This is the Cookie Policy for Diaries of a Domestic Goddess.

What are Cookies?

Like most professional websites, this site uses something called Cookies. Cookies are small files which are stored on a users computer to improve that user’s experience while visiting Diaries of a Domestic Goddess. Below you will see what information the cookies gather, how it is used and why they need to be stored sometimes. You will also find information on how to prevent cookies form being stored. However, be warned that this may not give you an ideal user experience while visiting Diaries of a Domestic Goddess, as it may break parts of the site.

Disabling Cookies

As mentioned above, you do have the option to prevent cookies from being stored. To do so, you will need to adjust your individual browser settings. By disabling cookies, certain aspects of this site may be broken, as well as other sites and services that you use. For this reason, it is not advised that you disable cookies.

The Cookies We Use

Diaries of a Domestic Goddess offers an email subscription service where you can opt in to receiving our RSS feed. Cookie may be used to remember whether you signed up or not.

When you choose to leave a comment on Diaries of a Domestic Goddess, cookies may be set in order to remember your user details (name and email) for future correspondence. Allowing you to comment faster the next time, as you will not have to enter these details again.

Third Party Cookies

In some instances, Diaries of a Domestic Goddess may use cookies that are provided by trusted third parties. Those third parties may be:

Diaries of a Domestic Goddess uses Google Analytics, as do many other professional websites. By using cookies with Google Analytics, this allows us to understand how you utilize the site and help improve your experience. These cookies may track how long you spend on Diaries of a Domestic Goddess and the pages that you visit. This allows us to provide more material that you appreciate and want to see. Visit the official Google Analytics page for more information about Google Analytics cookies.

As like many sites, we use Google Adsense service. Google Adsense uses a DoubleClick cookie to be able to allow more relevant ads across the web and limit the number of times one particular ad is shown to you. Visit the official Google Adsense page for more information about Google Adsense.

Here at Diaries of a Domestic Goddess, we also use Gourmet Ads, in addition to Google Adsense. Gourmet Ads use cookies in order to give you a more personalized experience on the web. To read more about Gourmet Ads, visit their official privacy policy page for more information.

To offset the costs of running this site, Diaries of a Domestic Goddess uses Amazon Affiliates. Amazon Affiliates cookie lasts 24 hours. For more information about Amazon Affiliates, please visit their official page.

Email Me

If you have any questions about what you have read in this cookie policy, please feel free to email me at But remember, it’s typically better to leave cookies enabled, as you don’t want to mess up a service you may use on another site that requires cookies. Not to mention, we want you to have the best experience possible here on Diaries of a Domestic Goddess!