Give Sports Illustrated for Kids this Holiday Season

I am ALWAYS looking for different things for my kids to read, specifically my son.  It seems that most books written for children are geared towards girls.  Unless they are non-fiction, but Zachary doesn’t always want to read about bugs and things like that.  He likes to read the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, but they are a tad bit above his level so I don’t really know how much he is actually reading.  But really, I am just happy that he enjoys  to read. So many kids would rather be playing video games than reading.  Now don’t get me wrong, Zachary likes to play video games, but he spends a good amount of each day reading.

Sports Illustrated for Kids has won high honors from the Association of Educational Publishers and the Parents’ Choice Award.  Since both my kids are so into sports right now, SI Kids is a great way to keep them reading and gives them something they are truly interested in.  Each SI Kids magazine is full of:

  • Action photos
  • Easy-to-read stories
  • About star athletes
  • Helpful instructional tips from the pros
  • Packed with Humor, comics and activities

For more information about SI Kids, you can visit them at their website.  If you’re on Facebook, be sure to “Like” them!

We’re approaching the holiday season and for a limited time you can receive an ENTIRE YEAR of SI Kids in both print AND digital for only $19.95!  You can subscribe by going to this link.

Still not sure if you should get a subscription?  Well let me give you FIVE more reasons why getting a subscription to SI Kids would be great:

  1. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer.
  2. It promotes reading for children who are reluctant readers.
  3. Each issue is full of exciting stories, photos and games that are a perfect distraction while traveling.
  4. No gift wrapping — it’s delivered straight to your door.
  5. It’s the gift that keeps on giving the whole year through.
So there you have it…not only is the price right, but there are six more reasons why subscribing to SI Kids for your children would be a great gift this holiday season.

 *I received a one year subscription to SI Kids and a stocking of goodies from Sports Illustrated for Kids for writing this post.  

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