Customized Wall Décor at a Discount

I can’t tell you how many years we lived in our home with blank walls. Decorating was not my thing. It’s not because I didn’t like wall décor. Quite the opposite, actually. I just didn’t like having to make decisions about what I wanted because I DIDN’T HAVE A CLUE! What I did know is that I liked to make it personal, as much as possible. With, you can make customized wall décor, make photo canvas prints, and so much more! All for an awesome discount!

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customized wall décor

Customized Wall Décor

When I was asked if I would like to partner with, it was an easy yes! My husband has a new office at work and the walls are bare. I knew immediately that I wanted to have a picture of the two of us printed for him to hang on the wall at work. The finished product turned out beautifully!

customized wall décor
This beautiful picture from is part of their metal photo prints line. The prints in this line range in size from 8×8 all the way up to 20×20. The particular print above is 12×16 in size. Also, just so you know, the picture was taken with an iPhone! You don’t have to be a professional photographer with fancy cameras to get gorgeous photo canvas prints.

customized wall décor

Photo Gifts, Photo Canvas Prints, and More!

If you’re like me, you like to give personalized gifts. When my kids were little, I used to make photo gifts for the grandparents. They got things like coffee mugs, photo blankets, etc. At you can make those things, plus personalized children’s books, a photo phone case, a photo puzzle, and more! Simply take your favorite pictures, upload, and order! My favorite item, and something I will be ordering soon, is the photo pillow! I totally want to have a pillow on my couch with a picture of my cat Roxie on it!


So…How’s the Quality?

Not only did my item ship very quickly, but it’s perfect! Like I said, I used an iPhone photo, which is totally fine. The nice thing about this site is that if your image won’t work for the size canvas print you are trying to order, they let you know! So no worrying on whether or not you are going to get a blurry canvas that you won’t want to hang on your wall! You really can’t go wrong with the metal photo prints! This may be going to my husband’s office, but I plan on ordering more in varying sizes for a truly customizable photo collage wall!

Save Even MORE Money!

Have I convinced you to want to order something from yet? If not, this will definitely get you ordering. Not only is everything severely discounted, but you can save even MORE money with this special discount code! Enter GODESSCANVA at checkout to save an additional 15% off the already discounted Canvas Prints at! So cool! What customized wall décor photo will you be ordering?

customized wall décor

Ice Storm Tool – Must Have

I don’t know what the weather has been like where you live, but here in Michigan, it has been up and down this winter. One minute it’s -40 degrees and the next minute it’s 55 degrees. My kids have already had five snow days due to the ice, snow and the cold temps. It’s crazy! Around 2 am last night, we had freezing rain that lasted HOURS. And yes, the kids were off school today because every inch of the ground was covered in thick ice. This ice storm tool is a must have if you live in an area that deals with harsh winter weather.

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ice storm tool

When I finally woke up this morning (best part of school being called off…you get to sleep in), I looked outside and this is what I saw. Everything was covered in a thick layer of ice. To be completely honest, I freaked out. Since I am still in physical therapy from the knee surgery I had in October and I am having a second knee surgery in April, I am very nervous about falling on ice.

Snow Joe SJ-SHLV01 SHOVELUTION 18-in Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel w/Spring Assisted Handle, BlueSnow Joe SJ-SHLV01 SHOVELUTION 18-in Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel w/Spring Assisted Handle, BlueSnow Joe SJ-SHLV01 SHOVELUTION 18-in Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel w/Spring Assisted Handle, BlueMATCC 2 Pack Ice Scraper Mitt Windshield Snow Scrapers with Waterproof Snow Remover Glove Lined of Thick Fleece BlackMATCC 2 Pack Ice Scraper Mitt Windshield Snow Scrapers with Waterproof Snow Remover Glove Lined of Thick Fleece BlackMATCC 2 Pack Ice Scraper Mitt Windshield Snow Scrapers with Waterproof Snow Remover Glove Lined of Thick Fleece BlackMallory 581-E Telescoping 48Mallory 581-E Telescoping 48Mallory 581-E Telescoping 48

What to do About the Ice?

I was feeling pretty helpless. We needed to get rid of the ice. With more rain, sleet and snow coming, there was no way it would be good to have the snow fall on top of the ice that was already there. We would never get rid of it. The kids and I got bundled up and headed outside to figure things out. This steel ice chopperice storm tool is a must have. I used the ice chopper to lift and break up the ice. The kids then went behind me and shoveled up the ice. It’s definitely an ice storm tool you need to have.

ice storm tool

Must Have Ice Storm Tool

Besides the steel ice scraper that is an ice storm tool that is a must have, you also need a telescopic ice scraperice storm tool to clear off your car windshield. Clearing the windshield on my Explorer is hard enough with my short arms, but add in the thick ice I was dealing with today, and it’s impossible! Unless you have a telescopic ice scraper. I’m telling you, I fought getting one for so long (why??? I have no idea), but when I finally got one, it was life changing for me. At least life changing during the winter!

Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Holiday Fun

My kids have been asking for ugly Christmas sweaters for quite awhile. One year, when we were getting together with family for the holidays, everyone wore their ugliest sweater. It was a lot of fun to see all the different sweaters. I knew that this year, whether we do the ugly sweaters or not, I wanted to make sure I got my kids an ugly Christmas sweater each!

*I received the following sweaters for the purpose of this review. All opinions are 100% my own. This post may contain affiliate links*

ugly christmas sweaters

Image via Pexels by Negative Space

Ugly Christmas Sweaters for All

The sweaters at the Ugly Christmas sweater site are awesome! I had a really hard time choosing one for my kids. For my son, I opted to get him a Star Wars sweater. Personally, I don’t find the sweater to be very ugly. I kind of like it! However, when he opened it he yelled, “YES! Now I have an ugly Christmas sweater”!

ugly christmas sweaters

As you can tell, he is VERY happy to have this sweater. The site suggested to order a size up. Normally I would have ordered him an Adult S. This is an Adult M. It is slightly too big for him, but I think the Adult S would have been too small. So definitely keep that in mind when you are ordering.

My daughter is obsessed with Harry Potter. When I saw a Harry Potter sweater, I knew I had to get it for her! She can’t wait until it is cold enough for her to wear it. She will wear this sweater all the time…I just know it!

ugly christmas sweater

Like the Star Wars ugly Christmas sweater, you will want to order the Harry Potter sweater up one size. Bella is wearing an Adult L. As you can see, it is a little bit big, but one growth spurt and it won’t be big at all!

Definitely check the site out! You can even customize your own sweater! I can see my family coming up with some pretty interesting options for ugly sweaters! If you are wanting an ugly sweater this year, be sure to check the site out soon! You don’t want to run the risk the sweater you like getting sold out!

KT Tape for Total Knee Support

I have been having issues with my knees for YEARS. About 10 years ago, I dislocated my kneecap (read how here…it’s a really funny/embarrassing story). Ever since then, I have had issue after issue with my knee. A month ago, I stepped into the garage and my leg gave out and I literally felt my lower part of my leg go one way and the upper part of my leg go the other way. It was as gross as it sounds. I now needed to figure something out.

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What Have I Done for my Knee So Far?

Last summer I met with my knee doctor and we went over options for my knee. My MRI wasn’t terrible in that I needed surgery immediately, but it wasn’t great either. One part of my issue is that I have a lot of damage to the cartilage. The doctor recommended that I looking into gel injections. Basically, they inject gel in and that acts as the “cartilage”. They typically last 6-8 months before you need to redo the gel injection.

In addition to the gel injections, the doctor also recommended I met with the surgeon to get his take on things. That meeting was really good. My surgeon and I decided that I will exhaust every possibility before resorting to surgery. So I met with a physical therapist to get a program that I can do at home and the gym and I did the gel injections. I religiously did my exercises over the course of the year. Things were going well, until they weren’t. When I started getting a lot of pain again, I made an appointment with the doctor and we set up another round of gel injections. Just after the third injection was when I had the incidence in my garage. Back to the doctor and surgeon I went.

Meeting with the Surgeon

After talking things over with the surgeon and having him evaluate my knee and compare those results with the evaluation from last year, it was apparent that things have gotten a lot worse. He recommended two surgeries. The first surgery, called the MACI Procedure is a scope procedure where he will go in, look around, clean up the backside of my kneecap and take a biopsy of my cartilage. That biopsy will be sent to a lab and more of my cartilage will be grown in that lab so it can be implanted back into my knee.

The second surgery will be where he takes my cartilage and replaces it back in my knee. In addition to that, he will also perform a MPFL reconstruction to reconstruct the ligaments and give me better patellar stability. After reading up on both surgeries, I feel it is a good plan of action. I can’t continue on with the pain and instability. Getting the surgery scheduled will happen this coming Tuesday, as the scheduler is out of town.

