Beautiful Tan without the Sun!

I don’t know about you, but I love to be tan. In high school I went tanning all the time. Whether it was before a school dance that I just had to tan away my tan lines or because I was tired of being so darn pale, I spent the majority of my high school years in a tanning bed (or stand-up. I preferred those. I hated getting those little circles on your back). But now, with all the stuff they say about tanning salons…the only color I get is from sunless tanning lotion.

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sunless tanning lotion

Best Sunless Tanning Lotion

I’ve tried many different brands. But nothing compares, so far, to the Neutrogena Sun Fresh Lotionsunless tanning lotion. Not only does this tanning lotion have a nice scent (nectarines and grapefruit), but it also dries. You don’t feel sticky or greasy. It’s also very easy to apply. I think it goes on much nicer and easier than most other sunless tanning lotions I’ve tried.

So far, I am just tan. No orange tone at all! That’s always a plus! Before I used a Loreal sunless tanning lotion and I really turned orange from that one. Not to mention, my skin really itched from it. With the Neutrogena Sun Fresh Lotionsunless tanning lotion I had absolutely NO itching at all! Like everything else, you want to make sure you read the reviews. The best sunless tanning lotion reviews don’t always mean it’s the best lotion out there. For instance, a few reviews talked about how the person was applying the lotion. From what they were saying, the problem they had with the sunless tanning lotion was not with the lotion itself. It was human error. So just read and see what you think!

Definitely pick some up! I also saw, by Neutrogena, a sunblock that has self tanner in it as well! I’ll be trying that out next!


  1. realmomsrock says

    i have tried a few of these as well and found nothing i was in love with. i’m in a wedding next month so if i don’t have time to sit out and get some sun this summer, i’ll definitely have to get some!

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