What Do You Get Grandparents Who Have it All for Christmas?

Buying presents for my parents and my in-laws for Christmas is really difficult.  They literally have it all.  And if they don’t, they get whatever they want when they want.  Sure we can get them gift certificates to the movies or their favorite restaurant…but that gets old after awhile.  I know some people give  pictures of the grandchildren and while that is nice, I know that my parents only have so much space to put pictures out and they already get their school picture in October…so giving more pictures in December doesn’t really make sense.  For us at least.

A few years ago I was a Creative Memories consultant and I started making all the grandparents and great-grandparents photo calendars for Christmas.  They loved it!  Everyone needs a calendar and what better than to have a beautiful 8×8 or 12×12 picture of their grandchildren every month?!?  And of course they are themed pictures according to the month!  In September I put pictures of their first day of school; October I put their Halloween pictures; and on their birthdays, I put pictures of them from their party the year before.  Here’s an example of one of my calendar pages:

diy Christmas gift

When the kids were much younger, I had all these grand visions of getting cute little themed outfits to put them in and having photo shoots in our living room.  I wanted to dress them up as Mr. and Mrs Claus for December; Leprechauns for March; Little professors for September; and so on.  But of course, time got away from me and I never got that chance.  Now at eight and six, I doubt they will let me dress them up like that!

So what do you get for people who have it all?  Because I could use all the gift ideas I can get…I haven’t started my photo calendars yet for this Christmas and I fear I am running out of time.

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