Jon and Kate plus 8

Did any of you see the show tonight? I am a HUGE fan of the show. I know Kate gets a bad rap
at times (OK thats being nice…she gets a bad rap ALL the time!), and I have always always ALWAYS defended her on other forums that I frequent, but my goodness I don’t think I could defend her behavior tonight. She was really treating Jon like he was a two year old.

I felt horrible for him. Though I was proud that he was giving it back to her. I’m hoping that he eventually just really puts her in her place. And after seeing that Disney World ice cream situation again, Kate is one woman that would greatly benefit from Xanex!

An interesting blog was posted on a forum I visit and it is written by Jodi’s (Kate’s sister in-law) sister. If the blog is in fact true, it sheds a lot of light on Jon and Kate and is really quite interesting. Check the site out and post a comment as to what you think of the blog.

if you’ve never seen Jon and Kate plus 8, it is a show about a couple that had two twin girls and then a few years later they had sextuplets (3 boys and 3 girls). New episodes are on Monday’s at 9pm on TLC. Reruns are constantly on. Check it out!


  1. Wow! There’s a lot of anger wrapped up in that blog. I’m sad that the family has made poor choices and have made decisions that make others unhappy. I think the kids are fantastic, I don’t know how Kate holds it together, Jon needs to grow a pair, etc…I just wonder what the kids will think about all this when they’re older. Is any money put away for their futures?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Kate is a B***H. Shes tells the kids, jon, the crew, and any one around her what to do. I can tell the older girls are starting to take after her, in one show kate yells at one of the older girls to pick something up, then you hear madi yelling at one of the little kids to pick it up-she sounds just like kate.

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