Ipad 3 Cases at Overstock.com!

My husband and kids surprised me big time this year for Mother’s Day.  They got me The New Ipad!  I was beside myself happy when I opened that gift.  Do you know how long I have wanted one of those????  I have not put it down once since I got it!  Well…accept for when we went shopping this afternoon to try and find a case for it.  Boy was that a trip.  I found a really cool one with camels (I like camels, remember?) all over it, but it was $85.  There was nothing special about it (well…accept for the camels!) to warrant me spending $85 on it.  If it were up to Dan, I would have this military grade case that you could probably run a tank over without destroying your ipad, but I find that to be a tad overkill.

When I got home I tried searching my favorite websites, but nothing jumped out at me.  Until I checked Overstock.com.  Are you familiar with that site?  EVERYTHING…and I mean EVERYTHING is significantly cheaper.  Same great quality…just a lesser price!  Being the kind of person I am, I immediately looked for an Overstock Promo Code.  While shipping is extremely cheap with this site, if I could find a code that would give me free shipping…I’ll take the free shipping!  Promo codes are nice though.  Simply enter the code in where it tells you to.

If you have an ipad, which kind of case do you have?  I have it in my  head what I want, but I can’t find it (and I know it is out there).  I want something girly; something with a little bling; but most importantly, I want something that is going to protect my ipad.  I’ve found a few promising cases, but something tells me there is something better out there for me.

Leave me a comment with a link to the ipad case that you use…and remember, if you have a coupon code…let me know that too!  Gotta save money where I can!

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