’s.  In our family, because it is so large, Christmas lasts for an entire week.  Get a load of our schedule:

  • Christmas with my parents
  • Christmas Eve dinner
  • Christmas morning breakfast
  • Christmas dinner with my in-laws
  • Christmas with family in Ohio
  • Christmas with my husband’s grandma

So much food!  Every year I tell myself I am not going to overdo it…but how can you not?!?


This year, Slimfast is asking you to make a Slimfession.

Get What You Really Want This Holiday Season

Sometimes things you say are different than the things you’re actually thinking.  You may say you want to look great in your holiday dress, but what you really want is to impress your in-laws that you haven’t seen since last Christmas

Let us know what you really want on and print a $1 coupon for any Slim-Fast® product!

Share Your Slimfession

Let us know what you really want this holiday season by telling your own Slimfession!  Visit to create your own Slimfession and get it featured in our gallery.  Share it with your friends and followers by using #slimfesions

So…what do I want?  Well I want new clothes for the holiday get together’s.  But what do I really mean by that?  If I were truly honest with myself, what I really mean is that I want to look beautiful for my husband, but more than that…I want to feel beautiful.


Now its time for YOU to confess! Head over and leave your Slimfession and you can win a $25 walmart gift card! Two winners, US only, contest ends on December 6th. Please wait for the Raffelcopter to load.  Good luck!!


Nenuco Sleep with Me Baby Doll & Cradle GIVEAWAY!



My daughter LOVES baby dolls.  I’m not kidding when I tell you, that child has 9 baby dolls.  They all have names and she takes naming them VERY seriously.  She has a doll pack ‘n’ play that some of them sleep in, a stroller than one unfortunate doll has to sleep in (that can’t be comfortable!) and doll bed that two sleep in.  The others sleep on her bed with her and the mountain of stuffed animals that child sleeps with.

I always enjoy watching her take care of her baby dolls as if they were her real babies.  Famosa, a European toy company gets that little girls (and little boys too!) like to mimic daily parenting routines like eating, bathing and dressing.  Nenuco baby dolls allow children to do all of those things.  And the great thing about children repeating what they see their parents doing with them is that it is strengthening the development of their communication skills!



The Nenuco Sleep with Me Baby Doll & Cradle is truly unique!  It can attach to your child’s bed so “baby” can be sleep close all night long!  How neat is that?!?  If your child prefers, the cradle does not have to attach and can be a regular cradle, as well!  The Nenuco Sleep with Me Baby Doll & Cradle comes with the following:

  • Baby
  • Cradle
  • Star nightlight that plays music
  • Blanket
  • Bottle
  • Pacifier

This toy can be purchased at Kmart or Toys R Us for $29.99!  What a great toy for the holidays!!

About Famosa

Established in 1957 by a group of artisan doll makers, Famosa has become a leading European toy company and doll manufacturer based in Spain.  The company has a stellar reputation as a developer of innovative, safe and high quality products that foster all around development for young children.  Families who grew up in Spain or Mexico likely have fond and warm memories of playing with their Famosa toys.  Famosa currently operates in over 95 countries, reaching a wide range of consumers.  In 2010, Famosa was acquired by Sun Capital Partners and its U.S. operations were established in October 2011, based in Mt Laurel, New Jersey.  The company markets brands including Pinypon, Nenuco, Nancy and Feber.

To learn more about the Famosa company, visit their website at  Parents, be sure to click on The Toy Blog for a lot of great tips and information!!

My Thoughts

This is an absolutely adorable toy! I like that it is very reasonably priced and you get a lot for your money.  Parents…if you are expecting a child and you already have one at home, think about getting this for your child!  I think it would help with bringing home a new baby.  While you are putting the new baby down for a nap, your other child could be putting their baby down for a nap!  The ONLY thing I would change would be the colors.  I would probably use more gender neutral colors.  So many little boys like dolls too and I think by having a gender neutral color, you are opening up your market even more!  I would have definitely bought my son something like this when we were bringing his sister home!


One lucky reader (U.S. only please) will win the Nenuco Sleep with Me Baby Doll & Crib!!

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