Not the 4th We Planned

But it was still great! We went to a very good friend of ours house and let all the kids run around and play. I, however, spent my time sleeping on their couch. I started to feel really dizzy and light headed. After a few hours of sleeping on their couch, I got violently sick in the bathroom. After I felt fine enough to finally join them in the backyard.

On our way home I started getting sick again and had horrible lower back pain (I thought I was having issues with kidney stones again) and a headache that made me feel like my head was going to explode. D called his parents and asked them to please meet us at our house so he could take me to the ER.

At the ER I was immediately given a room where I laid around waiting for someone to give me something, anything to take the pain away. Finally I was given morphine. Let me tell you…that feeling of floating away was awesome! No more pain and not a single care in the world. Until they came in and started pressing on my stomach. I had a very localized area of pain that when they pressed in and released, it hurt like hell. The ER doc immediately thought “appendicitis” especially since my white blood count was elevated as well as I had a fever they couldn’t break.

Around 4am they brought me barium to drink. It was vanilla flavored and NASTY. And thats probably a good thing. Vanilla milkshakes are my favorite feel good drink…not anymore. I doubt I’ll be able to drink one without gagging. My butt and thighs will surely be thankful!

Anyway, I drank the Barium and then went to have a CT Scan. Nothing showed up on the CT Scan, but the doc said that it could be just the very beginnings of an appendicitis. So I have to go back to the ER tomorrow morning to get rechecked (or sooner if the pain comes back).

We get home to find out that both kids were throwing up all night as well which leads me to think that we all probably had the flu. But I’ll get checked nonetheless.

So not the 4th we planned. Thats for sure! Later I will update with a picture of the cake I made. I hear it was pretty good. I couldn’t eat it though!

Happy 4th (a day late)!


  1. Leah… I hope you are feeling better today.

  2. Yeah, so we also spent last night in the ER. The bug you had was nasty! I hate it! J & little J are both sickies while Z and I seem to be fine so far. Call me later!

  3. says:

    how’s it going? any updates?

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