You Need the Yale Real Living Digital Door Viewer

There is nothing scarier than hearing news stories about people breaking into homes…unless the news story says that someone will knock on your door and when you open it, three people shove their way into your home, subdue the homeowners and steal from you. Now imagine that one of the break-ins happened right around the corner from your house. Talk about scary.

I immediately started thinking about the different things I could do to protect myself and my family. I have two kids and while I’ve told them a million times to not just open the door, they’re kids and I knew they would be bound to do it from time to time. I briefly told them about the break-ins and told them to only let me go to the door. They listened pretty well, thankfully. Some other things I did to keep us safe:

  • Had my husband install a peephole.
  • I sleep with my Louisville Slugger baseball bat next to my bed.
  • When I go to bed, my car keys go with me. I don’t have a house alarm, but if I hear a noise outside, I could use my car alarm to spook the person that may be out there.

While I feel like I was doing what I needed to do to keep us safe, I still didn’t feel safe enough. I wanted cameras so I could see who was at the front door before I even opened the door. That way, if I didn’t know the person, I didn’t have to open the door. And our city police officers have instructed people to call the police if you have someone a your door that you don’t recognize. I have NO problem doing that.

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My pleas for a camera for my front door were heard and I was sent the Yale Real Living Digital Door Viewer.

Yale Real Living Digital Door Viewer_DDV7001-619 (2)

To say I was excited would be an understatement. I couldn’t wait for my husband to get home and install it for me! Installing was very easy. I think the hardest part was putting the batteries in the viewer (no joke).


About the Digital Door Viewer

  • View a live image of who is at the door
  • Built in LED so you can see who is at the door at night
  • Images can be stored in internal memory so you can see who visited when you were out.

Like I said, installation was very easy. The Digital Door Viewer replaced my standard peephole. So no need to drill a bigger hole! At only $110, the Yale Real Living Digital Door Viewer is reasonably priced and should be on any and every front door, side door, etc!

My Thoughts

I love this product! It is easy to use and both of my kids now check the viewer to see who is at the door before they open it or they come and get me. The only thing I would change is I wish there was an app that I could check the viewer without having to go up to the door! Does that make me lazy?!?

What do you do to keep you and your family safe?

Steeped Tea™ – A Great Gift for Anyone on Your List!


One of the most stressful things about the holiday’s, in my opinion, is trying to figure out a gift idea for someone you don’t know all too well (a teacher, for example) or for someone who literally has everything. Everyone has someone like that on their list. I usually default to giving a gift card to a restaurant or to the movies. I know, pretty lame. Or…for people like my husband who don’t give me ideas of what he would like for Christmas, I get them things like this I Pooped Today t-shirt!

**I received the following item to be included in my 2014 Holiday Gift Guide. All opinions are 100% my own. This post may include affiliate links**

 Being from a cold weathered winter climate, most people around her drink tea or another warm drink to help warm up after all the snow shoveling (I’m still hoping to NOT have to shovel like last year). Steeped Teas™ is a perfect gift.

About Steeped Tea™

This company began as a passionate way search for the perfect cup of tea. Along the way we discovered that the secret was who you shared it with.

Who would have thought that a simple tea party in October of 2006, a party to share a variety of different loose leaf teas and tea accessories would give birth to the Steeped Tea company?!?


I had the pleasure of trying out the Holiday Collection. That collection included 6 bags (25 g each) of tea and 50 steeping sacks. The tea included are:

  • Sweet Cinnamon Orange (Rooibos Tea)
  • Egg Noggin’ (Black Tea)
  • Christmas Chai (Black Tea)
  • Harvest Spice (Black Tea)
  • Holiday Treat (Rooibos Tea)
  • White Chocolate Souffle (Rooibos Tea)

This awesome collection costs $35!! Perfect for the tea lover on your list. I am really looking forward to taking this tea collection to my mother in-law’s house over the holidays. I am sure everyone will just love it!

If you would like to purchase this wonderful collection or any of the other great products that Steeped Tea has to offer, please reach out to my consultant (and friend!) Cindy! You can contact her personally via email ( or by visiting her Steeped Tea website! When you contact her, and you know you will, be sure to ask Cindy about the Tea-Zer monthly subscription program. This would make a great gift option, especially for someone on your list who has it all!!

Fellowes® Powershred® M-12C Cross-cut Shredder

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Between all the junk mail I get, the stuff my kids bring home from school and the different press releases I get with blogging, I am DROWNING in paper. Paper that needs to be organized and/or disposed of properly. I used to be the person that would just throw away the junk mail until I heard about people’s identity being stolen from not properly disposing the mail. Couple with the fact that it is the holiday season and if you write a check anywhere, they usually hand it back to you because their machines basically treat that check like a debit card…having all that paper floating around your office (or just throwing it away) can put you at risk of having your identity stolen. That’s where the Fellowes® Powershred® M-12C Cross-Cut Shredder comes in handy!


