Mattel Polly Pocket Review

One of the things I have noticed having a boy first and then a girl is that my daughter not only skipped over the whole toddler stage and went right from a baby to a kid, but she is more interested in boy toys, television shows, and activities than girly things.  Some say that’s not that big of a deal, and your right…it’s not.  However, watching her in Kindergarten this past year, the fact that she had more in common with the boys than girls posed a slight problem.  While most of the time the boys didn’t mind her playing, they didn’t always want a girl around.  Bella doesn’t understand that.

Despite all of that, there is one toy that Bella has ALWAYS liked that is rather girly and that is her doll house.  Knowing this, when I was given the opportunity to participate in a blog tour put on by Mom Central and Mattel to review Polly Pockets, I jumped at the chance.  I just knew she would like this toy.  She’s looked at them in the store before and has asked to get them.  When the box arrived I told her I had a surprise for her and need her help reviewing an item.  She was literally shaking, she was so excited!  It was too cute.

Bella has not put these toys down!  As a parent, I especially like the stick ‘n’ play feature of the toy.  Adding suction cups to the bottom of EACH item was genius on Mattel’s part.  There is nothing more frustrating to a child than knowing where you want a toy to sit, but then it move around because you bumped the side, etc.  I had to laugh though…Bella left her toy unattended while she left the room and her brother thought it would be funny to suction everything upside down.  I wish I could say Bella found it as funny as we did, but she didn’t!

Since getting the Polly Pockets, Bella has used her birthday money from last year to purchase another set to go along with what she received.  We’ve had some really hot weather lately and the kids have been playing primarily inside.  I hate seeing them play video games all day long, so something like Polly Pockets that supports and encourages creativity is great!  And believe me…Bella has an imagination!

I highly recommend the Polly Pocket Stick ‘n’ Play toys this holiday season (isn’t it crazy that I am already thinking about Christmas?!?).  If I had to suggest one thing to Mattel, it would be to make the shoes so they can’t come off!

Disclosure:  I received the above pictured Polly Pockets as part of a blog campaign courtesy of Mom Central and Mattel.  All opinions are 100% mine (and Bella’s)!


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