I wanted to shove ANYTHING in my ears

My son had his 4 year check up today and my goodness I wanted to seriously shove pencils in my ears. There was a mother in the waiting room with her two boys. They were curious, energetic 3 year old twin boys. But, in my opinion, were not doing a thing wrong. Like most doctors offices, there are toys, books, a large fish aquarium, etc. They walked (yes walked) from toy to toy.

Every 2 seconds (literally!!!) you would hear in this shrill voice “Joel and Cole get over here”; “Joel and Cole, what did I tell you about running inside?”; “Joel and Cole…”. As mothers, we all know how long we are going to be in a waiting room. Let the kids walk around a little. They couldn’t move a fraction of an inch before she was yelling at them to stop moving. When she finally got them to sit down next to her, all you heard was “Joel and Cole stop kicking your feet”; “Joel and Cole stop making that noise”; “Joel and Cole, I told you not to do that”….and so on.

Usually I am really tolerant of a lot of things. Crying babies on an airplane…doesn’t bother me in the least. Hearing a mother say her kids names a million times in 30 mins…drove me crazy. The kids were being good! Leave them a lone lady.

My gosh!

As a side note…my son is 41-1/4 inches tall. To go down the water slide at the pool, he needs to be 42 inches! He was so excited when I told him that he is very close!!!


  1. R.L.Scovens says:

    Yay!! He’s almost 42 inches!! (I bet he just can’t wait!)

  2. He can’t wait! I told him that he needs to eat vegetables and he will grow tall enough in no time. He begrudgingly ate some tonight!

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