When my husband and I started sharing a home office, one of the things we needed was a good shredder. We both had documents that needed shredding, aside from the junk mail, but we didn’t have a shredder to do the job (the one we had, which will remain nameless, was forever overheating and jamming). So when I was approached to review the Fellowes® Powershred® M-12C Cross-Cut Shredder, I jumped at the opportunity. My husband was pretty happy too!



  • Slim design allows it to fit almost anywhere…next to a desk, under a desk…anywhere!
  • The cross-cut blades will shred approximately 12 pages into 302 particles per sheet.
  • SafeSense® Technology…if your hands touch the opening where the paper goes, the shredder will stop.
  • Besides paper, you can shred paperclips, staples, credit cards and junk mail!
  • You can shred for 5 solid minutes before the shredder will need to take a break to cool down!

Hands down, my favorite feature is that I don’t have to worry about paperclips or staples. I’d love to say I would remember to take those things off first before shredding, but let’s face it…I won’t. So having the ability to shred them…totally awesome! A close second favorite feature is the SafeSense® Technology. My kids are older, so I don’t have to worry about them sticking their fingers in the shredder, but I am glad that for families with little ones that still do that kind of thing, there is a safety feature in place.

The Fellowes® Powershred® M-12C can be purchased at Target stores nationwide and on The suggested retail price is $99. Such a good price! We still have about 10 days until Christmas…pick up this shredder for someone on your holiday gift giving list!! Give them the gift of protecting their identity!

Visit Fellowes® on Facebook or on Twitter!

Canon T5i Makes a Great Gift from Best Buy! #CanonatBestBuy #HintingSeason

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Canon Holiday Image

I have a Canon, mine is an older version of the one picture above, but I absolutely love it. For me, someone who wants a nice camera to take pictures of my kids and the things we do, Canon was something I was able to learn to use easily, but most importantly, it was something I was able to start using right away without having to read the manual to begin operating it. In fact, the picture below is one of my first pictures I took with my Canon and I think it looks pretty good!


I’m very passionate about digital imaging and preserving our memories because I want my kids to be able look back on their childhood and remember all the fun things we did together!

The holiday season is QUICKLY approaching and Best Buy is your place to go for all the latest cameras to help capture your amazing holiday memories! In fact, the Canon EOS Rebel T5i that is pictured above is one of the best selling DSLRs. I’m not surprised. People who want a camera to capture their family memories want something that is easy to understand an operate. And that is exactly what this camera does! It makes advanced photography easy and fun. Not only that, but it give you amazing image quality, along with a whole slew of features to enhance your creative expression. Some of those features are:

  • Capture Hollywood caliber full HD video
  • Continuous autofocus while taking HD video
  • Features an 18.0-megapixel CMOS sensor and a DIGIC 5 image processor to ensure vivid, crystal-clear images
  • The 3″ vari-angle touch screen simplifies navigation

Canon Holiday Image 2

Right now you can save $150 on the amazing Canon T5i at Best Buy! You better hurry…this deal is only good through December 20, 2014!

Tell me about your favorite picture!

Holiday Tree 2014



Fisher-Price S’Getti Scatter Game – Holiday Gift Guide


Ever since my husband and I got together, we had a love for games. I think everyone that knew my husband well, was surprised that he found someone that liked video games as much as he did. That turned into a love for board games and when we had kids, we decided to have family game nights with them. Each kid picks a game we play. We are a highly competitive family! In a fun way, of course!

From the time my kids were little, Fisher-Price was always a brand I liked and gravitated to when it came time to purchase something for my kids or my nieces and nephews. When I was asked to include Fisher-Price items in my 2014 Holiday Gift Guide, it was a no-brainer! I of course said yes!

**I received the following the following product to be included in this holiday gift guide. All opinions are 100% my own**

 fisher-price-sgetti-scatterGame Description

The game comes with the following:

  • A wobbling dish with base
  • 16 strands of s’getti
  • 3 meatballs

The nice thing about this game is that it has two levels of game play so the game grows with your child! The object of the game is to NOT let the meatballs fall into the dish!!

You can currently purchase this toy at Toys R US. It is recommended for children ages 3+. One thing I like about this game is that it is perfect for families with kids close in age, as well as families with kids that are not close in age. The challenge of not letting the meatballs fall into the bowl is something everyone would have fun with!

What games do you like to play with your kids?