Bottle Flipping Craze with Flippin’ Awesome

Are your kids flipping bottles and pretty much everything they get in their hands like mine are? My son is OBSESSED with bottle flipping. I will say, it does drive me completely nuts. Mainly because he does it at times that are not really a good time. For instance, we will be running late in the morning and my son will have a few minutes before he has to walk out the door for the bus. I will ask him to bring me his bottle of medicine. What does he do? He grabs it and starts flipping it and won’t hand it over until he has flipped it at least three times. That drives me crazy! If your kids are into this bottle flipping craze as much as mine are, then you will want to get the book, Flippin’ Awesome by Sarah Doughty!

I received a copy of this book for the purpose of this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

bottle flipping

About the Bottle Flipping Craze

If you haven’t heard of the bottle flipping craze that has and still is sweeping the nation, then you’ve been living under a rock! It started in 2016 with people posting videos of them flipping full or partially full bottles of water on the internet. As you can imagine, middle school kids and really any age kid, across the nation began attempting the to flip anything they got their hands on. And I do have to admit, while it is pretty annoying to here bottles hitting the ground repeatedly, over and over and over again, it is rather addicting. Especially when I want to show up my kids!

With the Flippin’ Awesomebottle flipping book, your children will master new tricks and flips to wow their friends! This book is filled with twelve target games for great head-to-head competition and fun! Your children (or you!) will learn new tricks and techniques that are sure to wow your friends! You get:

  • Winning techniques for landing each and every flip
  • 12 ready to play, fold out target games
  • Tear away score cards to track your stats and your wins

Doesn’t this sound like something your kids will like?

About the Author

Sarah Doughty is a writer and game enthusiast with some flippin’ cool tricks up her sleeve. She lives in the Boston area on a small farm with some pretty flippin’ awesome goats.

Personalized Books for Kids

Reading is a HUGE hobby of mine. I read every single chance I get. In fact, I set a reading goal for myself this year of 50 books. I ended up crushing that goal. I am in the middle of my 72nd book! My favorite thing is when one of my kids wants to read a book that I grew up reading and loved. So, as you can imagine, I absolutely love giving books as gifts. Especially if they are personalized books for kids! What kid wouldn’t want to read a story that they were in?!? Not only do they get excited that they are in the book, but they get excited about reading! It’s a total win-win! Put Me in the Story has a lot of different books for different ages and they are the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

*I received a personalize book for the purpose of this post. All opinions are 100% my own*

personalized books

Put Me in the Story has over 250 personalized books for kids options that feature beloved brands and characters like Disney­™, Sesame Street™, Star Wars™ and so many more! My nephews birthday is in December and I decided that I really wanted to make him the Don’t Push the Button book. With my nephews infectious laugh and personality, this book is perfect for him! Throughout the story my nephew is repeatedly told not to push the button. Of course, when a kid is told not to push the button, the first thing they want to do is push it! I can’t wait to read this book with him at Christmas!

Not only are these books super cute, but I had a small issue with the book and they immediately shipped out another copy. Great customer service!

These personalized books make a great Christmas gift, birthday gift or a just because gift! If you are wanting to order it for Christmas, you will need to do so by today (12/12/16) for UPS ground delivery. Check the delivery cut-off dates to insure Christmas delivery. If you are ordering today, be sure to use code Monday30 to save 30%!

Which personalized books for kids is your favorite??

Amazon Prime Photos Has All New Features! Plus an Opportunity to Win a $500 Gift Card Provided by

Are you an Amazon Prime member? You’re going to want to be after you read this! Amazon has launched an all-new Prime Photos experience with Family Vault. For absolutely zero additional cost, Prime members can share their benefit of unlimited photo storage with up to five family members or friends! Not only is Prime Photos free, but it makes it easy for family members or friends to safely store and share all of their favorite photos. The Amazon Prime Photos new experience includes Image Search, People view and Places view. You can even order photo prints, cards, photo books and calendars directly from your Amazon Prime Photos account! Simply download the new prime photos app.

*This is a partnered post

amazon prime photos

Why Amazon Prime Photos?

Have you ever lost your photos before? I have. It’s the worst feeling in the world. I had all of the pictures of my daughter from birth to age two on my laptop. That laptop got a virus and I lost every single picture. I knew, from that moment on, that I had to change my photo storage habits. Amazon Prime Photos not only allows you free unlimited photo storage (which I totally need), but it gives you that peace of mind that your photos are safe. Using Amazon Prime Photos not only allows you to free up space on your phones, but the family sharing allows families near and far to share pictures of loved ones, fun vacations, etc.

