I’m back in the car

We hit the worst traffic jam in the WORLD last night and ended up getting to our hotel at around 2am. Z woke up giddy as can be and B was barely able to lift her head off my shoulder to look around…she was that tired.

Sadly, it was not the hotel with the water park, but they did have a small indoor pool with VERY warm water. The kids and I had fun for a couple hours and then just bummed around until dh was done.

Can’t say I’ll be going with him again. I’d rather be at home with the kids. Unless he is going somewhere really cool!

Guess where I am???

Right now I am sitting in the passenger seat of my husbands car, blogging away while he drives us to Chicago! Unfortunately we won’t be staying more than one night. He has to be in Chicago for a business meeting and we went along for the ride and to play in the hotel pool. The kids are ecstatic!

He is on the phone with a Holiday Inn that has a water park! This should be interesting. Me…two toddlers…and a water park! Too bad I don’t have my camera with me. We may just have to pick up a disposable water camera!

Fun fun fun!

I wanted to shove ANYTHING in my ears

My son had his 4 year check up today and my goodness I wanted to seriously shove pencils in my ears. There was a mother in the waiting room with her two boys. They were curious, energetic 3 year old twin boys. But, in my opinion, were not doing a thing wrong. Like most doctors offices, there are toys, books, a large fish aquarium, etc. They walked (yes walked) from toy to toy.

Every 2 seconds (literally!!!) you would hear in this shrill voice “Joel and Cole get over here”; “Joel and Cole, what did I tell you about running inside?”; “Joel and Cole…”. As mothers, we all know how long we are going to be in a waiting room. Let the kids walk around a little. They couldn’t move a fraction of an inch before she was yelling at them to stop moving. When she finally got them to sit down next to her, all you heard was “Joel and Cole stop kicking your feet”; “Joel and Cole stop making that noise”; “Joel and Cole, I told you not to do that”….and so on.

Usually I am really tolerant of a lot of things. Crying babies on an airplane…doesn’t bother me in the least. Hearing a mother say her kids names a million times in 30 mins…drove me crazy. The kids were being good! Leave them a lone lady.

My gosh!

As a side note…my son is 41-1/4 inches tall. To go down the water slide at the pool, he needs to be 42 inches! He was so excited when I told him that he is very close!!!

Thank you Kim!!!

Does anyone notice anything different about my site??? I’ll give you a hint…it’s on the right hand side in the “Welcome” box…

Thanks to Kim over at “What’s that Smell?”, I now have the coolest button in the world! I absolutely love it! So thank you Kim! You do AWESOME work!!!

If you would like to add my button to your blog, the HTML code is there for you to do so. If you would like to have a button as cool as mine, designed by Kim, then head over here http://accidentalmommies.com/design-gallery/ and you can find the information you need to be able to obtain one!

Jon and Kate plus 8

Did any of you see the show tonight? I am a HUGE fan of the show. I know Kate gets a bad rap
at times (OK thats being nice…she gets a bad rap ALL the time!), and I have always always ALWAYS defended her on other forums that I frequent, but my goodness I don’t think I could defend her behavior tonight. She was really treating Jon like he was a two year old.

I felt horrible for him. Though I was proud that he was giving it back to her. I’m hoping that he eventually just really puts her in her place. And after seeing that Disney World ice cream situation again, Kate is one woman that would greatly benefit from Xanex!

An interesting blog was posted on a forum I visit and it is written by Jodi’s (Kate’s sister in-law) sister. If the blog is in fact true, it sheds a lot of light on Jon and Kate and is really quite interesting. Check the site out and post a comment as to what you think of the blog.


if you’ve never seen Jon and Kate plus 8, it is a show about a couple that had two twin girls and then a few years later they had sextuplets (3 boys and 3 girls). New episodes are on Monday’s at 9pm on TLC. Reruns are constantly on. Check it out!