Gluten Free Chewy Sugar Cookies

My absolute favorite cookie in the world is a sugar cookie. While I will eat the thin and sort of crispy sugar cookies, the ones that really get me excited are the chewy sugar cookies. You know the kind I’m talking about. The ones with the center that is just barely done. Before I started the Keto diet, I am embarrassed to say how many sugar cookies I was able to eat in one sitting. I . wouldn’t call myself a master baker, but I am able to follow a recipe. The one thing I was never able to make very well were sugar cookies. They always looked deflated and they were most definitely NOT chewy! Until now.

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chewy sugar cookies

Buying pre-made sugar cookie dough was what I’ve always done. I even went as far as to buy sugar cookie dough that was already cut into shapes for Christmas. Not even lying. That solved several issues for me. My inability to make good, chewy sugar cookies, and not having to deal with flour all over my kitchen with my kids cutting out cookies. I am not that kind of mom and that’s OK! Once I learned that I needed to eat gluten free, I pretty much figured my chewy sugar cookie days were over. NOPE!

Gluten Free Chewy Sugar Cookies


  • 3/4 cup Salted Butter, softened 
  • 1 1/2 cups Sugar
  • 2 Large Eggs
  • 1 1/2 tsp Vanilla
  • 2 1/2 cups Gluten Free Flour (I prefer this brandchewy sugar cookies)
  • 3/4 tsp Baking Powder
  • 1/4 heaping tsp Salt


For the directions on how to bake these chewy sugar cookies to perfection, be sure to check Iowa Girl Eats. I followed her directions to a T and my cookies were perfect! Even non-gluten free people loved them!

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One thing I learned, when I was making these sugar cookies, was that not all baking powders were gluten free. I quickly dumped what I had and purchased the Clabber Girl brand. It says right on the container that it is gluten free. Better safe than sorry. Also, I baked cookies for the first time with parchment paper on the baking sheet and it made a HUGE difference in getting those chewy sugar cookies! I will definitely be doing that again the next time I make these cookies! One thing I will be doing the next time I bake these is using lemon extract in place of vanilla. I bet that will taste delicious!


  1. Those look perfect and perfect for Spring and St. Patty’s Day! I love a chewy sugar cookie – they are my favorites actually! I do not bake much I love to cook but I am not great with baking either. Giving this recipe to my daughter though – she loves to bake!

  2. Oh yummy. I have totally added this recipe to my treats list.
    I also use parchment paper for most of my baking. it is well worth the additional cost.
    Is there anything I cannot substitute gluten-free flour for I wonder?

    • I learned that I needed to eat gluten free in my 30’s. Any recipe I had prior to going gluten free, I’ve made and just subbed in my gluten free flour and it’s been fine. So I’m thinking yes!

  3. These sound really good and look even better. I love a good gluten-free recipe, especially a cookie. They are super tasty and I love surprising non-believers with the fact that you wouldn’t even notice the difference with a recipe like this one. I will have to try it out, thanks!

  4. Chewy cookies are always the best! Interesting that you’ve found a gluten-free recipe for them too. For my day job, I’m an editor at a snack food magazine, and gluten-free snacks are very popular right now.

  5. I never really noticed that Clabber Girl baking powder was gluten free. It’s just been a staple in our home for years. I mean my great, great grandmother used Clabber Girl so it’s the only baking powder I know. Now I have another reason to keep it onhand.

  6. These look delicious and my oldest daughter would love them I’m sure! She’s always looking for gluten free recipes and she love to create sweets so these will be right up her alley. I may give this recipe a try myself for the boys!

  7. The cookies look so good, and the recipe so simple and easy to follow. My niece is gluten free and now I can have some treats for her to enjoy here when she visits us. Good also to send to school since you never know when kids have issues and are gluten-free. Thanks for sharing

  8. Delicious… sugar cookies are the perfect company for a hot cup of tea with milk when the boys are napping! I love that you’ve gone all out on the gluten free and found a suitable baking powder. It’s great that gluten free options are so clearly labelled now, it does make life so easier when you’re on the Keto diet!

  9. I have been looking into keto diet for sometime now but haven’t started completely, probably a meal or two, but not a whole day…those cookies look yummy, I thought at first they’re matcha, being green. I’m surely gonna try your recipe, thanks!

  10. Yummy!! I love this chewy sugar cookies…

    Thank you so much for sharing this recipe.

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