I can’t even begin to tell you how happy this app makes me! I love sharing pictures and Amazon Prime Photos makes the ability to share so much easier! Not to mention, with Prime Photos, you can quickly find and rediscover your favorite photos! I don’t know about your kids, but mine LOVE to look at pictures from when they were younger! So…if you are a Prime Member, make sure you take advantage of the free unlimited photo storage for Prime members. Not a Prime member? The Amazon Prime Photos app is available on computers, iOS and Android phones and tablets. So what are you waiting for? Download the Prime Photos app today at 

To celebrate the launch of the Prime Photos app, you have the opportunity to win a $500 Amazon gift card provided by! Enter using the Rafflecopter Entry Form below:

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Amy Grant Tennessee Christmas

I absolutely love Christmas. I love Christmas decorations; Christmas cookies; watching cheesy Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel (I may or may not have 12 movies saved on my DVR right now…); but most of all, I love Christmas music. Unlike some people, I get super excited when the radio stations start playing Christmas music around Thanksgiving. I also love when I am in a store and I hear the Little Drummer Boy playing on the loud speaker. To me, it’s not officially the holiday season until you are Christmas shopping and that song is playing! Each year I get a new Christmas CD to play. This year I am listening to the Amy Grant Tennessee Christmas CD and I love!

I received a copy of the Amy Grant Tennessee Christmas CD for the purpose of this review. All opinions are 100% my own, as always.

amy grant
Amy Grant is one of those artists that sounded great in the 90’s (“Baby Baby” was one of the first songs I knew EVERY word to and still do!) and she sounds even better now. The thing I like about all the different Christmas CD’s I have is that while they all have some of the same songs, they also have songs I’ve not heard before and I love that.

Amy Grant Tennessee Christmas Playlist

  • Tennessee Christmas
  • To Be Together
  • Christmas for You and Me
  • Melancholy Christmas
  • December
  • White Christmas
  • Joy to the World
  • I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm
  • Baby, It’s Cold Outside (feat. Vince Gill)
  • Christmas Don’t Be Late
  • Still Can’t Sleep
  • Another Merry Christmas
  • O Come, All Ye Faithful

If you are looking for something to add to a Christmas gift or maybe you’re going to a Christmas party and you want to give the hostess something, this CD is a great idea! You can pick up your copy HEREAmy Grant.

amy grant

What is your favorite Christmas CD?

Gift Idea – The Secret Life of Pets

Coming up with a gift idea that both of my kids will like can be challenging at times. One of my favorite things to give the kids at Christmas, their birthday’s or any other holiday that we get them a gift, is a movie or movies they really liked. This year, for Christmas, is no different. We already have a few movies to give them. A great movie option, and one you should pre-order right now, from Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures, is The Secret Life of Pets! Both kids saw this movie in the theater and really enjoyed it a lot. I didn’t get a chance to see it, so I am looking forward to seeing it with them over Christmas break when my husband is also on vacation and we have more time for movies and family stuff!

I received a copy of this awesome gift idea as a thank you for this post. All opinions are 100% my own, as always!

gift idea

About the Movie

The Secret Life of Pets is a comedy about the lives our pets lead when we leave for work or school. Max, voiced by Louis C.K., is a loyal terrier living a perfectly happy existence until his owner, Katie (Ellie Kemper) brings home Duke (Erik Stonestreet) a big, boisterous mutt she finds at the shelter. When Max and his unruly new “roommate” slip away from their dog-walker, they find themselves lost in the urban jungle of New York City. In an attempt to stay ahead of animal control and a rebel band of abandoned pets led by an unhinged bunny named Snowball (Kevin Hart), they put aside their differences to survive the epic journey back home.


  • Louis C.K.
  • Eric Stonestreet
  • Kevin Hart
  • Jenny Slate
  • Ellie Kemper
  • Lake Bell
  • Dana Carvey
  • Hannibal Buress
  • Bobby Moynihan
  • Steve Coogan
  • Albert Brooks

The Secret Life of Pets was released on digital HD on November 22, 2016. You can pick up your copy on DVD, 4K Ultra HD, Blu-Ray 3D and Blu-Ray on December 6, 2016! If you would like, you can pre-order your copy heregift idea! This makes a great gift idea for this holiday gift giving season!

Since we are all still planning our gift giving lists, what is your best gift idea for someone on your list?