What to Wear with These 5 Popular Boot Styles

Boots are a style staple for winter and fall. Pulling this footwear out of the closet is one the most-anticipated rituals of the season. Though there are a few important considerations when you’re adapting your outfits for boots, you’ll find that you can incorporate this footwear stylishly into almost any look.


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Below- or Over-the-Knee Boots


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Boots that either fall just below the knee or extend over it are ideal for leggings and skinny jeans. These distinctive styles don’t want to be hidden, so you’re looking for an outfit that will show them off. If you opt for a skirt or dress, it should be short enough to show the top of the boot. While over-the-knee styles tend to carry high fashion appeal, you can soften the look with super-cozy pieces like sweater dresses.

Work Bootsboots

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Made for functionality, work boots are often an essential choice when you’re headed to a job or going off on a rugged adventure. In these cases, it’s important to keep the rest of your outfit as functional as your footwear. Choose durable jeans or work pants that either have a wide ankle to comfortably accommodate the boots, or a close fit so you can tuck them in.

If you want to transition stylishly from work to play, cute looks like Chippewa work boots from Russell’s Western Wear can do the job. Paired with a cute embellished tank under an open flannel shirt, this look offers the perfect blend of flirty and functional.

Western Boots


Image via A Cowboy’s Wife by Lori Falcon

Western boots, or cowboy boots, have a distinct look all their own. Western boots have a long history gracing feet of major celebrities who have proven that you can rock this look in many ways. Most Western boots are highly embellished, so it’s best to choose an outfit that will show them off. Tuck skinny jeans or leggings into the boot for a casual outfit, or pair Western boots with Daisy Dukes, a mini-skirt, or a bohemian dress if you want to show off some leg with this footwear.

Ankle Boots


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To wear ankle boots well, you need close-fitting pants. Ideally, they’ll be cropped just above the top of the boot. If you don’t have anything that fits that bill on it’s own, roll up the bottoms of your skinny jeans. Ankle boots look best when you can see just a bit of skin between the pants and the boots. Wear short socks that aren’t visible with this look.

Rain Boots


Image via Flickr by Amy Ross

Today’s rain boots come in a rainbow of colors and patters that have made this functional feature into a fashion item. Brave wet weather in style with rain boots paired with either tall socks or boot cuffs that give the illusion of socks peeking out from the top. This offers a cozy touch to your rubber footwear that looks good with both skinny pants and skirts.

Wearing boots well is the key to keeping up with cold-weather fashion. Stock your closet with a few staples, and you can enhance any outfit with the right boot for your mood.

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