AHHHHH! It’s Christmas!

I really thought this Christmas was going to suck.  I couldn’t get into the Christmas spirit.  I was in a rotten mood, etc.  My husband took this week off so we could do fun, Christmas stuff together and it really helped to get me in better spirits.  Christmas morning rolled around and the kids were absolutely hilarious.  Our daughter came running in my room shouting “it’s morning everybody”!  Our son came tearing out of his room and yells “hey, why did Santa block the steps”.  Santa’s no fool kid…no way would we leave it so you can get downstairs and tear through those gifts before we could get down there!

My most FAVORITE gift I gave was a gift to my mother inlaw and father inlaw from all three grandkids.  A gorgeous 12×12 photo panel that I made.  (if you like it and would like one made…let me know.  I make them for other people too).

My most favorite gift I received is the AccuQuilt GO! Fabric Cutter.  Two years ago I got a sewing machine for Christmas that I am still learning how to use.  The main thing I want to learn to make is quilts.  I saw this machine at JoAnne’s and knew I just had to ask Santa for it.  Check out the link above.  It’s a really neat machine!!

What was your favorite gift to give?  How about to received?



  1. Sweet babies, glad that you go the sewing machine! Paula

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