A Mouth Guard for Soccer, why you should

My daughter has been playing soccer since she was about 4 years old. She has been lucky enough to have the same coach for every single season except for her very first season. She absolutely loves soccer. Over the course of the last year, she has started to play goalie exclusively. She loves it! As we started to play more difficult teams, the dangers of playing goalie started to be a bit more apparent to me. After seeing her almost get kicked in the head a few weeks ago, I decided that I was going to buy her a mouth guard for soccer. She would only need to wear this mouth guard when she was playing goalie (which is 99% of the time).

mouth guard for soccer

When I mentioned the mouth guard for soccer to her, she originally asked me not to buy one. She was afraid it was going to bother her during the game. Her brother, who played football and currently plays lacrosse, told her that you get used to the mouth guard and she would totally get used to the mouth guard for soccer after just a few practices wearing it. Initially, I was going to get her the Shock Doctor mouth guard for soccer because that was what I always bought my son. However, when I saw the Battle Fang Mouth Guardmouth guard for soccer, I knew that was the perfect one for Bella!

mouth guard for soccer
Her team colors are black and white. Being the planner that she is, Bella decided that when they wear their black uniforms, she will wear the white mouth guard and when they wear their white uniforms, she will wear the black mouth guard for soccer! After this past Sunday’s game, I am very glad that I bought Bella this mouth guard for soccer. She was playing out of her mind good. It came to the last minute of the game. The other team went to shoot, Bella dove onto the ball as the girls foot was taking the shot…wouldn’t you know, Bella got kicked right in the mouth. She held on to the ball, the team won and Bella finally understood why I bought her the mouth guard for soccer. It also, just so happened, that she was wearing the white mouth guard and being Bella, she thought it was SO COOL that you could see blood on the mouth guard. Yes…we made her wash the mouth guard! Thankfully she was OK and all smiles after the game!

mouth guard for soccer

Why Wear a Mouth Guard for Soccer or Any Sport?

Wearing a mouth guard can protect your teeth from fracturing, being displaced, knocking out a tooth, soft tissue injuries, jaw fractures AND they may also protect against concussions.

While I want to her to wear a mouth guard for teeth and jaw injuries (obviously), that last one about concussions was also a HUGE factor in my getting her a mouth guard for soccer. There hasn’t been a controlled study on the subject of mouth guards and concussions yet, however it has been said that the mouth guard provides padding between the mandible and the maxilla, then when you take a blow to the head, that padding could possibly lessen the force of the mandible pushing up on the skull near the brain.

mouth guard for soccer

I’ll take it. From here on out, Bella will be wearing a mouth guard whenever she is playing goalie at soccer. Plus, she looks pretty cool with it in! And, if all else fails, when someone is running at her to score, she can charge them, growl and scare them away! Right?!? If you would like to order the awesome mouth guards I bought Bella, you can do so at the link below. They really are cool and they come in a bunch of colors!


  1. She’s adorable, I love the fangs! I actually wear these at night while sleeping for Bruxism (teeth grinding) and now I want one with fangs!

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