2015 Holiday Gift Guide – Operation ResCUTE


Shopping for the holiday season can be stressful. The one thing I try to do is make lists of all the people I want to shop for and put down an idea or two for that person. I also have a few birthday’s to shop for in December, as well, so I also make sure to make note of that on my lists. I’d love to say I have it all together, but more times than not, I forget to buy a gift (or two) and I am out on Christmas Eve trying to pick something up. Talk about stressful! One person I find very easy to shop for is my daughter. She loves anything and everything about animals. That’s why I know that this first item in the holiday gift guide, Operation ResCUTE would be perfect for her!


Like I said, my daughter is the ultimate animal lover. If she could adopt every single animal, she would. When I heard about Operation ResCUTE, I knew this was something that she would absolutely love. The Story of Jingles is the first book in the Operation ResCUTE series. It’s about a little dog named Jingles and the journey that dog took before being adopted. Kids get invested in the story because it is written from the dog’s point of view. At the end of the story, you will find an Operation ResCUTE Membership Club sticker!

About Operation ResCUTE

Founded in 2014 by Laurie Brown-Nagin, 100% of Operation ResCUTE profits go directly toward helping shelter dogs get adopted. A life-long animal activist, Brown-Nagin has always been passionate about the protection and safety of animals. Inspired by the younger generations, Brown-Nagin set out to sift the conversation away from store-bought animals and empower young children to understand the benefits of adopting and how they, though young, can make a difference.

Personally, I think this is absolutely adorable! Also, if you have adopted a shelter pet, owners are encouraged to submit their shelter dogs picture, along with a detailed description of their own rescue story…your dog could become the next ResCUTE pet! How cool is that?!? The next Operation ResCUTE dog was picked in this way and The Story of Tanner is to launch during the holidays!


Just look at that face! So what do you say…head on over to the Operation ResCUTE website and order one of these adorable gift sets today! Become a ResCUTER! Remember, 100% of the proceeds of every sale is donated directly to shelters to help the animals waiting to find their forever home! This would make a great holiday gift! Also, don’t forget to send in pictures and stories about the dogs you rescued! You never know when your puppy could become the next Operation ResCute!

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