Family Fun Day!

D took the day off and we had a family fun day. It was a great day. Right now we have Art in the Park going on in Plymouth, Michigan. If you are in the area, you should definitely check it out. I think this year is a lot better than previous years.

The kids had a blast riding around in the wagon. It was just nice being outside. We got to watch some really talented people on a half pike roller blading, BMX riding, and skateboarding. But best of all, we saw D’s friend who has a booth at this particular fair, every year.

His name is Jeffery Michael and he is one of the most talented musicians I know. Here is a link to his site. You are able to listen to some of his music on there. If you are looking for something soothing, this music is definitely for you.

We picked up Cinematic Fantasy today and listened to it on our way home. It was very relaxing. So much so, both kids feel asleep in the back seat! Gotta love that!

Have a nice weekend!

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