4 Differences Between Low- and High-Quality Boots

You know you want to buy a nice pair of boots, but you have no idea where to start. You may want to plunge in and buy the first stylish pair you see, but know that there is a lot more to a good pair of boots than first meets the eye. In order to find the right pair of high-quality boots for you, you need to know what characteristic define a good boot. Here are your four tips to help you find the perfect pair of boots that will benefit both your style and your feet!

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high-quality boots

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high-quality boots

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Lower quality boots generally employ glued-in soles as opposed to the soles being stitched into the boot. This is because soles that are glues in are cheaper to manufacture, but come at the cost of wearing out more easily. A high-end pair of boots will be threaded, which holds ever feature of the sole together. The highest quality boots, such as Ariat Women’s Performance Vaquera Distressed Brown Western Boots, feature hand-nailed soles.


Between full grain and corrected grain leather, higher quality boots will typically be full grain leather. Full grain leather will have an unblemished texture that isn’t tampered with when manufacturing the boot. This type of leather ages remarkably well in the long-run, so if you want to guarantee quality leather for years to come, full grain is the right choice for you. Corrected grain leather is of cheaper quality and has been synthesized to give off the appearance of consistency. This doesn’t possess the natural quality of the full grain and won’t allow much freedom for your feet.


If you want the best boot for your buck, then you are going to want to look at the lining of the boots you’re interested in purchasing. High quality lining will use leather to accommodate the wearer’s feet. Treading on wet surfaces, or sweaty feet won’t hinder the leather lining. This keeps your feet cool and negates any feeling of dampness. Lower quality boots tend to favor rubber, fabric, or materials such as polyester as a lining. These materials don’t allow moisture to be absorbed, leading to quicker wear and tear.

Ability to Be Resoled

Resoleable boots have the capacity to last for decades, and can be easily resolved by either hand or machine. The multi-level process involves adding a buffer between the insole and outsole, thereby providing the boot with a protective layer. Lower quality boots won’t be able to be resoled, meaning you will need to completely replace them once the sole wears out. Look for boots specifically featuring the Goodyear Welt, which is regarded as the most durable way to construct a boot. This method utilizes a strip of leather or rubber around the perimeter of the boot’s sole, which is then lockstitched to the sole, the upper, and the insole.

When looking to select a fashionable pair of boots that embody all of the factors listed above, know that the most exceptional will be found in the best manufacturers in Western markets. Keep these tips in mind, and you are sure to find fashionable boots that spare no expense in quality.

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