30 Things my Kids Need to Know: My 5 Passions

I’m a little late on getting this post done…I blame it on my cruise hangover I had last couple weeks! At any rate, this weeks topic for my 30 Things my Kids Need to Know series is, My 5 Passions!

30 things


My 5 Passions

My first passion is writing. I love to write. I feel that it is a good outlet for me and when things are really bothering me, I can write it out and  generally feel better. I also feel that I communicate better through writing, but that is a little tricky because with writing, you can really determine the tone of the piece. For example, if I were joking around, but the other person is not familiar with my sense of humor, they may take what I say in a completely different way than I truly meant it. So you do have to be careful when you are writing as a form of communication between two people.

My second passion is reading, though I haven’t done much of that lately. I started reading some bigger chapter books, that I probably shouldn’t have been reading, at a young age. I think I checked the book, Misery out of the library when I was in 5th grade (may have been the summer between 5th and 6th) and I remember my mom picking up the book and reading a passage that had swear words in it and she then wouldn’t let me finish reading it. I was so angry at her. It wasn’t like I’d never heard those words before. However, she set the book on the table and our Springer Spaniel ate the book! Although, being a mom now, I don’t think I’d want my kids to read some of the books I read when I was close to their age.

My third passion is my family. There isn’t a thing I wouldn’t do for my family. Which is probably why I get upset when things don’t go a certain way…OK I get really upset. I’m a planner so when I plan something and it completely blows up in my face, I get upset. I’m working on that…sort of.

My fourth passion has to do with smoking. I can’t stand it. I can tolerate it, as in, so long as you are not blowing it my face, I’ll ignore it, but when I was younger, I was down right nasty when I came around people smoking. Especially if it was outside a store entrance. I was not nice in those instances. And while I’ve told my kids that smoking is gross and it could kill you, I haven’t really said much more about it, yet my daughter (who is so much like me, it’s scary) will chew you out if she sees you smoking. My husband smokes cigars (so gross) on occasion and when Bella found that out, she about ripped his head off. Thankfully his humidor is locked or she would have destroyed the contents.  No joke.

My fifth passion is kind of a new one for me, but the deeper I get into it, the more I love it and that’s learning anything and everything about essential oils and using them to help with my son’s ADHD. If you haven’t read any of my posts on essential oils, you need to. I’m telling you, I was the biggest skeptic ever about them, until I started using them. You can find my previous posts here!

OK so you have my 5 passions…what are yours?

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