Homemade Halloween Costumes!

Halloween is right around the corner and this is the first year that my kids don’t have their costumes all figured out.  I really would like to get away from buying a store bought costume and doing something a little more creative.  Last year I dressed up for an 80’s party.  I think I pretty much rocked it!


Loved my crimped hair!

So I’ve been scouring the internet to find creative ideas that I could make at home with my kids.  Check out my favorites:

The Roller Coaster

Rollercoaster Costume

This is the perfect couple costume that would surely win the best costume award!

The Ghost

green sheet spook


What ever happened to just taking a sheet and cutting eye holes??  I wonder if I could talk Bella into this…

The Bulldozer

Bulldozer Boy Halloween Costume


Got some extra boxes?  Turn them into a bulldozer!  I bet you’ll be the only bulldozer on the block!

The Juice Box

Absolute BEST Costume of the Night

Aren’t these cute ideas?  A few other ideas I am going to throw past my kids are:

  • A bunch of grapes (how easy would that be?!?)
  • Zombie
  • Werewolf
  • A baby
  • FBI Agent

What about you?  What are some creative costumes you made at home, either for yourself or your kids?


  1. We are going to be care bears.

    We do trunk and treat so we decided on a Care-A-Lot land theme. For the costumes we will take sweat suits and add the care bear bellies made out of felt.

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