Mother’s Day Coupons to Help YOU Shop and Save!

I am a HUGE couponaholic.  No really…I am.  Every Sunday I buy 3 newspapers (at the Dollar Store) AND I take my parents coupon inserts.  I then cut out ALL coupons that I would be willing to use, if the item went on sale…so that means I am NOT brand specific (well unless it’s Mac & Cheese…nothing beats name brand Mac & Cheese) and I put them in my coupon binder that is divided up by the various sections in the store.  Yes…I do realize this is crazy to some people (I’ve been told that I am wasting my time)…BUT when I am spending less than $50 a week on groceries for a family of 4…I’ll be the craziest person of all!  Side  note:  Every other month I buy a few toiletrie items in bulk at Sams Club…but that still only adds an additional $10 or so to my monthly grocery budget…still WAY better than what most families of 4 who do not use coupons, spend.

So, as you can imagine, when I am shopping for birthday’s, Mother’s Day/Father’s Day, Christmas, etc I try to always find an online coupon.  It drives my husband crazy.  But it pays off.  We went to the large outlet malls near us and I spent about 25 minutes before we were leaving (if you ask my husband, he’ll say I held us up 25 minutes) because I KNEW I could find online printable coupons to use at the different store.  Why wouldn’t you want to save more money?  Sure it takes time to find the coupon, print it and actually remember to take it to the store, but again…it SAVES YOU MONEY!

As you know, Mother’s Day is coming up.  I’m usually the type of person that when asked what I would like as a gift, I say “oh I don’t need anything”.  Because I don’t.  And because I have the MothersDon’tSpendMoneyOnThemselves syndrome.  However, this year I made sure to nonchalontly send my husband an email that said:

Hey!  If you are looking to get me something for Mother’s Day from the kids, be sure to check out the Mother’s Day Coupons online.

I could hear him groaning when he opened the email…BUT I did see him click on the link and look around!  Again, why wouldn’t you?

If you have any questions on how to save money, please don’t hesitate to ask me a question.  You can email me (using the “Contact Me” at the top) or leave a comment below and I will be sure to respond!

Disclaimer:  This post was a sponsored post written  by me.

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