Just a Nasty Stomach Virus

Thank goodness! But boy was it a nasty one and it sure went through my house and our friends (sorry T!!!).

So I went back to the ER the next day for my check up like I was told to do. I felt much better that day but figured, I’m not a doc…I better just go. They start an IV again just in case I need fluids. They took a bazillion samples of blood and compared test results from the day before to the day after. My white blood count was at 11,100 on Saturday morning and by Sunday it was down to 4000. Everything else checked out as well.

The ER doc that I saw this time told me that he understands why they went the direction they went with possible appendicitis since I had all classic signs of it, however after comparing results, I had a nasty virus. I can’t tell you how glad I was to hear that. He said that the pain I had when they pushed into my stomach was probably from all the throwing up.

So the Goddess is feeling much better. Not 100% but at least I’m not like I was. And now it is time to continue to clean and disinfect EVERYTHING!

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