Losing it with Leah Week 4

I lost 3 lbs this week!!!  It totally doesn’t surprise me all the much though.  I worked my butt off this week.  We’ve been remodeling our first floor and between all the painting, which is an excellent upper arm workout, stepping up and down on the ladder, and sweating like a crazy…it makes perfect sense that I lost!

Last week I posted that my goal was to drink more water.  Did I stick to it?  Not as well as I could have.  So that is my goal for this week as well.   I wish I could fill up a bottle and carry it with me all over, but I like to have my water super ice cold.

So totally (including the gain last week), I’ve lost 6.4lbs!!!  Just 93.6 lbs to go!!

Losing it with Leah Week 3

I know I know…this is usually posted on Sunday’s.  I couldn’t post it this Sunday because Blogger was down for maintenance and then yesterday I was working on my house (we’re remodeling).

Anyway, unfortunately this week I had a gain.  A small gain, but a gain nonetheless.  I gained .4 which I know isn’t that bad.  Shoot I could have just drank too much water before bed or not enough water the day before.  But it still sucks to gain.

This week I vow to drink more water and not go overboard on my son’s birthday cake on Sunday.  Though that is a weigh in day and I do give myself one day where I can eat what I want and not count points…we’ll see.  I also want to start exercising  more.  Which is kind of funny to say “exercise more” when I really don’t exercise at all!  So I’ll rephrase, I want to start exercising.  I think I will start with walking on the treadmill 3 days a week for 30 minutes.

What is your goal this week??  Leave me a comment to tell me.  Also, be sure to sign the linky below if you are doing your own weight loss posts!

Losing it with Leah Week 2

I almost thought I was falling off the wagon this week.  But then I thought “how can I blog and tell everyone that I failed in week 2?”  So I stuck to it, and sort of hung on to the side of the wagon for a bit.  But hey…I stayed on!!

And it paid off!!!  I lost 1.4lbs this week!!

I had Taco Bell twice though.  However, I changed up my favorites there and got chicken taco’s instead of beef taco’s.  On Weight Watchers, that totally cuts my points…plus I tell them to put the Fresco stuff on the taco’s and it’s really good and refreshing!  So even though I ate Taco Bell, I stayed within my points and only dipped into my extra stash of weekly points by 2 points!  I just need to add in some exercise now.

The only bad part about losing 1.4lbs this week is the fact that my points got readjusted and I now only get 28 points a day instead of 31.

So now I’ve lost a total of 5.4lbs which leaves me with 94.6lbs to go.

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Losing it With Leah Week 1

I am happy to report that I lost exactly 4lbs my first week back on Weight Watchers!!!  I guess getting on the scale in front of my husband pays off!!

Now I will be honest, I didn’t stay completely away from pop and fast food like I said I would.  However, I counted every single point for the food and drinks I did consume, and only went over my Weight Watcher points by 2 points the entire week!  And guess what…like the commercials say…I never felt hungry either!

This week I would like to maintain my point counting as well as, add in a little exercise as well.  Now that it’s nice weather out again, the kids can be outside riding their bikes and I can take the dog for a walk.  I would eventually like to be able to do the P90X workout program my husband bought, but I think I need to get in a little bit better shape before I attempt that.

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4lbs down, 96lbs to go.  I can do this!

Losing it with Leah

I’ve done some crazy things in my lifetime…things that usually get me in trouble.  However, last night I did the CRAZIEST thing I have ever done and you know what?  I bet it is also the best thing I could have done.  So what did I do?

I got on the scale…IN FRONT OF MY HUSBAND!

I know.  I know.  Why in the hell did I do that?  For one simple reason.  I want to lose weight and I just don’t have the will power or motivation to stick to a freaking diet.  So if I humiliate myself by getting on the scale in front of the one person in this world that I care about what he thinks of me and how I look, then maybe that will be motivation for me to stick to the diet.  I surely don’t want to gain in front of him.  My starting weight was humiliating enough.

So now, every Sunday I will be weighing in with my husband present to witness my weight loss or weight gain and then I will blog about my week and what kinds of things I ate, any exercise I may have done, and how much I lost or gained.  So look for “Losing it with Leah Week 1” this coming Sunday!

I will also be putting up a linky.  If you want to join me in my weight loss journey, then post your own “Losing it with…” post and leave your link on my linky.

Good Luck!!

Photo taken from here with permission.