Best Way to Stabilize the Knee for Support

So, as you can imagine, I have had my fair share of braces over the years. My favorite brace is the DonJoy Reaction WEB Knee Support Bracekt tape. If you are looking for good knee support, this is your brace. It’s well worth the money and right now it’s on sale for $40 off!! While I like the support of the knee brace, and have been wearing religiously every day for the last month or more, it’s sometimes hot or it doesn’t fit well under my clothes if I’m wearing long pants. Someone mentioned that I should try KT Tape. I know a lot of people swear by KT Tape, but I was always skeptical. However, after watching a bunch of videos on YouTube,  decided to give the KT Tape a chance.

kt tape
Does the KT Tape Offer Support?

Again, I will say, I was SUPER skeptical, but I picked up some KT Tape and tried it out all day yesterday. Within minutes of having it on, I was amazed at how stable my knee felt. The true test came when I had to walk down some stairs. I felt just as stable walking down the stairs as I do when I am wearing my brace. As the day went on, I really felt this was a good option for those times that I either couldn’t fit my brace under my clothes (or didn’t want a super bulky look) and when it decides to be triple digits outside! Things were going great until my leg (hours and hours after putting it on…it’s meant to stay on for multiple days) started itching really bad. It became unbearable. I took the tape off and I had a rash where the tape was. Unfortunately, it looks like I am allergic to the adhesive.

While I had a reaction to the adhesive, many people do not and they swear by this product. I will need to do some research to see if there is another product I can use that may use a different adhesive. Hopefully after surgery (whenever that will be) I won’t need a knee brace or the tape! Fingers crossed!

Shopping Made Easy with Stitch Fix

A few years ago, I heard someone talking about Stitch Fix. I will admit, I thought it sounded silly and a totally frivolous thing to spend money on. And then a friend of mine posted pictures of things she got in her Stitch Fix box and I thought, “I want to try this”. It just so happen that if I used her referral link, I would get a $25 credit. I figured I didn’t have anything to lose! Be sure to keep on reading to find out how you can get your very own $25 credit too!

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stitch fix

Fashion and being trendy has never really mattered to me. However, now that I’ve lost close to 90 lbs. and kept it off for well over two years, I’m starting to venture out and try new things. So when I saw I could try Stitch Fix AND get a $25 credit to do so, I had to do it. Believe me, I was super skeptical. I am a person that needs to try EVERYTHING on.

What Did I Think of My Stitch Fix Box?

I knew my box was due to arrive today. Let me tell you. I was like a kid on Christmas morning. When I saw that box on my porch, I immediately grabbed it and ran upstairs to try things on. I was super nervous too. How could I not be? Like I said, I have to try everything on and my clothing size is not consistent from brand to brand. The first thing I pulled out of the box was a black blouse with flowers on it (I think they are dandelions, actually). My initial reaction was, “ugh…I’d never wear this”. Boy was I wrong!

stitch fix

This shirt is something I would have 100% passed up in a store. It’s not a fabric I would ever pick and the pattern is not something I would gravitate to either. However, I tried it on and instantly felt good in it. I can’t explain it. I just loved it. This definitely went in the buy pile.

What About Everything else?

The other items I got in my box are:

  • Light denim jacket
  • Long black maxi dress
  • White shorts
  • Keds shoes

When I saw shorts in the box, I almost didn’t try them on. I can’t tell you how many pairs of shorts I tried on this year before settling on the few pairs I bought. They were either too short, too tight, or they gapped open in the back and half my butt showed. So, as you can imagine, I didn’t have high hopes for these shorts. But…I kid you not…the darn things FIT! How is that possible? I really have no clue, but they fit like they were made for me. While I know that should mean I should have bought them, they were white and I’m not a fan of white shorts/pants for me.

The maxi dress was so nice! I really liked it and really wanted to buy it, but it was slightly too big on top. I know I could have sent it back for a smaller size, but I don’t know that it would have fit my lower half. The denim jacket as nice also. It’s just not something I see myself wearing. And finally, the Keds shoes. They were cute, but I’m having knee issues, so I need to be picky about what type of shoes I wear.

Why I think My Stitch Fix Was So Successful

I was crazy specific in my profile. So specific, I was afraid I scared off my stylist! Not even joking! However, that’s what you need to do. I told her that I was curvy and have an issue with shorts/pants gapping in the back. When it came to things I liked and didn’t like, I made a list and told her everything. I also made sure to list out the things I do not want. Things like jewelry and accessories. At the moment, I need clothes. Once I build up my wardrobe, then I can add in the accessories!

Want a $25 Credit?

How would you like to a $25 credit to try out Stitch Fix? Simply use my link, sign up, fill out your profile and schedule your first box! Anything you choose to buy, you will be able to take $25 off! What do you have to lose?!?