Gund Girls for Your Little Fashionista!

My daughter is not your typical girly-girl.  In fact, I often times describe her as the girliest tom-boy I know!  When my son was in Kindergarten (she was 3) we would go pick him up from school and she would wear her princess dress up dress while digging in the dirt and shoving rocks in her pockets.  But the one thing she LOVES is dolls.  At one point her bedroom was like an orphanage for dolls and she was always asking for more!  Even now, at 5, she still loves dolls.  So when I heard about the Gund Girls, I knew she would love them.

 The all new Gund Girls are perfect for your little fashionista!  Each one has their own, unique personality…just like your little one!  Let’s meet the girls!



Meet Brooklyn!

·         She’s a big city girl!

·         Her style is super girly!

·         She loves to shop with her friends!






Meet Emma!Emma

•              She loves having dance parties with her friends!

•              She also loves painting and anything with stripes!











Meet Deedee!

·         She loves traveling and having adventures with her friends!

·         Her favorite color is violet like her eyes!








Meet Sloan!

·         She loves hanging out on the beach with her friends!

·         Her style is hippie California chic.





Bella was sent Sloan and when I told her that Sloan likes to hang out at the beach, Bella yelled “so do I”!  And being that Bella JUST got back from a 10 day trip in Florida where they spent many days at the beach, this was the perfect Gund Girl to be sent to her!  Just look:


Bella has slept with her Gund Girl each night she has been home and it has made it’s way throughout our house.  She never wants to put her down.  In fact, Sloan joined us at dinner tonight!  With removable clothing that you can mix and match with the other dolls (and I think she is wearing something that one of Bella’s other dolls normally wears at the moment), the all new Gund Girls are a great addition to any family!

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Which Gund Girl would you get for the little fashionista in your life?!?


Disclosure:  Thank you to Gund and Team Mom, Bella was provided with a Gund Girls for the purpose of the review.  All opinions are solely mine!



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